13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago may seem like the land of dreams and possibilities, and for most people it really is. Though there is some gang violence on the South side, that doesn’t mean all of Chicago is bad. There are some beautiful neighborhoods that offer a semblance of safety; a place that you can call home.

So, here we have compiled a list of neighborhoods that are perfect for raising your family. Not only are the houses excellent, but so are the school districts. Don’t be intimidated by this list, it’s just a compilation of some great neighborhoods to choose from when deciding to move to Chicago. The order doesn’t really matter, so choose a neighborhood that works best for you!

Long Grove

Average cost of a home: $648,700

One of the best aspects of this particular neighborhood is the family/friendly feel. It has a sort of rural feel, but the neighborhood offers all of the friends your kids will ever need. The local schools receive an A+ on NicheOpens in a new tab., which is excellent considering the normal conditions of local crime in the area. With the centrality to restaurants and shopping centers, its perfect for young families who are looking for walking distance needs and local fun. The only downside is there is still crime, but of course it’s still safer than most other neighborhoods in Chicago.


Average cost of a home: $436,800

Shockingly enough, this city is rated number one in the country for raising your family. In this area, you can either choose to rent or purchase your home. The average cost to rent is $1,516. It’s a fairly dense area, with around 147,501 people. Because of the dense population, there are a myriad of coffee shops, stores, and so much more. Another A+ for schools, as well as a shocking B- for crime, which is according to NicheOpens in a new tab.. This is a great neighborhood overall, and should probably be high on your list of options to choose from.

Hyde Park

Average cost of a home: $396,553

If you have younger children, this may be the perfect place for you. The name pretty much says it all, as there are roughly ten parks available nearby for hours of endless fun for your kids to exert all of that endless energy. Not only parks, but there are also plenty of museums and attractions to enjoy for the entire family, most within walking distance. The schools are also remarkable, and provide some excellent education opportunities for your kids. So, this neighborhood is excellent for your family’s needs.

Printer’s Row

Average cost of a home: $267,990

Though there may be only one park in this particular neighborhood, there are still plenty of museums and attractions available to help provide entertainment for your family. Being able to find activities for hours of fun isn’t hard to come by in Chicago. Chicago does receive a lot of weather, so indoor attractions are perfect to keep the little ones busy. Some more A+ schools to boot, and another great option to add to your list. Your kids will make friends in no time, as most of these neighborhoods are extremely family friendly. Crime, of course, isn’t non-existent, so it’s always good to keep you and your family safe.


Average cost of a home: $518,500

Practically everything you’re going to find is in a suburban, which is normal, which means plenty of new neighbors to make friends with, and great people to get recommendations from! According to NicheOpens in a new tab., another great neighborhood with A+ schools, very family oriented, but a B- in crime. It can be hard to find a school that provides your children with a great education along with safety. Crime is extremely common in Chicago, so it will be incredibly difficult to avoid. It’s important to find a place that works best for your family as well as what fits into your budget.


Average cost of a home: $707,800

According to Niche’s report card for Wilmette, there are quite a few more B’s than is best for a neighborhood, but it is still a great neighborhood on this list. The vast majority of schools in Chicago are great, and so is this one with yet another A+ for the books. This particular neighborhood has more retirees, so it has a laidback atmosphere, which makes for great neighbors if you’re looking for a slower pace. Unfortunately the cost of homes is astronomical, so it is definitely a neighborhood to think about.


Average cost of a home: $508,700

This is quite possibly one of the safest neighborhoods that you will find in the entirety of Chicago. Enough about the schools, we finally have a safe neighborhood that requires less safety precautions than normal! Schools are great, but safety is definitely a number one concern for most parents when it comes to their children. This neighborhood also has more of an urban feel, with a population of only 7,572. Not only are your neighbors far enough away to have space, but now your kids can run around freely and be as noisy as they want, without any restrictions. So, if you’re looking for some space with a beautiful view, this is the perfect neighborhood for you and your family to have a fresh start.


Average cost of a home: $628,700

Another neighborhood that is great for retired folks is this one. It’s actually rated number four in the country for great places to retire. This neighborhood will also be a bit more slow paced, however, the upside is the safety. According to NicheOpens in a new tab., this has an A+ for safety, which is really quite unheard of in Chicago. Another smaller population with around 7,000 people living within this neighborhood. But it is expensive, which probably helps to keep the neighborhood quiet and slow. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better place to settle down and plant roots in such a great neighborhood full of some really kind and patient neighbors.

Western Springs

Average cost of a home: $609,900

The cost of a home in Chicago may cause you to have a small heartache, but there is a price to pay for safety, excellent schools, and new possibilities. Another A+ for the school districts in Cook County, but the usual B for crime, according to NicheOpens in a new tab.. It has a more rustic feel with the scenery and views of Old Town. It has an excellent, slow pace, so if you’re looking to slow down and enjoy the feeling of peace, then this is a great neighborhood. It’s a very conservative community and most people tend to keep to themselves.

Edison Park

Average cost of a home: $356,353

Lucky for you, there are three local parks in this area, and a few attractions and museums to enjoy as well. What’s comforting and also unique about this neighborhood is that it tends to be full of firefighters, teachers, police, and other blue-collar workers. It’s housing is much more affordable for most who want to live in the Chicago area, without the Chicago price tag. It’s definitely a family friendly neighborhood, and brings in a lot more people who would be considered “down to earth.” If affordable housing is high on your priority list, this may be the neighborhood for you and your family to settle down.


Average cost of a home: $463,930

With NINE parks and other such attractions such as Navy Pier, Lakeshore Trail, the Theater District, Art Institute of Chicago, and so many more, this neighborhood is sure to fill your children’s time with lots and lots of fun. In a family oriented neighborhood, what you want is parks within walking distance. Though Chicago weather isn’t entirely reliable, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a park in a few feet of snow. Most people in this neighborhood thrive on exercise and feeling good, so be prepared to get your running shoes ready.


Average cost of a home: $1,091,700

The price tag on this one is sure to make your eyes pop. If it doesn’t, then you may be in luck! This neighborhood is upscale, high class, all of the things that accompany money, wealth, and luxury. Even if you can’t afford it here, you may still want to drive around for fun. Great schools, less crime, but the homes definitely attract a lot of attention. The “Home Alone” house is in this neighborhood, so take a gander, and then buy the most luxurious home of your dreams, with great neighbors. Chicago is a bit polarized in regards to politics, and this neighborhood isn’t an exception.

Green Oaks

Average cost of a home: $583,200

You’re not very far from Lake Michigan, which is gorgeous all year round, but you’re also local to plenty of parks, delicious restaurants, and surrounded by great people. Some more top-notch public schools, which is something very common here. The cost of homes in this neighborhood help to keep the neighborhood safe and full of good people. Funnily enough they call this a Village, which has varying styles and prices of homes. Though it’s last on this list, it is still a remarkable neighborhood to look into and consider.

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