Is There a lot of Crime in Chicago, Illinois? (What you should know)

Chicago is known for being a little more rough around the edges than most other major cities. The amount of gang activity that occurs is atrocious, and something that occurs on a daily basis.

Chicago’s crime rate is higher than the U.S. average; the rate of murders has drastically increased since 2019. The possibility of someone being involved in a crime-related incident is 943 per 100,000 residents. There is also a fair amount of gang activity, which makes it even more dangerous.

There are certain neighborhoods and parts of Chicago that should be avoided when either on vacation or if you’re moving to Chicago. It’s a good idea to be well-informed and know all of your options and exactly what’s wrong and why the crime rate is so high.

Why is Chicago So Dangerous?

Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, up on the list with New York and Miami Beach. The crime rate, especially murders, has more than doubled since 2019, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of the crimes that occur in Chicago, especially along the South Side, are more often too graphic to describe, so it’s usually best to avoid it altogether.

Many people often assume that bad things just won’t happen to them. Most have the mentality that a killer or thief won’t focus on them because they’ve already done what they wanted to do, but that’s never really the case. When a crime is committed, it’s important for citizens to report what they see in order to help solve cases and protect everyone that could be in the way as innocent bystanders. Chicago is dangerous because without the help of the public, many of the cases go unsolved and cold out of either fear of hope that they won’t become the next victim.

There is a Community Safety Team in place that helps to put together food drives, encourages prayer circles, and tries its best to give back to the community in order to build trust among the citizens. To be able to stop criminals, there needs to be trust among the police and citizens of Chicago.

Statistics of Crime

Out of the entire Continental United States, there are far better places than Chicago to move a family to. On average, there are around 460 crimes that are committed per mile. In the entire state of Illinois, there are around 30 crimes committed within a square mile radius. This goes to show that Chicago is markedly more dangerous than the state as a whole. These statistics can all be found on Neighborhood ScoutsOpens in a new tab..

The probability of becoming a statistic in just the city of Chicago is 1 in 33. There are over two million people in Chicago, so this is a pretty drastic statistic.

Chicago is one of the most gang-infested cities in the U.S. This gang presence has a marked effect on the crime rate. Gangs are the most notorious for committing over 60% of homicides in the city. There are around sixty different factions of gangs from which are the source for many varying kinds of crime. And if the gangs are in a war against one another, that is a whole other aspect to crime. A horrifying statistic is that around 50 people are murdered every day alone in Chicago from gang-related situations.

Worst Neighborhoods

As of the latest information in 2021, the neighborhoods can change according to the level of crime, but more often it’s the same neighborhoods that are on the list of worst and most dangerous. So, in true Chicago fashion, here is a list of some of the worst neighborhoods to live in.

1. Riverdale

Every year, there are around 500 crimes reported alone in this neighborhood. There are just over 13,000 people in this city, which makes it easy for gangs to have wars because it is easily accessible by the freeway and side streets.

The yearly wage for most residents is around $8,000, which makes it easier for crime to occur because of the desire to take what is needed to survive. The 40% unemployment rate is what drives the crime rate to be so high. The chance of experiencing a property-related crime is 1 in 35.

2. Englewood

With a population of nearly 29,000 residents, the probability of experiencing crime is seven times more likely than most “average” American residential cities. The types of crime that occur in Englewood are far more brazen and publicly done than most other crimes committed in other Chicago neighborhoods.

Property crime is one of the most common types of crime to occur in Englewood. The 3% increase in rent has decimated people’s income for other things and caused many to resort to more dire circumstances to get what they need. Of course, there are lots of gangs in this area, which is another leading aspect of crime and especially murder.

3. Fuller Park

Over 50% of the residents of Fuller Park live in poverty, and another 30% are unemployed entirely. Just a few years ago, Fuller Park was rated as the absolute worst neighborhood in Chicago. As of late, it’s not the number one worst but it still ranks on this list which certainly means something.

One of the most common types of crime is burglary, which appears to be a common thing among the poorer neighborhoods of Chicago. There were over 5,900 reported crimes in a given year. This does not constitute ones not reported in fear of retaliation, which occurs frequently.

4. Washington Park

People in this neighborhood face the possibility of murder every day. 1 in 170 people will experience some form of violent crime. Whether it’s gang-related or not, the amount of crime is astronomical considering the small radius that Washington Park covers.

The poverty rate is just above 48%, which does increase the likelihood of burglary more than the violent crime rate. 1 out of 33 homes will experience a burglary; this statistic is nearly double the burglary crime rate of Illinois alone.

5. Burnside

There are just over 2,000 residents in this small neighborhood of Chicago. Around 65% of the population lives just above the poverty line, while the other 35% are in deep poverty. But just because the crime rate is so high, people still choose to stay because the rent is still cheaper than most neighborhoods in Chicago.

The number of rapes, murders, and violent crimes that occur on a daily basis are countless, and many go unreported. The low cost of living and the almost too good to be true rent is what keeps people there despite the circumstances.

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