21 Best Cities for Conservatives

If you believe in a more traditional lifestyle and stick to your guns on most issues, you may be a conservative-minded person. If you are a conservative-minded person you may be interested in moving to one of the nation’s best cities for Conservatives. Full of American Flags and backyard BBQs, these Cities will surely satisfy your desire for a simpler, more free lifestyle.

21. Phoenix, AZ

The state of Arizona is renowned for being a conservative stronghold, so it is no surprise that its capital city is first on our list. Phoenix is at least 47% percent Conservative and has been since its founding in 1881. This city is very spread out and covers over five hundred square miles, many of which are farmlands and churches. The population tends to be clustered in dense suburbia. Most of the population are good hardworking Christian folks who value their land and their jobs and are willing to fight to keep them.

20. Las Vegas, NV

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. For a long time. Las Vegas is known as “Sin City” throughout the world, but it also holds one of the largest concentrated populations of conservative Christians in America, many of them being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With all big cities, there is a large diversity of people here. But because of the population of over 600,000 people in a small area, Las Vegas is as full of conservatives as any other population. The conservatives in this area tend to be active and choose to vote often to protect their way of life.

19. Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is the living embodiment of southern charm and tradition. Conservative values tend to proudly revolve around protecting tradition and keeping the government at arms length. You will find this mindset abundantly in Birmingham. Birmingham is historical was a railroad and mining town full of hardworking men and women. This historic southern city boasts a very low unemployment rate because most folks here pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make due. The state of Alabama is hotly conservative and Birmingham is no exception.

18. Asheboro, NC

Asheboro is a small town in North Carolina, but the size is the only thing about it that is tiny. American patriotism and pride loom larger than life among these small-town hardworking people. Asheboro sends many of her sons out to the military and is proud of the fact. Most of the jobs in Asheboro are blue-collar and pay little but the heart of the land is the people who live there. Mitt Romney took over 70% of the vote in 2012 and is still touted as a hero in their town.

17. Bristol, TN

True to its Southern Tennessee roots, Bristol has voted overwhelmingly for the conservative candidate in the last four elections. Veterans and the American flag are sacred and held in high esteem in Bristol. This town proudly defends the claim of being the birthplace of country music. Late-night campfires in the pines and singing of golden days and the good ole boys, this historic town hosts NASCAR races and mud fights frequently in the dog days of summer, waiting for the fall, so they can vote to keep their way of life.

16. Brandon, MS

Brandon is a small town near Jackson, Mississippi that has voted almost entirely Republican since the early 70s. This city has super affordable housing and has been growing rapidly because of its small-town appeal with big city benefits. The Ross Barnett Reservoir provides relief from the hot summer days with boating, picnic areas, and campgrounds. The police force works hard to keep this city safe and secure for all the residents. Many of the population are Christian and follow traditional small-town values and beliefs.

15. Columbus, NE

Columbus is nestled on the banks of the Platte River in Nebraska. This town has very self-sustaining hydroelectric power from the many plants along the riverbank. Columbus prides itself on its catchphrase as “The City of Power and Progress”. This town hosts many veteran memorial sites and is very proud of its all-American heritage. Like many small towns in the Midwest, Columbus started out as a railroad town and filled its quaint homes with honest, hardworking individuals. In Columbus, patriotism and neighborly kindness hold high value.

14. Burleson, TX

Located in the balmy North East corner of Texas, Burleson has voted republican for over 40 years. Burleson’s residents tend to own their homes and independence is very important to them. Despite the emphasis on independent living, the people of Burleson are known for volunteering their time to help the sick or less fortunate. Hot summers and hard work make this town stand out. Burleson sends many young men to fight for our country and has a great respect for freedom and what it means to maintain that freedom.

13. Wichita, KS

Wichita is the biggest city in a historically conservative state with over 55% of voters choosing the Republican candidate in the last election. Kansas is what many picture when they think of rolling fields of farmland, and likewise its residents are what most people would picture when thinking of conservatives. God-fearing Christian farmers make up much of the population in the area surrounding Wichita.

12. Benton, AR

Benton really is that little slice of paradise when it comes to conservative small towns. It is full of locally-owned shops and boutiques and has its share of veterans and farmers. Friday night is always football night with the boys and the fourth of July is taken very seriously. In Benton, everybody knows everybody and they are waiting to meet you too.

11. Sterling, AK

This town in Alaska has only voted liberal once in sixty years. Sterling is full of blue-blooded men and women who value their independence and freedom enough to move to the last frontier of America. Conservative locals trace their roots to the oil and gas extraction industry.

10. Aurora, CO

Denver Colorado is one of the more liberal cities in America, so it is somewhat surprising that Aurora takes number ten on our list. Opposites attract in this case, Aurora is hotly Conservative in contrast to her sister city of Denver.

9. Tulsa, OK

Tulsa sits on the green bank of the Arkansas River. This is another prime example of a city that was built on the backs of conservatives toiling in the prosperous local oil company to build their great city. The suburbs have a multitude of green parks to sprawl out and watch the fourth of July fireworks commemorating the independence our ancestors fought so hard for.

8. Omaha, NB

Located in the path of the historic Oregon Trail, Omaha exemplifies the spirit of adventure and freedom. This city was built by pioneers in the west wanting to taste the freedom of fresh wildlands and solitude.

7. Rome, Georgia

If you are looking for a gorgeous, historic city full of like-minded conservatives, Rome is the ideal place to call home. Rome, built on the doorstep of the Appalachian mountains, is surrounded by scenic rivers and incredible mountain views.

6. Milton, FL

Full of balmy, lazy summers on the porch and a whole suburb of people willing to share their secret recipe to the best peach cobbler in the states, Milton is a wonderful place to enjoy a conservative lifestyle. Waterways line the town and make Milton known for canoeing and other water sports.

5. Worland, WY

Located in the Bighorn Basin Worland Wyoming is truly a taste of the old wild west town lifestyle. Founded by adventure-seeking trappers, cowboys, and pioneers, Worland, and her people live to be free in the mountains of Wyoming.

4. Susanville, CA

Susanville is an oasis of fine wine and Conservative minded folks in the midst of the very liberal state of California. Enjoying the beauty of the nearby redwoods and vineyards while maintaining the proud position of a republican community in Cali, Susanville keeps her head held high.

3. Augusta, ME

When the original pioneers migrated from Europe to the mainland looking for freedom, Maine was one of the first places they colonized. In the last election, 47% of voters chose to vote republican. This historic city has many buildings still standing from those original settlers, and they stand as a testament to the freedom they sought for in coming to America.

2. Shady Valley

Just outside of Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee, Shady Valley stands alone in its incredibly conservative mindset. The mountains and hills surrounding this location are popular among dirt bikers and off-road vehicles. Most people come here to seek solitude and comradery in their political beliefs while enjoying the quiet peace of nature.

1. Mesa, AZ

Mesa Arizona is the most conservative city in America by population with over 250,000 people calling it home. Ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live and raise a family, Mesa has low taxes, low cost of living, and is full of suburbs and family-friendly parks, institutions, and activities. Mesa Arizona is strongly conservative and doesn’t show any sign of changing.

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