Is Lubbock, Texas a Conservative City?

Deep in the heart of the Lone Star state and home of the Texas Tech Raiders in Lubbock, Texas. Known as “The Hub” for all things education, work, opportunity, agriculture, and healthcare, Lubbock seems to have it all. Lubbock has been ranked in the top 10 best places to live and raise a family, but are the residents typically conservative or liberal in their political views?

Lubbock, Texas is a conservative city because of the low tax rates, the republican majority found in both the state and local governments, the realistic firearm regulations in the state, as well as the high religious rates. Lubbock continues to encourage conservative values in its community.

Texas’s political position has been established from years of voting for the Republican candidate. For the last 50 years, Texas has been unfailingly red in each national election. Holding true to their red conservative views, Texas has continued to push the conservative values through its government and into the heart of the state.

Tax Laws

Taxes in TexasOpens in a new tab. are made to be simple and easy to navigate. Texas does not have a state income tax or estate tax. Both have been done away with. However, Texas does still require a sales tax. The state of Texas requires a 6.25% sales tax for its residents. Additional tax rates can increase per city and per county.

In Lubbock, Texas, taxes are generally 8.25%. This is broken down into 6.25% from state, 0.05% Lubbock County tax, and 1.5% Lubbock city tax. While Texas does not require an income taxOpens in a new tab., the state of Texas does require a tax on cigarettes, gas, and hotels.

In 2015, Texas got rid of its Inheritance Tax LawOpens in a new tab.. For years the Inheritance Tax Law was in force requiring individuals to pay tax on any inheritance they received when a loved one passed. This law was in place for decades. The overturning of this in September of 2015 allowed loved ones to receive inheritance tax-free.

To keep things simple, ensuring that loved ones have a Will established can help possessions be easily distributed at the passing of a loved one. If there is no Will in place, then the distribution of estate and possessions will be up to the state’s intestate succession process.

The efforts to minimize tax rates and simplify the tax system are encouraged by the conservative leaders in the state. Finding ways to utilize the money coming into the state is a value from the conservative perspective.

State and Local Government

Local Government

In LubbockOpens in a new tab., Texas, Mayor Tray Payne has been in office since the May of 2022 election. Mayor Tray Payne is a Texas native that attended Texas Tech and worked several jobs to help pay his way through school. Shortly after, he was able to open a law practice in Lubbock and has been here ever since.

Since being in office, Payne has made his vision clear. Mayor Payne recognizes the importance of presentation and efficiency. Because of this, Mayor Payne has made huge efforts to improve the road, streets, and sidewalks in Lubbock.

Along with that, Mayor Payne has made large efforts to improve public safety. With LubbockOpens in a new tab., Texas having high crime rates, Mayor Payne has presented several ideas to help lower crime, increase the overall safety in Lubbock, and create safer environments for our healthcare workers.

Sharing that he wants to make the most of taxpayer dollars, Mayor Payne’s closing remarks during his opening speech were, “I think it’s important that we all understand we want what’s best for Lubbock, and at the end of the day, if we’re doing our very best then, you know, that’s all we can do.”

State Government

The current Governor of Texas is Governor Greg AbbottOpens in a new tab.. Governor Abbot has been serving the people of Texas since 2015 and has implemented the Texas Heartbeat Act, helped create more lenient gun laws, increased penalties for Traffickers, and encouraged election reform. Helping incorporate his conservative ideals, Governor Abbott has continued to support the republican party during his time as Governor. 

Texas has been authorized 150 seats in the House of RepresentativesOpens in a new tab.. 86 of these seats are held by the republican party and 65 of these by the Democratic party. The Speaker of the House is Dade Phelan who is affiliated with the Republican party. TexasOpens in a new tab. is also allotted 31 members of the Senate. Within the Senate, 18 of the members are affiliated with the Republican party, and 13 of them are involved with the Democratic party. The President of the Senate is Dan Patrick with Donna Campbell as the President Pro Tempore.

The State and Local Government is predominantly Conservative following closely the Republican ideals. Governor Abbott and Mayor Payne are both very open about their faith in God and how they are driven and motivated by their family and their desire to do good. This conservative influence coming from the government does nothing but reflect those values in the laws and policies passed.

Gun Laws

While the Texas governmentOpens in a new tab. is a huge proponent of allowing their citizens gun rights, there are still several restrictions that prohibit individuals from carrying a firearm. As of 2021, Texas reinstated its gun laws and policies. At this time it was established that anyone 21 years of age and older that could legally own and possess a firearm had the legal right to do so. This permitted those 21 and older to open carry and conceal carry.

However, in relation to the new gun laws specifications, any gun that is openly carried must be done so in a holster. Open carried weapons must be completely visible. 


Individuals 18-20 years of age are not able to carry a firearm without a License to CarryOpens in a new tab. permit. These permits can be applied for and authorized via designated law individuals. License to Carry permits come by way of several things. First, the individual must participate in a 4-6 hour training course to ensure they are familiar with gun safety and how to properly handle a firearm.

The next step is passing a written exam. This exam helps indicate whether the individual is familiar with more knowledge of using a firearm and gun safety laws. The last step to receiving a license to carry is a shooting proficiency demonstration. This helps properly display the individual’s ability to handle a firearm and if they should qualify for the license to carry.

The realistic gun laws and their push for fewer regulations indicate a conservative influence in Texas. Conservative views push for and encourage fewer gun restrictions. While Texas does have a few specifications required when carrying a firearm, each effort is made to ensure the safety of all citizens.


Texas is by far one of the more religious statesOpens in a new tab. in the United States. With a national average of 48% of people involved in a religion, Texas surpasses that by 11% with over 59% of Texans being religious. Religion can have a lasting impact on individuals’ lives. It can unify neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

TexasOpens in a new tab. is one of the most God-fearing states in our nation. With even local and state governments relying on faith as they serve the community, God plays a role in the lives of those in Texas.

Religions in Lubbock, TexasPercentage
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints1.5%
Other Christian Faiths13.9%
Eastern Faiths0.7%
Islamic Faiths1.9%


The Baptists have the highest amount of religious influence in the Lubbock, Texas area. Baptists make up over 17% of the religious population. There are over 20 Baptist chapels across the entire Lubbock area, and each chapel has congregations meeting each week to strengthen their connection with God and feel God’s love in their life.

Baptist church services are about 30 minutes to 1 hour long. Each worship service is full of holy prayer, singing songs of praise, offerings, sermons, and sacraments. Each Baptist church welcomes every individual and encourages them to stay and learn as they feel a greater connection to God.


Catholicism is the #2 ranked religion found in Lubbock, Texas. Over 13% of the population in Lubbock, Texas affiliated with the Catholic religion. The catholic church has over 20 churches and over 60 parishes (congregations) in the Lubbock areaOpens in a new tab.. Each Catholic Church holds weekly church services to help increase the influence God has in your life. Each catholic service runs anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Catholic services are referred to as Mass and contain many practices that remind us of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. During Catholic services, there are recited prayers, songs of worship, Biblical study, and Communion. Communion is the focus of worship and represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Why is This Important?

You may be wondering why this information is essential to you and your life. Well, if you are planning on visiting or moving to Lubbock, Texas, then the city’s political habits may be beneficial for you to know. Make sure to take all this information in!

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