Is Jackson, Mississippi a Conservative City?

In the beautiful heart of the south is the Magnolia state herself. From the coastal casinos and lighthouses to the southern fried foods and museums, Mississippi has it all. If you want to know if Jackson, Mississippi is a conservative city, you’ve come to the right place!

Jackson, Mississippi is not a conservative city, despite being the capital of such a conservative state. The local government, the effort for gun reform, tax laws, and even the religious influence all contribute to Jackson evolving their liberal views.

Mississippi has a long history of being an extremely republican state. For the last 50 years, Mississippi has voted for the Republican presidential candidate in all but the 1976 election with Jimmy Carter. There are tons of other reasons why Jackson, Mississippi is not a conservative

Tax Laws

TaxesOpens in a new tab. are completely unavoidable. However, Mississippi has a system and they know it well. Mississippi, averaging just lower than the national average, has a 7% state tax sales rate with a maximum local tax rate of 1%. After this is all combined it averages about 7.07% in overall state and local sales tax. However, in Jackson, Mississippi, sales tax honors 7% Mississippi state tax as well as a 1% local tax rate increasing Jackson sales tax to around 8%.

Mississippi follows a general graduated taxOpens in a new tab. method.

Graduated Income Tax Rate
0% on the first $ 4,000 of taxable income
3% on the next $ 1,000 of taxable income
4% on the next $ 5,000 of taxable income
5% on all taxable income over $ 10,000
If filing a combined return (both spouses work), each spouse can calculate their tax liability separately and add the results

The state of Mississippi allows for specific exemptions and deductions based on a certain that each individual meets.

Married Filing Joint or Combined$12,000
Married Spouse Deceased$12,000
Married Filing Separate $ 6,000 (exactly 1/2 of the $12,000)
Head of Family$ 8,000 (with at least 1 dependent)
Single$ 6,000
Dependent, other than self or spouse$ 1,500
Taxpayer over 65$ 1,500
Spouse over 65$ 1,500
Taxpayer blind$ 1,500
Spouse blind$ 1,500

If you chose to claim the standard deductions those would be selected as per the individual’s status.

Married Filing Joint or Combined      $ 4,600
Married Spouse Deceased$ 4,600
Married Filing Separate$ 2,300 (exactly 1/2 of the $4,600)
Head of Family$ 3,400
Single$ 2,300

In July of 2022, MississippiOpens in a new tab. is hoping to initiate one of the biggest tax cuts in its history. This tax cut will work to gradually reduce income tax from the current 5% to 4% within a few short years. This new policy change will also increase teacher salaries by an average of $5,100.

While Mississippi continually pushes for tax cuts, in Jackson, Mayor Lumumba pushes for tax increases to help lower crimeOpens in a new tab. and homicides in the city. This is a noble cause in efforts to help ensure the safety of its cities and neighborhoods. Seeking for increased tax follow many liberal ideas and maintains the liberal community set in Jackson, Mississippi.

State and Local Government

The current mayor of Jackson, Mississippi is Chokwe Antar Lumumba. Mayor Lumumba is 34 years old and is the youngest candidate to be elected mayor. Chokwe Antar Lumumba was first elected mayor in 2017 and was re-elected as the incumbent in 2021.

Even before his candidacy, Mayor Lumumba has always had his hand in community projects and improving the community in Jackson, MS. Mayor Lumumba is a democratic political activist and attorney. All of these passions have come to life and been unutilized during his time as mayor. Since his election in 2017, Mayor Lumumba has had a vision for Jackon, Mississippi to make it “the most radical city on the planet”. Giving the power and empowering them to have a say in their government and their community. 

“The vision for Jackson’s future is the result of city-wide public engagement. Through community engagement, citizens provided ideas, approaches, and strategies on how to grow Jackson’s economy, create job growth, and ensure economic revitalization throughout Jackson’s neighborhoods.”

– Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba

The state of Mississippi is led by Governor Tate Reeves following 122 members of the House of RepresentativesOpens in a new tab., and 52 members in the SenateOpens in a new tab.. Governor Reeves was the leading Republican candidate and was elected in 2021. The House of Representatives is made up of 76 republican members, 41 Democratic members, and 3 independent members (2 vacancies remain). Republican member, Philip Gunn, is the acting leader of the house. The Senate consists of 36 republican members, and 16 democratic members. Delbert Hosemann is the majority president of the senate with Dean Kirby as the President Pro Tempore.

While Mississippi never fails to vote republican when national polls are in effect, Jackon, Mississippi is predominantly democratic. Mayor Lumumba encourages equality for all and equal say for everyone. Empowering citizens to speak out and share their voice when it comes to how their communities are run.

Gun Laws

Rather than make things complicated, MississippiOpens in a new tab. has kept gun laws very simple for everyone. Current gun laws in Mississippi, as of early 2022, follow a permitless carry – shall issue a policy.

Permitless Carry
Permitless Carry is more commonly known as Constitutional CarryOpens in a new tab.. This policy states that anyone with the ability to legally obtain and own a firearm is allowed to openly carry said weapon. Furthermore, no firearms are required to be registered with the state. Because there is no required permit to carry a firearm, it is essential that the open carry element is followed exactly.

Open carrying requires that the gun be carried in a holster, sheath, or scabbard that is at least partially visible above clothing anywhere where guns are not otherwise prohibited. Some areas are off-limits, including schools and bars.

Shall Issue Policy
Although Mississippi does not require gun permits, the state still authorizes and issues permits. Mississippi issues 2 different kinds of permits: the Standard Firearms Permit and the Enhanced-Standard Firearm Permit (E-SFP). While each permit has different requirements, as long as the individual meets all of the requirements, the authorizing party cannot deny a permit.

Permits in Mississippi are available for the individual’s convenience.  Obtaining a permit can be beneficial when traveling from state to state. Mississippi, as well as many other states, honor permits authorized in other states as long as there is legal identification that can be provided.

These gun laws Opens in a new tab.and policies provide individuals in Mississippi with tremendous freedom. Having loose and open gun laws is in line with conservative values. While these values are honored by the state of Mississippi, Mayor Lumumba is working for gun reform in an effort to lower the homicide rate in Jackson. Focusing on gun reform follows liberal ideals and demonstrates that while Mississippi is conservative, Jackson pushes for liberal policy.


ReligionOpens in a new tab. can be a driving force in the community. Religion provides standards, values, spiritual connection, and a force to rely on. Religion in the community can add friends and family to your life. Mississippi has a rate of over 59% religious individuals. While in Jackson, over 66% of the citizens are affiliated with a religious group.

In Jackson, Mississippi the #1 religion that can be found in the Baptist religion with over 28% of individuals. The baptist religion has over 20 churches in the Jackson area that all work to increase the spiritual connection between patrons and God. Baptists meet on Sundays for general church services and it is common that they meet during the week for Bible studies. Church services run 45 minutes – 1 hour (time may vary) and their services include, praise, prayers, sermons, and offerings.

In Jackson, Mississippi the second largest religious group is the Methodists with over 12% of religious members. There are over 15 chapels in the Jackson area and each meets weekly for church services on Sundays. During a typical worship service, there are songs of praise sung, prayers offered, reading from the Bible and the Eucharist taken.  Methodist church services run around 45 minutes-1 hour and provide a safe place for individuals to come and learn more about God.

Mississippi and Jackson alike are full of God-fearing individuals. Conservative values and priorities follow closely with the values and standards of Christianity. The religious influence in Mississippi and Jackson city helped add a conservative twist to its community.

How Does This Affect You?

You may be wondering how this affects you. Well, if you plan on moving to or visiting Jackson, Mississippi, you may want to know what their political trends are. This is because, if you are liberal or conservative, you may feel more comfortable living or visiting a city that is also liberal or conservative. Especially when it comes to voting in elections, you may want to live in a state that typically votes in the same direction as you usually vote.

This will just make life more comfortable for you and your political desires. Just know that Jackson, Mississippi is not a conservative city and if that is a big factor in moving or visiting the city, then you may not want to.

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