About Us

Suggested by Locals is a website created to help you learn about the places you need to know about. Like you, we would do searches about places we might move to or visit. As we searched the internet, we got tired of finding so many websites and articles written by people who had obviously never lived in the places they were writing about and we wanted to change that.

Suggested by locals takes a unique approach to our writing. Our writers are college students from around the county. They are only allowed to write articles about the places they have ACTUALLY lived. That way, you have information provided by a local.

Many of our writers will poll their Facebook friends and family members from the areas they write about to get a variety of ideas and opinions on their article topics. They will also use their own photos of the areas, not just a stock image that may or may not be accurate. We think this approach is MUCH better than having them write about places they have never lived.

If you see that some of our categories are smaller than others, it is simply because we have had fewer writers from those areas and so those topics will remain unwritten until we have someone with local expertise.

We hope you find the information you need and enjoy reading on Suggested by Locals!


The Suggested by Locals Team