Is Newark, Ohio a Liberal City?

Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant

I lived close to Newark Ohio during my childhood and I spent most of my time there as a teenager because of its riveting social hangouts. Newark, Ohio is a very politically minded city and influenced a lot of my political upbringing.

Newark, Ohio is a Conservative city. It voted Republican in the last presidential election. It has elected three Republican Mayors in a row. Yet, despite being a conservative city, Newark, Ohio has supported some more radical social movements. Newark, Ohio is a good representation of a swing state. 

Newark, Ohio is not your typical Conservative neighborhood. Its radical thinking has led to some great changes in the city and in Ohio.

Conservative History

Newark, Ohio has been a Republican-voting city for quite a while. The Newark city council currently has a 3-7 Democrat to Republican ratio. Therefore, Republican policies are being the issues brought to the council’s table and being voted on.

Newark, Ohio has also had a very high voting percentage for Republican candidates in the federal elections. For instance, in the 2020 presidential election, 63% of voters voted Republican. There was a 35% Liberal vote and a 1.9% Independent vote.

The people in Newark Ohio have also supported the Republican candidates through more than their votes but also through donations. There have been 941 citizens of Newark Ohio who have donated together with a total of $357,932 to the Republican Party and conservative campaigns. The average amount of money these participants would have had to give was $380 each.

On the other hand, there has been $283,427 donated to the Democratic Party and liberal campaigns, showing that there are highly politically active liberals in Newark, Ohio who are supporting the democratic process and allowing everyone a chance to be represented.

Newark, Ohio is in the 71 District in Ohio. They are currently being represented by Mark Fraizer who is a member of the Republican party. Mark Fraizer is working hand and hand with Ohio´s governor, Govoner Mike Dewine, to make sure that the Republican members of Newark Ohio are being represented and cared for in the State politics of Ohio.

Mayors of Newark Ohio

The great seal of the state of Ohio

Newark, Ohio has had three Conservative Mayors in a row. These men are Bruce Bain, Bob Diebold, and Jeff Hall. Jeff Hall is the current mayor of Newark.

Jeff Hall has been working with the city council for quite some time now. He worked on the council as the head of finance for a long time. This was a very good job for him since he works in finance in his own professional life. With his knowledge of finances, he was a great fit for mayor of Newark, Ohio, and has helped Newark, Ohio gain some more financial security.

Jeff Hall is in his third term as mayor of Newark. He first ran as mayor back in 2011 and won with 51% of people voting for him to be in office. He did not win with such a small margin the second time around. When Jeff Hall ran for the second time around in 2015 he won with 67% of the populace voting for him. In his last run back in 2019 59% of people voted for him and he

J.D Vance

Newark, Ohio has gained enough political power that J.D Vance in his campaign to be a senator from Ohio came to visit it. J.D Vance campaigned at one of the local bars and talked about his conservative values.

He argued that the Walt Disney Company was grooming young children to become homosexuals and transgender. He believed that the country needed to take a step back onto more traditional values instead of pushing forth equality propaganda.

J.D Vance is one of the Senators that actually gained favor with former president Donald Trump. He gained an endorsement that campaign managers said probably brought him as many as five extra points in the political spectrum which allowed him the opportunity to advance in his political career.

Likewise, once Donald Trump was removed from office J.D Vance had a lot of kind words to say about the former president of the United States of America.

“I supported President Trump yesterday. I support him today, and I’ll continue to support him tomorrow,” 

J.D Vance

This faith in the former president who is so beloved in Newark, Ohio brought him more support for his campaign.

Another Conservative argument J.D Vance fought the community over was the fact a lot of the supplies coming in and out of Newark were outsourced by foreign companies.

He argued that Newark, Ohio, and other cities in Ohio need to stop outsourcing their work and keep the income flow for its community members.

He argued this stating,

“the Chinese into this country, buying up our farmland, buying up our single-family homes, making it impossible for young families to buy a home, to own a stake in their own country.”

J.D Vance

His very conservative values had a place within the walls of Newark, Ohio. Other political leaders of the conservative nature that came through Newark Ohio with J.D Vance are Ms. Greene and Mr. Gaetz. J.D Vance argued that it was best to travel with his competition because it is disgusting all the backstabbing in politics.

His argument is that as long as someone who is aware of the issues the United States of America is facing gets into political power that is all that matters. He realized the best way to reserve a conservative member is in Newark Ohio, and he was able to utilize this strategy to keep Newark voting Conservative during the next election season.

Black Lives Matters

Black lives matter international activist movement protesting against racism and fighting for justice – Demonstrators from different cultures and race protest on street for equal rights

Despite being a very conservative area there has been some radical thinking and involvement in social issues in the heart of Newark, Ohio. To begin with, during the 2020 George Floyde protests Newark, Ohio was right behind the rest of the country and held its own protest to protect the rights of African Americans across the United States.

They all headed out to the front of the courthouse with their signs begging for a kinder future. The community was gathered together for this cause. Even the youngest of the Newark, Ohio community was pushing for justice.

Zada Anderson and Tahila Watson, two African American girls, came out with their parents to fight for their future. These two young girls were able to win over the crowd by turning the peaceful protest into a peaceful protest/ dance party.

These two young girls started dancing with the cops who were there to protect the protesters and by doing this the community joined in creating unity between law enforcement and the general public.

With this change, the community was able to have a productive conversation about the issues in the police force and systemic racism. Community leaders vowed to take the issues of the times seriously. It is important to Newark Ohio residents to protect the minorities within the city’s limits rights.


Another social issue that Newark, Ohio has taken on is the issue of the LGBTQ+ population. Newark, Ohio had a radical breakthrough when the city voted for Jeremy Blake.

Jeremy Blake is Newark, Ohio’s first openly gay member on the city council. When placed on the council with that in mind Jeremy Blake decided to make a difference for the LGBTQ+ community in Newark, Ohio.

Jeremy Blake proposed an anti-discrimination law that would protect the rights of people with opposing sexual orientation or gender identity. This of course caused some large debate.

Some argued that it would be too much of a financial burden because then they would have had to hire another person to enforce these cases of discrimination. Others just used hate as their form of justification. It is noted that during one of the town meetings to discuss this law a man stated,

“If fuller and broader employment is provided to homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders, then heterosexuals lose,”

Imagine hearing such ghastly arguments against you and your community, but councilman Jeremy Blake did not back down. He continued fighting for his law. He had another motive in mind.

Ohio did not have an anti-discrimination law against heavy discrimination charges. These hate crime makers would be allowed to continue denying basic human decency to an innocent party.

Jeremy Blake was hoping with this law coming into effect in the small, but the conservative city of Newark, Ohio he would be able to convince this law to go statewide and protect the rights of all the people within the borders of Ohio.

Jeremy Blake’s determination paid off and he was able to get the law passed and protect the rights of the LGBTQ+ community of Thornville Ohio.

“I’m still stunned to be honest, I didn’t think that this would pass. I really didn’t,” 

Brian Hughes

No one believed this law would pass, but the community members of Newark, Ohio do have compassion in their souls and were able to work together to make the dream of Jeremy Blake a reality.

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