Is There Public Transportation in Toledo, Ohio? (What you should know)

Learning about the public transportation offered by a city is beneficial to individuals who are looking to either move or visit this location. Public transportation is an aspect of a city that is beneficial to both the residents and individuals visiting this location. So, is there public transportation in Toledo, Ohio?

Public transportation is offered to all individuals who are in the Toledo, Ohio area. There is a local bus service which is the main means of public transportation offered. Many individuals use rideshare services in addition to the local buses in order to get from one location to the next.

Researching the public transportation available in a specific location can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information that could make using public transportation a smoother experience. After doing research, the following information has been compiled to help individuals being to learn about the public transportation available in Toledo, Ohio.

Public Transportation in Toledo

Toledo offers a few different options for public transportation to its residents and visitors. The use of public transportation allows individuals in this area to get around without needing to have access to a car.

Residents in Toledo are able to rely on public transportation in order to avoid having to use their own means of transportation. This allows individuals to avoid the need for finding a good parking spot or having to pay for street parking. Residents do need to have their own car in order to get to and from their jobs as a result of the public transportation offered by Toledo.

There are a total of nine colleges and universities located in Toledo, which means that there are many individuals living in this area who might not be able to afford a car. Many college students in this area rely on public transportation to get to the grocery store, their jobs, classes, and apartments.

Offering these students reliable public transportation allows individuals studying at one of the many universities to put more of their time into focusing on their studies rather than working in order to be able to afford a car to have a means of reliable transportation.

There are many museums and art displays located in Toledo that attract tourists and visitors. Many of these individuals would have to rent a car in order to get from one tourist attraction to the next or would need to walk between locations. With public transportation, there is no need for visitors to Toledo to rent a car or walk between all the destinations on their lists.

Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority

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The bus service located in Toledo is the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority or TARTAOpens in a new tab.. There is a weekly newsletter that gives updates pertaining to TARTA and the various updates that are important for riders to know. This newsletter can is sent via email, and riders can sign up to be on the mailing list by visiting the TARTA website.

This is the most common mean of public transportation that is used by individuals who are attending one of the nine colleges located in Toledo, Ohio, as it is relatively reliable and goes to important locations like grocery stores and apartment complexes. However, college students are not the only people to use the bus system, as many other residents also use it to get around the city.

While there are buses that allow anyone in this area to access public transportation, there is a service called “Call-A-Ride” that is only available to individuals residing in the Toledo area. This service allows Toledo residents to travel within their own communities as well as get connected with the fixed-line services available.

There are many ways that individuals using TARTA as a means of transportation are able to get connected with individuals to express any concerns or suggestions they might have. There are in-person customer service representatives who are available weekdays from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm by walk-in appointments. There are also customer service representatives that are available via phone on weekdays, weekends, and even some holidays.

Ways TARTA Can Be Improved

While there are many individuals in the ToledoOpens in a new tab. area that rely on the local bus service to get around the city, there are ways that the residents of this city believe TARTA can be improved.

The biggest complaint that Toledo residents have about TARTA is the fact that it is often running behind schedule, which can make it challenging for someone to use it as their main form of transportation. Without the buses running on schedule, it can be difficult for it to be a reliable means of transportation for individuals who are going to and from work.

In order for people to ensure that they get to work on time, people feel the need to take a bus that is an hour earlier than the bus that they would normally take. Riders believe that having more routes could allow the buses to stay more on schedule as a result of each bus having fewer stops on its routes.

Another issue that TARTAOpens in a new tab. riders have is the fact that the buses only run for a very short time on Sundays. This can stop these individuals from being able to get to and from the various commitments they have on Sundays. Residents believe that this issue could be resolved by adding a few extra hours to the schedule for Sundays. This would allow Sunday to still be a shorter day for the drivers but would allow the riders to still have the opportunity to get to their needed destinations at the end of the week.

Using Rideshare Services in Toledo

The two main rideshare services that operate in the Toledo area are Lyft and Uber. These rideshare services can be accessed through the apps made by each of these companies.

Individuals living in or visiting the Toledo area are able to get around using Uber or Lyft by simply requesting a ride through the app on their phones. This can be beneficial to individuals who need a ride at the last minute. The process for requesting a ride is fairly simple and takes no time at all.

These services are more available in downtown Toledo than in suburban areas. There are more drivers working in this area, which makes wait times for the rides shorter than if the driver was having to travel a farther distance.

Ways Uber and Lyft Can Improve in Area

While many people enjoy using these rideshare servicesOpens in a new tab., frequent riders have noticed that there has been a decrease in the drivers that are available. In the downtown area, there are a decent amount of drivers that are available. However, in many other parts of Toledo, there are very few drivers that are providing individuals with transportation via rideshare services.

Many feel that increasing the pay of these drivers would allow for more individuals to be willing to be offered rides in the more residential areas of Toledo. This would allow the residents and visitors of this area to have more access to Uber and Lyft rides. However, there really isn’t anything that the city of Toledo or the rideshare service companies can do about this, as there simply aren’t enough people that want to work for Uber or Lyft to support this change.

Another suggestion that Toledo residents have is simply having Uber or Lyft available at different times throughout the day. The majority of the drivers are offering transportation in the evening, which makes it difficult for individuals in this area to rely on rideshare services as their main means of public transportation. If there are no rides offered earlier in the day, it is not possible for individuals who need rides to and from work to rely on this as a method of public transportation.

Black & White Taxi Company

This cab companyOpens in a new tab. is present in most parts of northern Ohio, providing many cities with public transportationOpens in a new tab.. In Toledo, many individuals feel that using taxis is more reliable and, in some cases, cheaper than relying on Uber or Lyft as a means of public transportation.

This taxi company has an app that makes booking a cab to be extremely easy. Cabs can be booked as needed or can be booked in advance for planned trips.

The Black & White Taxi Company has cabs running 24/7, which allows individuals in Toledo to always have access to a form of public transportation.

Limassol Cyprus May 14, 2020 View of a traditional Cypriot taxi rolling in the streets of Limassol in Cyprus island

Is Public Transportation Necessary in Toledo?

Depending on the area in which an individual lives or is staying, it is possible to get around the city without using public transportation. There are many tourist attractions that are within walking distance from one another, which can be beneficial for individuals visiting the Toledo area.

While public transportation is not a necessity, it does make navigating around Toledo a lot easier. Individuals do not have to depend on walking to and from each of their destinations. With the public transportation that is available in Toledo, individuals are able to quickly and effortlessly get from one place to the next.

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