Is Henderson, Nevada a Conservative City?

Just south of Sin City is the second-largest city in Nevada. Henderson is the perfect stop on your way to the famous Hoover Dam or even Lake Mead. Being close to the Las Vegas Strip, Henderson draws people out of the city to golf on some of Nevada’s most beautiful golf courses, but are the residents conservative or liberal?

Henderson, Nevada is not a conservative city because of the democratic majority found in state and local governments, the high state sales tax laws and tax breakdown, the “shall issue” policies related to concealed carrying gun restrictions, and the low religious rate.

Henderson, Nevada has a long history of being very back and forth politically. Over the course of the last 40 elections, Nevada has voted for the republican party just over 20 times and the democratic just shy of 20 times. Nevada is known for voting similarly to its sister state, New Mexico. However, while the republican party holds the more conservative ideals, the state of Nevada has voted for the Democratic candidate in the last 4 elections.

Tax Laws

Whatever you do and wherever you live, tax time will always roll around. When it does, it is important to ensure you know exactly what is required of your state in terms of what you would pay in taxes. Nevada is one of the nine states that do not issue income tax when it comes to paying taxesOpens in a new tab..

However, because of this, there is an increase in the sales tax rate. The average combined overall sales tax rate in Henderson, Nevada is 8.375%. This is broken down into 4.6% state sales tax in addition to the 3.775% County tax for Clark County. 

However, despite not paying any income tax, there is still a property tax that needs to be paid.

“The average effective property tax in [Clark] county is 0.65%, slightly higher than the statewide average, but still significantly lower than the national average. There are 92 different tax districts in Clark County. The lowest rates can be found in unincorporated parts of the county, where the total rate is about $2.50 per $100 in assessed value.”

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While there is no income tax and a low property tax, Henderson, Nevada still requires a high sales tax as per the state of Nevada’s tax requirements. The idea of having high tax rates to help distribute wealth among the communities of our state and country follows closely with the ideas of the democrats.

Conservativism will generally push for lower tax rates and find the most effective way to use what money is brought in with taxes. Liberal perspectives push for higher tax rates to bring in more money in efforts to combat any state of national crisis.

State and Local Government

Local Government

After being involved with the city council for 8 years, the current mOpens in a new tab.ayor, Debra MarchOpens in a new tab., was elected Mayor of Henderson in 2017. Since being in office, Mayor March has tirelessly worked “to attract the jobs of the future that will withstand economic downturns – jobs in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences, global finance, and technology.”

Mayor March’s time in office has brought several milestones, a few being the 9th Best city to buy an affordable home, 97% resident satisfaction, and 94% deeming Henderson one of the best places to raise a family and labeled one of the best cities for an active lifestyle.

Despite being from the democratic party, Mayor March has worked for years to ensure that there is economic growth by creating space for businesses, as well as helping protect and create access to the amazing outdoor landmarks in their area. 
Although Mayor March is unable to run in the upcoming 2022 election due to term limitations, there are several Republican and non-Partisan candidates that have captured the public’s eye.

State Government

The state of NevadaOpens in a new tab. has authorized 4 members of the House of Representatives. Three of these members are affiliated with the democratic party with the remaining member being part of the Republican party. The current leading member of the House of representatives is Dina Titus of the democratic party.

The state of Nevada is issued 21 members of the SenateOpens in a new tab.. There are currently 12 members from the democratic party and 9 coming from the Republican party. The president of the Senate is Lisa Cano Burkhead with Mo Denis serving as President Pro Tempore. The Governor of Nevada is currently Governor Steve Sisolak of the Democratic party. Governor SisolakOpens in a new tab. has been in office since 2019.

Both State and Local governments value diversity and have made countless efforts to make sure that there is diversity among the community in Henderson and that there is equal opportunity for everyone. The tremendous push for diversity in Henderson encourages the liberal values of equality and equal opportunity.

Gun Laws

When it comes to gunsOpens in a new tab., the state of Nevada is very mindful of what goes on. Nevada follows a “shall issue” policy. A shall issue policy means that in order to carry a concealed firearm, an individual must obtain a permit authorizing them to own a firearm, and then another permit authorizing them to conceal carry.  Permits are offered on a county-to-county basis. Permit authorization varies per county.

Those designated to authorize/deny permits complete background checks and require individuals to participate in a firearm safety course which will help them learn more about how to use firearms in a safe way as well as demonstrate their knowledge and competence in gun safety. Individuals may be required to provide reasoning as to why they desire to conceal carry a firearm. However, once individuals meet all of the requirements of the permit, those authorizing permits shall issue them a permit.


Prior to being 21 years old and being able to legally purchase a firearm and concealed carryOpens in a new tab., there is an open carry law in place. Those 18-20-year-olds are able to open carry essentially anywhere in the state of Nevada. Open carrying allows the individual to carry the gun and have it securely on their person anywhere but in a concealed area.

While many may feel inclined to have a concealed carry permit, there are actually more area restrictions on concealed carry firearms than open-carry firearms. Many buildings and organizations prohibit concealed firearms on their premises but allow firearms to be openly carried. The few places firearms are strictly prohibited are school premises and locations where the legislature is gathering.

While there are still opportunities for individuals to carry firearms in the state of Nevada, including Henderson, the limitations on gun laws follow closely the liberal value of maintaining gun restrictions. A very strong liberal movement is to ban firearms. The democratic ideal is to make obtaining guns as hard as possible to implement safer communities by eliminating the dangerous elements of guns. 


Religion can create a powerful connection in the community. Creating a spiritual bond with members in your neighborhoods can create safety and inspire lasting friendships. While these things can all be very beneficial for raising families, Nevada has only a 32% religious rate in the state. However, in Henderson, Nevada alone, there is above a 36% religious rate in the city. The top two religions found in Henderson, Nevada are Catholicism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Catholic Church 

The Catholic church has just shy of 20 chapels in the Henderson, Nevada area. With over 300,000 people populating Henderson, 19% of them are openly affiliated with the catholic church and attend weekly, if not yearly. This percentage makes them the largest religious group in the Henderson, Nevada area.

Catholic worship services are weekly and welcome to all who wish to join. During Mass, a catholic church service, there are Introductory prayers given, songs or worship sung, as well as the Holy Communion, is given to remind members of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Catholic worship services run for about 30 minutes-1 to an hour. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the second largest group in the Henderson, Nevada area, making up over 6% of the Henderson population. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 16 meetinghouses spread throughout the Henderson communities and is always encouraging those who have questions to attend and learn more.

Church services are held weekly (times vary per location) and consist of prayers, taking the sacrament, singing, religious talks, as well as a Sunday school. Worship services run for 2 hours each week.

Christianity follows the conservative ideals very closely. Conservatism and religion share many of the same values and standards. Because of the low religious rates in the Henderson area, there is more room for democratic values to take root. This leaves Henderson leaning more left than right.

Why Does This Matter?

After reading all this information, you may be curious as to why or how this applies to you. Well, if you plan on visiting or moving to Henderson, Nevada in your life, the political trend may help you make that decision. Make sure to keep all of this in mind when going to Henderson, Nevada!

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