17 Reasons Not to Move to Hulett, Wyoming

Hulett, Wyoming is not a place that you want to move to because of various reasons. We have listed 17 of them below.

1. The Cold

Could Hulett, Wyoming be any colder? I’m honestly wondering. It’s so cold that going outside without a coat is a health hazard in April. You can pack away any short-sleeved shirts in this town. You won’t be needing them for a long, long time. You might want to think about investing in a fur coat.

You’ll certainly need a sturdy pair of boots to avoid losing any toes to the unyielding cold of Wyoming. And you’d better start getting the ice off of your car windows now. Chances are, a wood-burning stove or coal will be what you rely on to stay warm, so try to vent that smoke out without letting any precious warmth leave your house. If you can’t, don’t ever come here.

2. It’s in the Middle of Nowhere

Hulett is the capital of nowhere. There would be a picture of Hulett next to the word “nowhere” in the dictionary, but that would require there to be enough of a town to take a picture of.

It’s so far from civilization that it’s probably dangerous. There are no chain stores, restaurants, or any other businesses in Hulett. If Hulett itself doesn’t make you happy enough, you’ll want to give this town a wide berth.

Once you’re in here, you’re not leaving anytime soon. You’ll end up spending a fortune on gas otherwise. You’ll need an emergency helicopter to get to a Walmart.

You could try hitching a ride on a covered wagon out of town if you’re desperate, it’ll probably be the most reliable way to get out of town. I have to be honest, I like my creature comforts, so Wyoming is not the place for me.

3. There’s no Food

Hulett is miles away from anything even resembling a city, so don’t expect your favorite fast-food restaurant here. If you want a pizza, you can drive for an hour in the mountains to get it. There are no big restaurants anywhere in Hulett.

What restaurants they do have use microwaves to heat up the frozen food they probably got from the one and only supermarket. There really isn’t anywhere to get food in Hulett that hasn’t been kept in a freezer for weeks.

I hope you’re not too dependent on chicken nuggets you haven’t butchered and prepared yourself. You’re more likely to find a live chicken in this town than chicken tenders. I suppose this is a great place to live if you’re a chicken until someone decides they’re tired of the freezer-burned chicken tenders at the local restaurants, then you’re cooked.

4. No Sports

I hope you’re not a sports fan. I don’t think Wyoming has even heard of any sports that don’t require live animals. Football, soccer, and basketball just don’t happen in this town outside of a high school gym. There are no sports teams to root for, so you’ll have to toss out that big foam finger.

The landscape isn’t conducive to sports, being cold and icy ninety percent of the time. For the other ten percent, the ground is rocky and uneven from the many mountains in Wyoming. With nowhere to play and no one to root for, sports are a big flop in Wyoming.

If you want the adrenaline rush of playing a high-stakes game, you could give hunting a shot. With the lives of real animals on the line, the stakes might just be a bit too high for some.

5. You’ll Have to Hunt Your Own Meat

When I lived in Wyoming, my family was in a house that served grocery store meat. This was unique enough to gain our attention for it. Everywhere else in Hulett, if you want meat, you have to be ready to kill for it.

If the sight of headless animals draining out in someone’s driveway is a buzzkill for you, you might want to go around Hulett, Wyoming. I don’t know if the meat you personally hunted for yourself tastes better, but I hope it does, because the time, effort, and tools required to get your own meat are worth more to me than just picking up some hamburger from the local grocery store.

The grocery store might also shoot its own meat too though, so I hope you like fresh elk. Chances are that your neighbors have a freezer full of various types of meat at their house.

6. The Wind

Steel-toed boots might be the fashion in Wyoming just because people are trying not to get blown away in the wind. If it’s not cold in Hulett, it’s windy enough to make up for it.

The wind chill can make June feel like December. Plants in Wyoming have to be sturdy things to keep from being torn apart by Mother Nature. You have to be sturdy, too, or the same thing will happen to you. If you’re lucky, your car will likely stay in the driveway where you left it.

7. Nothing to Do

No restaurants, no sports, is there literally anything to do in Hulett? The answer is no. There are no museums, no art galleries, and no amusement parks. There’s barely even a playground. You can sit at home watching the wind go by because it’s too cold to even go outside and look for something to do.

Hulett is full of nothing but contemplative silence. You can hear your own thoughts in this town. And probably someone else’s as well. Sometimes it seems like Hulett is a ghost town. I’m half convinced nobody lives there, and it’s just a set of cardboard buildings that will fall down like in a movie.

8. Mountain Lions

There may not be people in Hulett, but there are certainly man-eating cats. You can’t leave your dog out overnight because it might get eaten by a mountain lion. I’ve heard stories about cats going out at night and never coming home.

These big cats are undisturbed by human activity, mostly because there is no human activity in Wyoming. They might just romp into your backyard and say hello. You’ll need to keep your doors closed so these predators don’t come inside looking for snacks. They might just try to make a snack out of you!

9. Snakes

I can’t bring up predators without mentioning everybody’s favorite reptile! Rattlesnakes call Wyoming home and are a lot harder to keep out of your house than mountain lions.

Rattlesnake venom can cause nausea, numbness, and difficulty breathing. You can hope that what passes for a hospital here has antivenom. You might even be right. But in a town with more snakes than doctors, I wouldn’t take my chances.

Snakes do occasionally give “dry bites”, which are bites with no venom that are pretty much harmless, but I wouldn’t risk it. Give this town and its reptiles a wide berth and don’t go sticking your hands into any rocks.

10. Bears

There are even more dangerous animals in Hulett, Wyoming! Bears aren’t typically aggressive, but they are huge, clawed, and strong. They also have the nasty habit of looking through human trash, which can put them into close contact with people. You’ll have to be careful putting out any trash in Wyoming, lest you get some furry friends who aren’t all that friendly.

Bears can be especially fierce when getting out of hibernation, so in the early spring, keep a lookout. Bears look cute in the movies, but in real life, they’re dangerous and gigantic animals that can really hurt you. Give them lots of space.

11. Ticks

I’m convinced ticks are on this earth because they crawled out straight from the underworld. If you haven’t had the misfortune of coming across these arthropods, imagine a tiny spider that drinks blood. Yes, actual blood. Unlike mosquitos, ticks don’t swoop down, take a few sips, and go away

Instead, they feed by attaching themselves to their victims and burrowing into the skin to suck blood until they’re full, at which point they will have swelled up to twice their size. They then drop off. That isn’t the end of it, however.

Ticks can cause illnesses like Lyme disease, and they’re nearly impossible to kill. They swim, so you can’t try to drown them. Some of the ways I’ve seen people kill ticks include throwing them into an open flame, drowning them in rubbing alcohol, and cutting it to pieces with a pocket knife. They inhabit all the tall grasses and plants of Wyoming, so wear high boots!

12. Snow

I know what you’re thinking. A lot of places have snow! But comparing Wyoming snow to snow anywhere else is like comparing a water pistol to a machine gun. They have roughly the same design, but one is out to kill you. Snow in Wyoming goes on two weeks of paid vacation in the summer, but for the rest of the year, it is hard at work.

When I lived in Hulett we spent days and sometimes weeks trapped in the house waiting for the snow to subside enough to leave the premises. As someone who’s always hated the cold, I think I’ll pass.

13. Hail

Snow isn’t the only threat from the sky. On my very first day in Wyoming, it was cold. It was early summer, and the sky was a stormy gray, so I was prepared for the chill, but I wasn’t prepared for ice.

Great chunks of it literally the size of golf balls poured from the sky. I’d barely even seen hail before, but now I had seen hail so big we weren’t allowed outside until it stopped for fear we would be struck in the head and get a concussion. If you go to Hulett, bring a helmet and be prepared to rush your car into the garage. The sky is ready to fight.

14. Dangerous Roads

You can’t have ice without bad roads, can you? Driving in Hulett can mean taking your life into your own hands. The town itself is so small you don’t really need a car, but everything important is miles away from town, so you’ll be doing a lot of driving on those slippery roads.

Ice can fall anywhere, at any time of the year. The really dangerous thing is if you do wreck your car, you’re in the middle of nowhere, so help can take hours to come by or not come at all.

15. Bad Heating

For a town so cold, you’d think they would have some good, reliable heating. You’re wrong. Much of the town relies on old-fashioned forms of heating from generators or coal.

It makes some sense, these older methods are more likely to keep going during a bad snowstorm, which happens all the time. It isn’t great for the air, but in Wyoming, there’s a strong enough lack of human interference that pollution isn’t really a problem.

Coal still isn’t ideal, however. I remember once having to wear many layers of clothes to school because the snow had kept the coal truck from coming into town, and the school would have no heating for a couple of days. So, always wear layers here.

16. Bad Shopping

It’s honestly not a surprise that there’s nowhere to shop in Hulett. You can browse the singular grocery store, and that’s it. For anything more, you’ll have to drive at least an hour to get anywhere close to a supermarket.

Hulett has all the snow of the North Pole, but no Christmas magic to get the things you need. You’ll just have to brave the snow or go without it. I suppose that’s one nice thing about this town, it can really make you appreciate the things you have.

17. Bad Shipping

Online shopping is still an option though, right? You can ship things in Hulett, and maybe even get them. Shipping is not ideal in Hulett, it can take much longer for any packages to arrive. The bad roads and lack of nearby facilities all add up to one thing: you’re not getting that new air fryer easily. Buckle up and have some patience.

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