13 Best Family Neighborhoods In Medford Oregon

As someone who grew up in Medford since I was 2, I have come to know the town rather well. I can think back to friend’s homes where they lived and I could feel comfortable. Then there were some that I didn’t feel so good about. But despite my personal knowledge I still turned to 2 Facebook pages of Medford residents and got some of their opinions on the matter at hand.

The following 13 neighborhoods are not ranked in any specific order as they are mostly opinion-based, but I believe that these are very good neighborhoods to live in. Also, many places are building in Medford, and new neighborhoods are growing that could be good to check out as well. I left those out as they are not yet completed and have no basis for family living.

Cherry Lane

The first place that came to mind as a great neighborhood to live in as a family was Cherry Lane and the surrounding area. Now just because I had this one come to mind does not mean that it is the best in Medford. There are definitely pros and cons to this area, but despite those, it is a great neighborhood.

To start, the location is more on the outskirts of town, but due to the rapid growth of Medford as a whole, it is slowly becoming more integrated. But it is built up the base of Roxy Ann, which is a large hill that is a nice hike in the summers. It looks over the Medford area.

Cherry Lane is a relatively newer subdivision but is a great place for families to live. It provides lots of areas for kids to play, the houses are typically bigger with more space, and it is not crowded by unwanted traffic.

However, it is one of the most expensive places to live in Medford. It is known for being an area with rather wealthy families. But this is due to the size of the homes, the area that they reside, and the overall price of living in Medford in general.

Garfield To Agate Street

Cherry Lane sits on the east side of Medford, but we are going to move now to a more central west area of town that is closer to town amenities but is more crowded. But despite that, it sits in a very nice area of town with little to no traffic.

The reason this area is so well situated is due to South Medford High School being within a 10-minute walk on roads that are not super busy. This provides easier access to the school. It is however a little farther to get to the middle school and elementary schools, depending on which one your child will go to. But the elementary school will be roughly 5-10 minutes driving and the middle schools will be maybe 10 minutes. But of course, a bus system comes right through the area and can pick up school children.

Another great plus to this area is how close it is to town, without being in the middle of town. It is definitely within city limits but it isn’t amongst the more dangerous neighborhoods or close to the busy shops and restaurants.

Lone Pine to Cedar Links

The last neighborhood was close to South Medford, so, the next one I wanted to list from the suggestions was close to North Medford High School. Those are the two main high schools in the area. But this neighborhood between these two main streets is very nice.

It provides homes that are well spaced, but still with a good neighborhood feel. Many people that live there are known for being kind and generous. Plus, Lone Pine elementary school is basically across the street for those who live in the area.

This neighborhood I would say is much the same as Garfield where is it is close to town amenities, but far enough away that there isn’t any busy traffic to deal with. It is just on the opposite side of town, in the northeast corner.

Delta Waters Area

Just north of Lone Pine sits the Delta waters neighborhood. It is a nice neighborhood that may be a little bit older than the Lone Pine area, but it is still a great neighborhood for a family to live in. Even though Delta Waters sits closer to the far reaches of Medford, it is still within 5 minutes drive to the stores and sometimes even closer.

It is a little bit busier of a road than some of the others, but once you get into the actual neighborhood subdivisions you will see less traffic. Also, it is very close to the elementary school and not too far from the high school. The Middle school is a little bit farther, but not by too much.

Woodside Drive

One of my best friends growing up lived in this next neighborhood. It is more on the outskirts of town than the last two, but not super far away. It gives plenty of room for kids to play. In fact, I went to this area and had nerf gun wars when I was in elementary school.

It is close to the high school, probably about the same distance as Garfield, but is very close to the elementary school as well. It is a great place to raise families. This same area is where my family and I always go trick or treating on Halloween and there are always kids running around with no worry of something happening.

Orchard Home

Just down the way from Woodside is a more secluded neighborhood called Orchard Home. This neighborhood was very close to where I lived growing up. We moved to that part of town when I was 7. When it was suggested I knew it had to make the top 13 family-friendly neighborhoods. The isolated feel to it gives plenty of room for kids to play without cars speeding down the road.

The Neighborhood sits in a large circle that gives kids the chance to play with each other as well and there is a tight-knit friendship formed between the kids in the area.

Golf View

The Golf View area might actually be more of a retired area of town, but this might be a plus to raising a family. It is a nice area of town not too far from stores and is rather close to the hospital in the southeast part of town. The neighborhood is isolated from heavy traffic and gives good places for kids to play. There are however no major parks in the area, and the schools are a little bit farther.

Fairview Area

This area is actually a fun and interesting one. It is a neighborhood that is basically implanted into the golf course at the country club. It sits on the outskirts of the course, away from the danger of golf balls, but is still a good area that can be healthy for a family to live in.

Eagle Trace Subdivision

The Eagle Trace Subdivision is much like Cherry Lane just a little bit older but still in the same area. It sits farther from town though which isolates it a little bit. But because it is the main road that goes to the Roxy Ann hike, there can be a good amount of traffic. But much like any subdivision, once you get into the smaller roads, there isn’t as much traffic.

La Loma / Mira Mar

This area of town was where my family originally moved when we came to Medford. I was 2 but we moved when I was 7 and I still remember the area well. The streets aren’t very busy and the location itself is good, being near the hospital and the main stores being just on the other side of the highway.

The area is on a hill that can make it difficult for playing in some areas, but for the most part, it is not a problem. Plus, there is an elementary school that is open to the public for its park and fields. I remember going there often outside of school hours to play.

Sun Oaks Subdivision

This subdivision is actually a gated community that is very safe and has many families living there. It is very close to Mira Mara to get a reference as to where it sits in town. The southeast part of town, in general, is very well kept and a great place to stay.

Also, Sun Oaks has its own clubhouse and pool that is open to its residents. But because it is a gated community, it may be more a little bit more expensive of housing for less space per home.

Highland To Black Oak

This area of town heads closer to the center of town but is a great area that is close to schools and parks with plenty of space for kids to play. There is a major park that we loved going to called Bear Creek Park that is large and has lots of amenities including tennis courts a BMX track, walkways, a large grassy area, and a brand new play structure. The area itself is older but a great place for a family to live.

Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow actually doesn’t count as a neighborhood that you might typically think of. Dark Hollow is a road that leads up into the hills just south of Medford. It is rather close to town and gives a good area for a home to be built. The homes are very spread out but are still close enough for kids to get to their activities without too much hassle.

Dark Hollow itself can be a busy road, but the houses are usually down their own driveways with plenty of lands for play. Plus, it is away from the effects of Medford as a whole which can sometimes have a good amount of drugs and crime.

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