13 Best Family Neighborhoods in St. George, Utah

St. George is a town booming in growth and development! It is a fun, safe place to live in, especially for families. Most of those living in St. George and Washington (the city somewhat intertwined with St. George), primarily in the newer areas, are families. That being said, what are the best neighborhoods in St. George for families?

Some of the best neighborhoods in St. George for families to live in (and especially to move to) currently are Little Valley, Washington Fields, Desert Canyons, Desert Color, Bloomington Hills, and Crimson Cliffs. However, St. George itself is full of families and is very family-friendly all over in most parts of the city.

From the time I spent living in St. George, and also from what I have heard from friends living throughout St. George, I have put together this list of neighborhoods that seem to be the most family-friendly for those looking to move to the area. All housing prices by neighborhood are pulled from St. George Real EstateOpens in a new tab. unless stated otherwise.

Neighborhood #1: Little Valley

The Little Valley area of St. George is absolutely booming in growth and has been for the last 10 or so years. I lived in that neighborhood for a long time, and kids were coming to the door to play all the time. When the kiddos were a bit younger, it was happening several times a day. New families are moving in all the time! With all of the development and growth bringing in families, this is an amazing neighborhood in St. George for a family! Housing prices in the neighborhood range from 250k-500k.

Neighborhood #2: Washington Fields

This neighborhood is next door to Little Valley and is experiencing the same circumstances. Because of the rate of growth, the city had to build a new middle school and high school in Washington Fields only 11 years after Desert Hills high school and middle school opened for the same reason. They have started in 2018, and a new intermediate school is currently in the workings. These new schools are Crimson Cliffs Middle School and Crimson Cliffs High School, both of which have high ratings. I’ve heard many parents of students going there express good opinions of the schools. Also, the public charter school George Washington Academy is close by, and according to NicheOpens in a new tab., it ranks 3rd in best Utah public middle schools. The Washington Fields neighborhood has many families, and the community has a very fun environment too! Washington Fields housing costs have a median list price of $685,000.

Neighborhood #3: Desert Canyons

Desert Canyons is on the opposite side of Little Valley that Washington Fields is. Following suit, Desert Canyons is bursting in growth. Because of all of the rapid development in Little Valley, they started developing Desert Canyons starting around 2014. In the last seven years, and now consists of a large neighborhood with thousands of people. The housing prices for this neighborhood range from 600k to 700k currently!!!

Neighborhood #4: Desert Color

Another neighborhood in St. George experiencing quick growth is Desert Color near Desert Canyons and Little Valley. This new development has been attracting many families. Also, current plans are to have some commercial development nearby, so traveling for groceries and relating errands will be quick and easy. Other businesses will be coming in as well which will give more working opportunities for those wanting to move to St. George. According to Best Utah Real EstateOpens in a new tab., to buy a house in this neighborhood, prices to begin building a home will start around $250,000.

Desert Trailhead

Neighborhood #5: Bloomington Hills

There are a lot of families living in Bloomington Hills as well. Many of the students going to Desert Hills Middle School and Desert Hills High School live in Bloomington Hills (and also Little Valley) because of all of the families in the neighborhood. Bloomington Hills is actually really close in proximity to the Desert Hills schools which can be beneficial. Unlike the previous few neighborhoods that were listed, Bloomington Hills isn’t quite as new in development and is more established. That takes away the construction noise that comes with building all of the homes in St. George. The housing prices for Bloomington Hills are 250k-350k.

Neighborhood #6: Crimson Cliffs

Crimson Cliffs in the Washington Fields area, and is having lots of growth and development. The neighborhood is also in the school boundary for Crimson Cliffs Middle School and Crimson Cliffs High School, and both of those schools are doing really well as previously mentioned. Truly, almost everyone moving into the neighborhood are families! This is one of the closest neighborhoods to the only Costco there is, so that is a perk as well. The area is a really nice and fun new spot to live in. For those who want to be near families who are also newly moving in, and want to be relatively close to outdoor recreation areas, this is a great neighborhood! Housing prices range from 250k to 1.5mil with the median being around $900,000.

Neighborhood #7: Fieldstone

Fieldstone is a small neighborhood in the Little Valley area with large, beautiful houses! This neighborhood is brand new (started in 2019), and almost everyone moving into this little subdivision are families. This is a beautiful spot to move to for big families looking for a nice, large home in an area with good schools and lots of families. According to realtor.comOpens in a new tab., to buy a house in the Fieldstone neighborhood, prices will likely have a cost range of 650k-750k.

Neighborhood #8: Desert Hills

Desert Hills is one of the schools in St. George and it has very high reviews. Many students go to Desert Hills Middle School or Desert Hills High School that live in this neighborhood that is right by. That neighborhood happens to have a really fun park inside of it too! The Desert Hills Neighborhood doesn’t have to worry about having traffic in the neighborhood from the school, but right outside of the neighborhood there is a lot of traffic during the times of the day that the school is about to start and when school ends for the day. The range of housing prices in the Desert Hills neighborhood varies between 200k and 350k in cost.

Neighborhood #9: Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley neighborhood is right next to the Desert Hills neighborhood, and therefore, it has the benefit of close proximity to the Desert Hills schools. There are some fun parks in the area and is also filled with families. The neighborhood is relatively newer, but has still been finished and established for some time. Because of that, construction isn’t nearly as big of a factor currently for this neighborhood unlike many of the others mentioned. There are also quite a few long-going activities for youth in the area to participate in which is really fun for kids in that age group. To buy a house in the Hidden Valley neighborhood, you’ll have a cost that ranges between 200k-400k.

Neighborhood #10: Red Cliffs

There are quite a few things that are really fun for families to do in the Red Cliffs area. The biggest activity, in particular, would be exploring and hiking around the Red Cliffs reserve that is nearby. There aren’t as many families as some of the previously mentioned neighborhoods, but there are still many families living there and a plethora of outdoor adventures for the kiddos. To buy a house in the Red Cliffs neighborhood, the house cost will mostly range from 175k to 250k.

Neighborhood #11: Bloomington

Bloomington is a bit south of Desert Hills Middle School and High School, a little ways off to the side of a freeway exit with a Walmart and other commercial businesses. Grocery shopping will be easier because of how close Walmart is, and the distance to travel to school is relatively short as well. This is a nice, more-established neighborhood for the area, and it has many families living there. Costs for houses in the Bloomington neighborhood will have the range of 280k-550k.

Neighborhood #12: Middleton

The Middleton neighborhood is nearby the Red Rock Cliffs providing a fun, outdoor environment for families to enjoy. As stated by St. George Real EstateOpens in a new tab., 82% of the homes in the neighborhood are nice yet smaller single-family homes. This neighborhood would primarily be good for smaller families wanting to live by other families, especially if they love the outdoors. Also, the area is in the Pineview Middle School and High School boundary, and I have heard many people express really liking those schools. Middleton homes are not quite as expensive as the other neighborhoods mentioned as it has a price range of 150k to 300k to buy a house.

Neighborhood #13: The Ledges

The Ledges neighborhood is in an area that is fun, beautiful, and surrounded by amazing scenery. It is one of the golfing communities in St. George, and according to Ledges LivingOpens in a new tab., it has lots of family fun and activities for those living there. Plus, there are also even more cool things for families with all of the outdoor things to do there. For the Ledges neighborhood, home listing prices have a median price of 370k on realtor.comOpens in a new tab..

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