13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Henderson, Nevada

As a local from Henderson, NV, I can honestly say that I’ve loved living here as there was always something to do. It also felt like I could succeed if I were to come back from college to settle down, and it was still one of the safest overall places to be.

Henderson is a wonderful destination because of its comfortable atmosphere/climate, warm community, and a great variety of recreational activities for both single and big families. Through this article, we’ll be showing the 13 best neighborhoods to raise your family and why you should consider living there with the following benefits.

1. Green Valley South 87%

Voted as the Number 1 of all neighborhoods in Henderson and in all of Nevada, Green Valley South has a livability score of 87% making it an exceptional ranking. The crime rates are 8% lower than Henderson’s overall average and the cost of living is 3% lower overall in Henderson. Real Estate prices are 7% lower than Henderson’s average and rental prices are 10% lower. Crime is 29% less on a national average with 68% fewer violent crimes and 22% fewer property crimes.

The cost of a mortgage is around $240,000-$400,000+ with an employment rate of $39,823 per year and the median household income rate is $80,779 per year. For property value, homes have a median take of $221,286 and rent is $1,032/month. High schools in this area have an 89% graduation rate with an overall 89% on residential satisfaction.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: 5+Parks, Kids Quest and Cyber Quest at Green Valley Ranch Casino, Uptown Jungle Fun Park, Lost Worlds Myth and Magic, Bird Viewing Preserve.

Adults: The District, Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino, Multigenerational Center, Yas Vegas, Clark County Museum, Pinot’s Pallette.

2. Highland Hills 87%

Coming in at Number 2 ranked neighborhood in Henderson is Highland Hills with its 87% living rating. This neighborhood also ranks 97% more livable than most areas in Henderson. Needless to say, this is more so where the wealthy class lives. Crime rates are 57% less in the US, 62% less overall in Nevada, with a chance of being a victim 1-95. Employment is a median of $68, 711 for a household income making it 24% higher in the US. Along with $27, 709 being the income per capita and 7% lower in the US.

For housing, a median home value ranges to $163, 471 making it 11% lower in the US and the median rent price is $1,309/month. High school graduates are at 86% with an overall resident score of 97%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park, O’Callaghan Park, 4+Parks, and in close distance to Green Valley South kid activities mentioned above.

Adults: Hidden Falls Park& Amargosa Trailhead, Acacia Demonstration Gardens, Rainbow Club Casino, Morse Stadium.

3. Black Mountain 86%

Ranking in at Number 3 neighborhood in Henderson and in Nevada is Black Mountain with an overall 96% better satisfaction than other residential areas. With the cost of mortgage, you’ll be looking at about $235,000-$499,000. For housing income it averages around $66,505 with $32, 415 income per capita with a median home value: $198, 157 and rent being $576/month. Crime rates are 2,675/100k and 1-38 chance of being a victim. High school graduates are at 87% with an overall residential satisfaction at 97%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Lion Habitat Ranch Inc., Cinnamon Ridge Park, Madison at Black Mountain, Discovery Park, and Black Mountain Pickleball Courts.

Adults: Sloan Canyon National Conservation Areas, Hidden Falls Park & Amargosa Trailhead, Verdin Point, Whitney Mesa Park Recreation Area/ Nature Preserve, and Things To Do in Las Vegas.

4. Green Valley Ranch 84%

Ranking in at Number 4, Green Valley Ranch is where I grew up so I have a soft spot for it and it has a better satisfaction than 94% of other neighborhoods. It also has a mortgage cost averaging around $130,000-$430,000+. The crime rate is around 1,91/100k people with the chance of being a victim being 1 in 53. Home income will be around $90,168 with $40, 345 income per capita with a home’s value going up to $302,380 and rent being around $,555/month. High school graduates are at 93% and the neighborhood has an overall 100% satisfaction of living.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Paseo Verde Park, Paseo Vista Water Park, Paseo Verde Library, and the Pool at Green Valley Ranch, and the Henderson Multigenerational Activity and Indoor Pool.

Adults: Clark County Museum, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, The District at Green Valley Ranch, Life Time Athletic Green Valley, Drop Bar, Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden, and Sun City Macdonald Ranch.

5. McCullough Hills 84%

Mortgage costs average around $140,900-565,000, housing income comes out to $72,463 and $34,217 income per capita. Property value is at $252,300 and rent being $1,149/month. Crime has a rate of 1,266/100k people with a victim rate of 1-79. The high school graduation rate is at 91% and the overall residential satisfaction is 88%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Uptown Jungle Fun Park, Burkholder Park, Acacia Park, Shan-Gril-La Prehistoric Park, McCullough Vista Park, Madison Hills Park, and Green Valley Park.

Adults: McCullough Hills Trailhead, Acacia Demonstration Gardens, Reunion Trails Park and Amargosa Trailhead, Sunset Hotel and Casino, Vegas Chocolate Tour, Dragonridge Country Club, and Verdin Point.

6. Westgate 84%

Westgate home market tends to be around $270,000-$465,000 with a median home income of $84,580 per year and $40,435 income per capita. Home values are at $291,546 and rent goes to $1,403. Crime rates are also 2,675/100k people and 1-38 victim chance. High school graduation is at 93% and the overall residential satisfaction is at 93%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Foxridge Park, Cyber Quest at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, Ethel M Chocolates Factory, Mystic Falls Park and Dig This.

Adults: Fremont Street Experience, Wayne Newton’s Casa De Shenandoah, Last Vegas Walking Tours, Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon.

7. Kyle Canyon 83%

The cost of living here goes for $124,000-425,000+ with housing income going up to $70,640 and per capita averaging around $28,364. Housing property goes on overage of $238,073 and rent becomes $963/month. Crime rates are at 1-38 of being a victim and average on 2,691/100k people. Graduating classes in high school are at 92% and the neighborhood receives an overall 94%.

Fun Things To Do

For both kids and adults: Kyle Canyon Picnic Area, Spring Mountains Visitor Getaway, Mt. Charleston Lodge, The Retreat on Charleston Peak

8. Anthem 82%

Anthem mortgage rates average around $319,000-1,000,000+ with housing value being $426,138 and rent $1,416/month. Home income comes to $83,558 and $49,479 income per capita. The crime rate averages around 796/100k people with a victim rate being 1-126. Graduation in high school is at 95% and the overall satisfaction of residents is 96%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Lion Habitat Ranch Inc. and Cowabunga Bay Water Park.

Adults: Anthem Country Club

9. Green Valley North 81%

Green Valley has mortgage rates of $197,500-439,000 with housing value being $202,938 and rent is about $1,229/month. For house income, Green Valley goes for $62,484 with $31,361per capita. Crime rates are 1,916/100k with victim rates being 1-53/100k people. High school graduation rates are at 88% with a 78% overall resident rating.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Cornerstone Park, Kids Quest at Green Valley Ranch Casino, Pecos Legacy Park, Discovery Park, Green Valley Library and Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, & Pittman Wash Trail.

Adults: Paseo Vista Park, Pittman wash trail, The Legacy Golf Club, Silver Springs Recreation Center Amphitheater, Rodeo Park, and Galaxy Theatres.

10. West Henderson 80%

Overall residential satisfaction is 100% here with $375,000-$600,000+ with employment ranging to $73,731 for household income and $35,299 income per capita. The housing market goes for $236,000 and rent is 1,513/month. School graduation rates are at 96% with crime being 910/100k people and 1-110 victim rates.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Bouncy World Indoor Bounce Playland & Cafe, Flip N Out Xtreme Henderson, and KISS by Monster Mini Golf.

Adults: Seigfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, The Neon Museum, and Mystic Falls Park.

11. Macdonald Ranch 80%

Mortgage rates are $187,000-490,000+ with housing income at $73,104 and $45,315 income per capita. Housing value goes for $339,727 and the average rent is $1,041/month. Crime rates are at 1,615/100k people with victim rates 1 in 62. The high school graduation rate is at 92% and the overall satisfaction rate is 79%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Sunridge Park, Friendship Park, Duck Creek Park., Amador Vista Park, Silver Springs Park, Discovery Children’s Museum, and Esselmont Park North.

Adults: Sun City Macdonald Ranch, Dragonridge Country Club, Solista Park, Vivaldi Park, Aventura Park, Glowzone Las Vegas, Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

12. River Mountain 78%

The mortgage housing rate here is about 274,000-300,000+ with an employment home income averaging $70,942 and an income per capita of $29, 468. Crime is at 1,406/100k people and the victim rate is 1 in 72. High school graduation is at 87% with overall resident satisfaction at 91%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: River Mountain Park, Black Mountain Recreation Center & Aquatic Complex, Galleria at Sunset, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Firelight Barn Dinner Theater.

Adults: River Mountains Loop Trail-Equestrian Trailhead, River Dogz, Sky Combat Ace, Rio Secco Golf Club, Las Vegas Distillery, Emerald Island Casino, Reflection Bay Golf Club, M Resort Spa Casino, Railroad Pass Hotel, Casino and Travel Center, Desert Willow Golf Course, Above All Las Vegas ATV Tours & Watercraft Rentals, and Bad Beat Brewing.

13. Mission Hills 77%

House mortgage goes for $250,000-$585,000 with income households on median are at $71,832 with per capita being at $31,824. Property value goes for $218,650 and rent for 1,378. Crime is at 795/100k people and victim rate is 1 in 126. Graduation for high schools are at 88% and the overall satisfaction from residents is at 100%.

Fun Things To Do

Kids: Mission Hills Park, Springs Preserve, Pinball Hall of Fame, Clark County Wetlands Park, Sunridge Park, Veterans’ Memorial Park, Sky Zone Trampoline Park and Trail Canyon Park.

Adults: Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, The Mob Museum, the Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Rush to Escape, Fountains of Bellagio, and Madame Tussauds Las Vegas.

All statistics were found through the website Area Vibes hereOpens in a new tab..

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