Is Columbia, Maryland a Liberal City?

It can be important to know about the political views of an area, especially when looking to move there, or stay for an extended visit. The city of Columbia, Maryland is primarily liberal in its political views.

Columbia, Maryland is a very liberal city and shows this in the strong Democratic majority represented in voting statistics of a 70 to 26 percent lead. The city also shows liberal views in elected officials, financial contributions, LGBTQ+ support, and pro-choice abortion campaigns.

There are a variety of ways that a city such as Columbia, Maryland can show liberal or conservative political views. Several aspects of the city’s liberal majority being demonstrated are listed below.

What Views are Liberal?

Liberal and conservative views differ on a large number of political views and issues, but many of these differences are rooted in their views of government power. Liberals value a strong governmental power that is highly involved in the lives of citizens, ensuring that no one is left in a state of need. Conservatives value individual liberties and freedoms. They work toward a government power that is not highly involved in their personal lives, but rather, permits individuals to use their own abilities to care for their own needs.

In political parties, the Democratic party supports nearly all liberal beliefs. The Republican party, on the other hand, supports conservative views and values individual freedoms over governmental aid. Columbia, Maryland has a majority of Democratic voters, which is an indication of the city’s liberal views.

Another large separation between liberal and conservative views lies in the subject of religion. Liberals prefer to keep religious and political views apart from one another. Conservatives, however, generally have strong foundational religious values and believe that religion should affect political stances, opinions, and views.

This religious separation leads liberal views to support the practices of physician-assisted suicides, abortions, same-sex marriage, and embryonic research. Primarily due to the involvement of religious beliefs, conservatives oppose these practices, and some even deem them unethical.

The presence of these liberal views being practiced each show that the city of Columbia, Maryland is a liberal city. Liberals also believe in a market economy system, LGBTQ+ rights, legal abortions, the use of renewable energy resources, limited use of fossil fuels, high taxes to support a powerful government, and strong gun laws restricting citizen use and possession. Conservatives value increased use of fossil fuels, a free market economy system, religious and family values, individual freedoms, lower tax rates, and protection of gun rights.

Recent Voting Statistics

The city of Columbia, Maryland is very liberal. This is shown in recent voting statisticsOpens in a new tab., where a strong majority of the city’s residents voted for the Democratic party candidate.

In the 2020 Presidential election, 70.7% of the people in Howard County voted Democrat. Only 26.4% voted for the Republican party, leaving the remaining 2.9% who voted Independent.

Howard County has voted Democrat in every election since 2000 with at least a 10% difference in the last four elections. The city is clearly Democratic in its voting trends, and widening the gap in the Democratic lead over Republican opponents in each election.

As the city grows, so does liberal influence. The 70.7% to 26.4% difference in voting statistics shows that the city is primarily liberal in political views.

Financial Contributions to Political Parties

Political parties and campaigns receive funding through donations in nearly every US city each year. The contributions Opens in a new tab.recorded in the city of Columbia show that there is a large population of citizens who support the Democratic party and their liberal views through financial means.

Over the last four years, 2018 through 2021, the citizens of Columbia, Maryland have made a total of 40,561 contributions to the Democratic Party and liberal campaigns. Collectively, these campaigns received a total of $4,943,482 in donated funds in this four-year period. The average amount of money donated to the party was $122 per contribution.

The opposing campaigners received significantly fewer donations and received fewer funds as well. In the same time period of the last four years, the Republican party and conservative campaigns in the city only received 5,149 contributions. Their total of funds raised through Columbia’s donations was $1,861,314, with an average of $361 made per contribution made.

A clear Democratic majority is shown in these contributions made within the city over the last four years. The Democratic party and liberal campaigns received 35,412 more contributions and 3,082,168 dollars more in funds raised than the Republican and conservative campaigns. The city is liberal and supports liberal campaigns financially with more contributions made, and more money raised for these efforts.

Elected Government Officials

The US Senate has two members from Maryland, and both are affiliated with the Democratic PartyOpens in a new tab.. Seven of the eight Maryland members of the US House of Representatives are members of the Democratic Party, with only one representative from the state that is Republican. Maryland votes on government officials that will advocate for their liberal views and ideals.

Abortion Views

A recent announcement from the US Supreme Court changed national laws regarding abortion. The Roe Vs. Wade case of 1973 originally ruled that the nation protects abortion rights for women in the nation. When the decision was overturned in June of 2022, states were given the ability to vote on whether abortions will be banned or protected within the boundaries of the state.

Back in the 1990’s Maryland passed additional state laws Opens in a new protect the right to abortions within the state. This means that the overturning of the case will not affect Maryland as much as others in this aspect. Residents of other states will most likely, however, travel to Maryland to perform legal abortions.

Clearly, Maryland has been a long-term supporter and provider of abortion procedures for women in past and current times. In 2017, the state of Maryland had an abortion rate of 25.0 abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age. Maryland accounts for a total of 3.5% of abortionsOpens in a new tab. performed in the United States. Residents here are clear advocates of legal abortion rights for women in the nation.

Hundreds of rallies have been held around the nation to protest this overturning of the Roe Vs. Wade decision, many of which were held in Maryland.

“Marylanders are fortunate because state laws guarantee our access to abortion. However today we join our voices to speak out against the growing number of states that are passing abortion restrictions at an unprecedented pace… We must stand together, challenge the assumptions of a few small-minded politicians, and fight to protect reproductive healthcare for all.”

Karen Nelson, CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates for DC, Maryland, and NoVA

Maryland showed support forOpens in a new tab. this pro-choice movement by holding rallies in Frederick, Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore, and Rockville. Many organizations within the state work to protect women’s reproductive rights as well. Some of these groups include NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, Maryland Right to Life Incorporated, and Planned Parenthood of Maryland Inc.

Maryland’s strong and determined focus on protecting the legal right to abortions is an indication of the strong liberal views present. Columbia and other cities in Maryland believe in this cause and work to advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

LGBTQ+ Community

There are many ways that the Columbia, Maryland area shows support for people belonging to the LGBTQ communityOpens in a new tab. and those who have friends or family that belong to it as well. There are a variety of events and groups in Howard County and in surrounding areas as well. The LGBT- NAMIOpens in a new tab. group and PFLAG Columbia/Howard CountyOpens in a new tab. are two of these organizations that help lesbian, gay, transgender, bi, and all other people from discrimination within the community.

The State of Maryland has many laws in place to end discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, their friends, and their families. Some of these laws include protection from discrimination for these individuals in employment, schooling, housing, public accommodation, and nondiscrimination policies for state employees.

A recorded 4.2%Opens in a new tab. of adults (18+) in Maryland are members of the LGBTQ community. There are 20% of the LGBTQ adults (ages 25+) that are currently raising children in the state of Maryland.

Strong support to the LGBTQ community is provided for both individuals and families in the entire state of Maryland, showing liberal strength in the city of Columbia.

Gun Laws

True to its liberal nature, there are many state lawsOpens in a new tab. regarding the purchase, ownership, and carrying of arms in Columbia, Maryland. Even with a permit to carry a gun, you cannot bring a firearm on the property of any public schools, child care centers, state parks or highway rest stops, state and national forests, or state-owned public buildings and grounds.

Citizens must be at least 21 years of age to obtain a handgun permit, state a good and substantial reason to carry a handgun, and complete a 16-hour firearms training course. Maryland also does not honor concealed or carry permits from any other state.

To buy a handgun from a private seller in Maryland, you must have a permit to purchase, a background check, and a firearms registration form. These strict gun laws keep firearms from many citizens’ hands, and in the hands of law enforcement officers.

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