17 Reasons Not To Move To Eugene, OR

Eugene is known for having one of the best, if not the best, high schools in the state of Oregon. However, it is a small town, and there are many issues that you should consider before electing to jump at the chance to move there. You may not be as bothered by these issues listed below when you first hear them, but we offer some explanations as to why these issues can be so challenging for those of us who live or have lived in Eugene, Oregon.

17. Rain Damage

Especially for those who have lived in an area of drought, areas with more rainfall may at first appear rather exciting. Until you begin to realize just what it is that you may have gotten yourself into.

Rain can cause more damage than good in Eugene. In fact, there is often so much rainfall, that having it not flood would come as quite a shock to the residents that live there.

It may be exciting though at first because it must be such a different world living in the rain. Right?

Well, imagine rainfall being so constant that you opt to wear shorts, flip-flops, and a T-shirt as though the day were a sunny day, to begin with. The residents live like it’s summertime because it rarely is.

Warning: The desire to wear shorts and a T-shirt in the rain is almost suffocating once you live in Eugene long enough. You will be brainwashed by the desire.

Springs, lakes, streams, and rivers will be insistent on consistently expanding their territory as well. They will increasingly grow year-round, up until the rainfall finally ceases for a time.

Warning: This will increase the likelihood of flooding for you if you live near a water source such as the ones described above.

16. Living In The Lane County Area

Unfortunately, the lane country area has an abnormally high suicide rate. So much so, that their suicide rate has exceeded the national one for the last thirty years.

It may have something to do with the lack of sunshine, as this can often cause depression when extended lack of exposure occurs.


15. Not So Family-Friendly

Other than an abnormally high suicide rate, Eugene also exists in a zone of people that may not be so friendly. Bullying is a frequent occurrence no matter where you go.

In fact, bullying is so common, that there have to be frequent meetings and assemblies in school to warn against the bullying and possible suicides that occur.

Even being a twelve-year-old child is not enough protection against these issues. As a twelve-year-old, you have a high chance of having a friend who struggles with self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Or even who has been abused at home.

These are not struggles that should be common among twelve-year-olds or varying younger ages. However, they seem to be more and more common in Eugene.

14. The Esteemed High School

Sheldon high school is known as the #2 high school in all of Lane County. However, there are more issues than you would expect at the home of the Irish high school.

If you’re concerned about public transportation, then be aware that Sheldon High school will not provide it to you. You have to obtain certain special permission to ride to few vehicles that they have.

Another reason for concern is that the kids aren’t nearly as well protected or watched. Unlike most other high schools that monitor the entrances and exits of your typical high school students, Sheldon High School does not care.

Warning: Your child may leave whenever they want, and you wouldn’t know that they hadn’t been attending class when you thought they were. They could be missing and you wouldn’t know until it was too late.


13. Lack Of Learning

This problem also exists under many teachers at Sheldon as well as other schools in Lane County. Many teachers are not entirely qualified for their jobs. A woodshop teacher could be moved temporarily to math, even when they are not fit for the subject.

This provides issues for the students, as they sometimes spend too much time talking about subjects that do not pertain to the class itself, or raving and yelling about issues in place of teaching the required materials.

Another issue that often occurs is that teachers get away with doing drugs themselves before class. There were occasions that teachers would show up to the school high when they were meant to be teaching class.

So what do the students actually end up learning by the end?

Well, thankfully, not all the teachers are so bad. However, the chances of your child getting one of these teachers is rarer than you think.

12. Snow

Snow is a rare gift in Eugene, and may actually bring a lot of smiles to those who live there. However, that smile does not last very long, especially for adults.

Even a slight dusting of snow will shut down the majority of the town. The schools will get canceled almost immediately in most of Lane County. This can cause issues at the end of the year, where the schools must then be pushed back and extended to fulfill the required number of days.

Warning: Because snow is so rare, people are also unaccustomed to driving in the snow. As such, accidents are not as rare, and may more frequently occur in the snowfall.

11. Frogs And Pests

If your first instinct after seeing a spider or insect is to run, then Eugene is probably not the place for you to live in. Ant infestations and spiders are a common issue in Eugene.

Because of the higher insect population, Eugene homes several spiders. You will often find yourself hunting for where they’re hiding, being unsuccessful about half of the time.

Frogs are also incredibly common in this marsh-like land. You may at times find frogs smashed in between the door hinges. As experienced by a family that once lived there. This family managed to find a frog smashed in each doorway at least once.

Mosquitos are also common in the Eugene area. Bringing with them a lot of uncomfortable experiences for the inhabitants that live there. So you might want to bring a good bug repellent with you when you move.

10. “Lake Johnson”

Rain can be a fun experience if you’re not particularly afraid of the flooding that comes afterward. One particular family chose to name their front lawn “Lake Johnson” as a joke for every time the rain flooded the lawn.

As described by this family, there was often more water than a lawn. In which case, no one would dare to walk across it in any way. They would rather take a long way around to avoid getting soaking wet and ruining their shoes and pants with water and mud.

Another semi-famous part of the Eugene area is the wide turns leading to the highway. As those large circular dips of grass fields in between fill up yearly with water.

These grass circles become miniature lakes that collect nutria, ducks, and geese of all kinds. These little pools last almost year-round and take a while to dry up during the summer months, only to return soon after the following rainfall.

9. Flocks Of Wild Geese In Every Direction

Due to the wet marsh area that Eugene is, there are various flocks of wild geese that settle in every corner of the town. You can find them near any lake, stream, or river around the Eugene area.

If Geese do not appeal to you, then living in Eugene should be avoided, as the geese population can rival the human one. You would encounter or see a goose almost more than you would see another human being.

Not to mention that familiar sound that all of us residents know, of the many flocks, flying overhead for most of the winter. Often arriving on and occupying school grounds.

8. Living In The “State With A Ceiling”

Due to its heavy rainfall, Oregon is often referred to as “The state with a ceiling”. The clouds are often so thick and never seem to disappear from sight. There’s almost always at least one cloud in the sky, even in the summer months.

It’s no wonder that so many outsiders make fun of the place. Even the residents know when to crack jokes about it from time to time.

7. Heavy Taxes On Land Ownership Versus Food Tax

One of the main reasons that people move to Oregon at all, is because there is not a tax on items when shopping. Instead, the land is taxed. However, this creates a whole new set of issues.

As the increased costs of homes can be challenging for the residential population. The land is almost too expensive to purchase and live on in Eugene. Which doesn’t leave as much money for buying food anyways.

6. Being Considered The Same As A Vampire

Another problem concerning rainfall is that you can become so accustomed to the dim lighting of a cloudy day, that you can’t see at all on that rarer sunny day.

Your eyes can no longer withstand the brightness of a sunny day and you are almost incapable of opening your eyes under the power of the sun’s rays during the summer months.

You may find yourself relating to the vampires, in fact, many of the residents have often compared themselves to vampires in their avoidance of the sun’s light on summer days.

5. The Town Is Small And Widely Spread

Not only is the town lacking in its options of where to go, but you have to almost always take the highway to get there. This can cause quite an inconvenience. Especially if you merely wanted to go to Jamba before returning home.

4. Friend? Or Rather Opinionated Foe?

If you’re someone who very clearly states their opinion without room for argument, then this may be the place for you. However, if you are a shy person who doesn’t speak up very easily, then Eugene would be a challenging place to live.

Many strongly opinionated people live in Eugene. Who fight to push down the opposing opinions to prove that their own opinion is right. There are so many fighting to be heard, that it is almost impossible to be heard.

3. Giant Rats

I’m sure that if you have done any research at all, that you have heard of the infamous nutria that can be found in any corner of Eugene with a lack or stream.

The Nutria, much like a beaver, live on, at, or near the water. They build their homes and hideaway. One thing that is different is that a Nutria is more of a water rat than a beaver.

Warning: Nutria do sneak into your yard and can attack any pets, or even attack you. You should probably keep a gun or a bat to take them out.

2. Food Storage Is Far too Much Of A Challenge

Because of so many insect infestations, keeping food storage is a dangerous practice. One family shared that they struggled with a moth infestation in their buckets of grain. They were all ruined after having spent hundreds of dollars on building up the storage.

Be sure to set poisons and traps if food storage is your plan, otherwise your money could go down the drain.

1. Political Opinions Heavily Opposed

For liberals, Eugene isn’t a bad place to live, as politics tend to weigh more heavily on the liberal side. However, if you are a conservative, then the politics of this area may be conflicting for you. You will be heavily opposed by liberals as many of the residents who live there, as previously stated, are very strong in their opinions.

If you wish to avoid political conflict, then Eugene is not the place for you. Especially as their politics enter into everything they do.

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