Is There Public Transportation in Mesa, Arizona? (What You Should Know)

Are you traveling or moving to Mesa, Arizona, and want to know if there is public transportation? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Mesa, Arizona does have a public transportation system that runs throughout the city. Mesa has the Metro Light Rail, Local Bus Service, Express Service, Mesa Downtown Buzz, and many more public transportation options available for residents and visitors to use.

Learn more about the options for Mesa public transportation below.

Valley Metro

What is Valley Metro?

Valley Metro located in Mesa is responsible for operating forms of public transportation to the public that runs through Arizona. They provide public transportation through the city of Mesa with Valley Metro. Valley Metro creates a form of transportation for residents and visitors through a safe and clean transit service available to all.


Dial-a-Ride provides transportation to those who have a disability and are unable to access the local bus service.


Americans with disabilities have access to an alternative way to receive public transit in a way that will fit their needs. Dial-a-Ride provides service on a same-day basis in areas where public transportation is not available.

Rules for this type of service vary in every area, so make sure to research what this service offers in your area.


Some cities located in Maricopa County provide transportation to seniors ages 65 and up. The rules for this will vary depending on the city, but most will require a completed application form that has been approved.

General Public

Some cities in Maricopa County will provide this type of transportation to the public. Most of the time the services will require proof of being a resident. Check your local government’s mandates concerning transportation in your community.


Personal Care Attendants must be accompanied by a person in order for the passenger to go on their trip. The certified passenger needs to accompany the passenger based on the ADA eligibility process.

People who accompany the passenger are not required to pat the transit fare as they are there to be the passenger’s assistant while traveling.

Travel Tips

  • Drivers do not carry change, so make sure to have the exact amount while traveling.
  • Allow plenty of time to get there and back, because there are lots of stops, and getting there at a specific time is never going to be official.
  • If at any point you are unable to make the trip, cancel at least two hours before departure.
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking is not allowed at any time on Dial-a-Ride
  • Seatbelts are required in the vehicle for all passengers. If assistance with the seatbelt is needed, notify the driver for the proper assistance.
  • Information on schedules, fares, and services is subject to change at any moment.

Valley Metro Mobility Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am- 4:30 pm (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

It is located in Central Phoenix with access to freeways, light rail, and bus routes. The various transit systems under the Valley Metro Mobility Center are the Light Rail Station, Local Bus Routes, Phoenix Dial-a-Ride, and Valley Metro Paratransit.

Passengers pick up and drop off are located near the parking garage entrance. And to find more details about these services individually, read the below sections for specifics. There are many services that also help those who need ADA assistance and more and you can see those offers in this list below.


  • ADA Paratransit Eligibility
  • ADA Platinum Pass Program
  • East Valley RideChoice
  • Fixed-Route Transit Training
  • Installation of Securement Loops
  • Non-ADA- Dial-a-Ride
  • Valley Metro Paratransit

Transit Schedules and Fares

Light Rail

The Valley Metro Rail is located along Main Street into Downtown Mesa and Gilbert Road. This is a great option of public transportation for those who are in the East Valley because there is a route that goes to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The Light Rail will also go to areas in Tempe and Phoenix through park-and-rides at multiple stations.

Light Rail Stops Along Main Street (West to East).

  • Sycamore/Main St. (Dobson Rd)
  • Alma School Rd/Main St.
  • Country Club Dr./Main St.
  • Center St./Main St.
  • Mesa Dr./Main St.
  • Stapley Dr./Main St.
  • Gilbert Rd./Main St.

Research these stations to find a Light Rail stop near you.

Express Service

Here is a list of stops for the Express Service in Mesa. You can really use this service to your benefit and get to important locations, but of course, the convenience of this only works if there is a stop close to your work, your home, or other important location you need to visit. So if it is not a system that works for you, then no worries! Keep reading about these other systems to find one that works best for you.

Scottsdale Express

  • Mustang TC
  • Scottsdale CC PN
  • McDowell Rd. & Scottsdale Rd.
  • Van Buren St. and 1st St.
  • 17th Av & State Capitol
  • Fountain Hills-Mesa Connector
  • Gilbert Rd/McDowell Rd PNR

Public Bus

South Tempe Express

The ExpressOpens in a new tab. runs on weekdays on a normally scheduled week. It also will run north to south, which makes sense for it being the South Tempe Express.

You will be traveling either inbound or outbound, and based on that you can decide if the stops work out for your traveling needs. Decide what direction to go, then look to see if the stops align with your needs. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

Mesa Downtown Buzz

The Mesa Downtown Buzz is the bus that runs in downtown Mesa, pretty easy correlation there! It runs in the afternoon from 12 pm-4 pm and you can travel east to west.

This bus will not run north to south, which is important to know before buying a ticket. Overall, this is super helpful for getting you around town and if you know your plan for where you want to go, then you can plan this bus into your schedule to give you an upper hand for the day. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

Central Tempe Express

Just like the systems above, you will have the same options for time to travel and direction. You will decide on inbound or outbound travel and decide if the stops this bus goes to work out for you. You can search the web pages and see if the stations and stops are by where you want to go. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

Metro Light Rail

Valley Metro Rail- Eastbound

From Dunlap /19th Avenue Station to Gilbert Rd/Main Street.

  1. Departs from Dunlap/19th Avenue Station
  2. South on 19th Avenue
  3. East on Camelback Road
  4. South on Central Avenue/First Avenue
  5. East on Jefferson Street/Washington Street
  6. Crosses the Tempe Town Lake Bridge
  7. It Goes East along Third Street to Mill Avenue
  8. Southeast along Veteran’s Way to University Drive
  9. Southeast on Terrace Road
  10. East on Apache Boulevard/ Main Street
  11. Arrives at Gilbert Rd/Main Street.

Valley Metro Rail – Westbound

From Gilbert/Main Street to Dunlap /19th Avenue Station.

  1. Departs from Gilbert Rd/Main Street
  2. West on Main Street
  3. Keeps going west on Apache Boulevard
  4. Reaches Northwest on Terrace Road to University
  5. It Goes northwest along Veteran’s Way to Mill Avenue
  6. West along Third Street
  7. Heads North across Tempe Town Lake Bridge
  8. Heads West on Washington Street
  9. Then reaches North on Central Avenue
  10. Goes West on Camelback Road
  11. Reaches North on 19th Avenue
  12. You will arrive at Dunlap/19th Avenue Station.


For a quick look and comparison of the different systems, you could use to get around, check out the table below. Prices are very similar to one another, but only the local bus offers 5 different types of tickets for your convenience.

Travel System1-Ride1-Day Pass7-Day Pass15-Day PassMonth Pass
Local Bus and Light Rail$2.00$4.00$20.00$33.00$64.00
Rural Route$2 for same city/$4 multiple cities$4.00XXX
Prices for Traveling in/out of Mesa

Neighborhood Circulators

Most of the neighborhood transportation is free, but at most, it will cost $0.50. This is great and easily affordable for many families. So whether or not you have a car or if you need a ride but someone else is running errands with the car, this is an easy and budget-friendly option.


The streetcar fare is free for the first year. After the 1-year mark has passed, 1 ride will be $1.00. This is also an amazing option that can be paid for easily.


ADA paratransit only operates for individuals who have a disability that inhibits them to use all of the other transportation services available.

So, who is eligible?

In order to determine if you qualify for this service, it is required that you submit a paper application, the release of information form, or an in-person eligibility assessment to the Valley Metro Mobility Center, located at 4600 E. Washington St. in Phoenix.

It is completely free to apply for a paratransit ride. The Valley Metro provides free transportation round-trip to those who request it.

Application Process

First, applying to ADA paratransit requires you to call: (602) 716-2100.

Second, request an ADA paratransit application.

Third, When the application form is completed, return it to the Valley Metro Mobility Center.

Fourth, once the documents have been submitted, you should hear back by fax.

If you have any additional questions about the application process, contact the phone number above.

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