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Our goal is to have articles that address specific questions people search for, so we provide topics for you to write on and tips for structuring our articles in the most helpful format.

The process for getting one one of your articles published on is simple:

  1. You will pick a topic from our article topics list.
  2. You will write the article and and send it to us.
  3. You will also send us the name you would like the article published under, a picture of yourself, and a little paragraph about yourself.
  4. Our editors will review the article, add your author information and hit publish

List of Article Topics (Look on to see how to structure each of the following articles)

  • 17 Reasons to Move to (Insert your City/Town)
  • 17 Reasons NOT to Move to (Insert your City/Town)
  • Is X a Liberal City?
  • Is X a Conservative City?
  • 11 Things to Know Before Retiring in X
  • Is X a Good State to Live in? (20 Pros and Cons)
  • 5 Best Local (and underrated) Restaurants in X (Insert your City/Town)

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