Is Cody, Wyoming a Liberal City?

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For the majority of my life, I grew up in the town that shares the namesake of the great Bill Cody, otherwise known as Buffalo Bill. Although I do not hold any firm beliefs when it comes to how our government should work, I can answer with certainty where the majority of the population of my home state stands when it comes to politics.

Cody is experiencing a change in political population as people from more liberal states such as California are currently moving to this smaller state. However, as it now stands, although there may be a few exceptions, Wyoming is mostly conservative, which would include the town of Cody.

I do not consider myself a strong member of any political party nor do I intend to impose any of my beliefs or values upon those who read this article. Just know that I grew up in a small town populated mostly by conservative individuals and this article explains what I know about their stances on modern political affairs and how anyone can find proof of the political identity of my hometown by observing their practices.


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Like most states in the mid-west, Wyoming always takes on the color red whenever elections come around. This likely owes itself to its mostly Christian population. Followers of the Christian faith from any denomination, really, have always been known to identify with Republican viewpoints and values whether it be their stance on abortion, national defense, or LGBTQ+ rights.

I cannot speak for all Republicans in my hometown, but from what I understand about conservative viewpoints and what my Christian values are, I would say that Cody cannot identify itself as liberal as it currently stands because of how many of its people oppose abortion, advocate most actions of the military, and support what they believe is the only form of marriage acceptable before their God.

Let the baby breathe

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One of the key beliefs of Christianity is that all human beings are created equal in the eyes of their Creator. In our current society, we have made discoveries that can either be used to improve or worsen modern living. Christians believe that the act of ending the life of a fetus growing in the womb of its mother is a violation of the sixth commandment, where the God of Israel states to the prophet Moses “Thou shalt not kill.” Conservatives see the act of abortion as a form of murder that confiscates the right for the potential human soul to live life on earth. Unless justified by the failing health of the mother or other factors that can be seen as reasonable, most people in Cody will not advocate abortion.

In fact, for several years, a large group of Cody citizens used to organize and run an event dedicated to abolishing abortion and spreading pro-life propaganda. The event was named after the children’s book Horton Hears a Who because, just like Dr. Seuss, these conservatives believed that “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” It always took place around the same time when a pro-abortion event was held nearby.

Keep all foes at bay

Not much that has to do with the world outside of the United States concerns many conservatives. While many still believe in the duty to help their fellow man, they tend to value to a greater extent their right to live and to defend themselves. I have heard firsthand the voiced opinion from many of those who live in Cody that any threat to the wellbeing of their nation should be taken seriously and even be eradicated if necessary. While the doctrine of Christ greatly advocates the action of serving all children of God, Christians also firmly believe that when it all comes down to what is best for them and their families, their own kin comes first.

One marriage under God

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I think that we can all agree on the fact that views on sexuality and what is natural play a big part in how Americans take part in politics. A big part of Christianity is their belief in the importance of family and how a mother and father have the responsibility of watching over and nurturing their children. This idea dates back to the biblical story of the first people to walk the earth, Adam and Eve. Christians and most conservatives believe that this first model of how a man and a woman make up the only way in which the marital and parental unit should be formed. I have heard differing opinions from several residents in Cody, but for the most part, they do not openly advocate the cause of the LGBTQ+ community.

Outside of religion, there are a few other key factors that make Cody a more conservative town.

Amendment #2

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Midwesterners love guns. They love hunting, visiting firing ranges, and self-defense. Wyoming is a large, sprawling region known for its abundance of wildlife outside and inside its cities. Seriously, you will see at least one deer or even a small herd crossing a lesser-populated block! One of the most popular activities in Wyoming is hunting thanks to its many forested regions and game animal population. You walk into most establishments or homes in Cody and you are more than likely to find a mounted elk, deer, or moose head — maybe even a pronghorn or a stuffed bird. Given that conservatives share a devoted passion for the right to bear arms, many people in Wyoming identify as such to keep their firearms, which keeps the weaponsmiths and taxidermists in business — not to mention the game and fish department.

Speaking out

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Another factor that determines what side of the political spectrum people identify with is the desire for free speech. Conservatives greatly advocate all that the first amendment implies. The people from Cody have a lot to say about how they think the world ought to be run. Of course, that means they believe that both conservative and liberal messages should be put on display and responded to however seen fit and within reason. They may not advocate the messages being shared by their political opposition, but they greatly support free speech for all citizens nonetheless.

Whether it be by parking a large, white trailer that reads “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” facing a main road or putting on a play that openly advocates against Trump, I have seen just how much people like to voice their opinions political or otherwise in my hometown and how creative they can be in doing it.

Smaller and smaller

The state of Wyoming is almost entirely rural because of its population density. It is a big state as far as how much physical area it takes up, but the number of citizens can hardly justify just how much space we are given. Being mostly a rural state, most of its people want the least amount of government control and intervention as possible. To them, smaller government is key. If they could find a shrink ray and use it on the government, they definitely would. Overall, this is probably the biggest reason as to why Cody — and most of Wyoming for that matter — hold mostly conservative values. Nobody there wants the government telling them how to run their businesses, how to own land, or how much they can sell or buy.

What may change

It is important to note that over the past few years, more and more people from more liberal states have been moving to Cody. Due to its extremely low crime rate and nonexistent state income tax, Wyoming has proven itself a more desirable place for many liberal people to occupy. While Cody may be a large city by Wyoming standards, it does not have nearly as many issues with theft, murder, rape, and other crimes as other cities throughout the country that identify as liberal such as Los Angeles or New York. If more people who identify as liberal continue to move to the towns of Wyoming at a constant and growing rate, Cody may soon lose its mostly-conservative identity. Hopefully the place does not become a war ground.

Of course, change is always inevitable. The population of Cody is growing and the diversity of persons living there is also evolving, which cannot be considered entirely negative nor detrimental for the town or any other place, for that matter. Just like anywhere else in the United States, Cody is a place for people to meet and ideas to grow. Those who defend their conservative ideals will do the best they can to hold onto their beliefs, but they likely will not impose their views on those who disagree or are seen as outsiders because of their differences in opinion. The political landscape may shift at a constant or even an exponential rate, but Cody will still be a welcoming, hospitable town where anyone can visit or set up shop. Be it mostly conservative now or liberal down the line, Cody is a good place. As the townspeople continue manifesting their humanity through their actions, it will always be a good place.

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