Best Internet Providers in Orem, Utah, as Voted by Over 50 Residents

Finding the best internet provider in a new city can be hard, but we’re here to give you the inside information on Internet Service in Orem, Utah!

Utopia Fiber is the best Internet provider in Orem, Utah. Utopia is the only fiber network in the city and offers affordable internet with up to 10 Gb of speed. Customers can choose between 16 different ISPs, but the favorites in Orem include XMission and Sumo for their price and reliability.

Utopia isn’t available everywhere in Orem though, and it’s more expensive than its competitors. Because of this, we’ll go over what some of the other great internet options are for the area—according to people who live in Orem! Keep reading to find the best internet provider for your Orem household based on your particular needs.

Utopia Fiber

Utopia Fiber is by far the best internet in Orem, Utah and it’s not even close to its competitors. Utopia Fiber is a Fiber optic internet network that offers speeds up to a maximum of 10 Gb. Utopia is somewhat unique because while Utopia owns the infrastructure, you also need to go through one of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) on the network.

You’ll receive 2 bills when using the Utopia network. Utopia charges a flat $30 fee to be connected to the network and then your ISP will charge a fee based on your plan. The fees are fairly reasonable though and very comparable to other companies that own both the network and the ISP. There are no extra taxes, fees, or upfront costs.

The ISPs are all listed on Utopia’s website and you can choose which one you want to use. Based on our research, however, two of the ISPs stand out as the favorites:


XMission is the most popular of the ISPs on the Utopia network. It is considered to be very reliable and has good pricing. They have three-speed levels for you to choose from with no caps on data and 24/7 tech support.

SPEED250 Mb / 250 Mb1 Gb / 1 Gb10 Gb / 10 Gb
PRICE$37 + $30 Utopia Fee$50 + $30 Utopia Fee$250 + $30 Utopia Fee
XMission Pricing


Sumo is generally regarded as the second-best ISP on the Utopia network. It is slightly cheaper than XMission but isn’t regarded as the most reliable due to some of the outages they’ve had in the past.

Sumo has 2 pricing levels in their Basic Plans and Premium plans. Both levels have the same speeds, but the premium plans include the following exclusive features:

  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Password Manager
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus
  • Server Hosting
  • 2 Peering Connections
  • 2 Additional Upstream Carriers
  • ESPN 3 Streaming

For Sumo’s pricing, view this table:

Speed250 Mb / 250 Mb1 Gb / 1 Gb10 Gb / 10 Gb
Basic Plan$30 + $30 Utopia Fee$40 + $30 Utopia Fee$170 + $30 Utopia Fee
Premium Plan$35 + $30 Utopia Fee$48 + $30 Utopia Fee$199 + $30 Utopia Fee

There are other good ISPs on the network, but these are the two most popular. Both services also offer plans for businesses as well.

The Utopia Fiber company is jointly owned by the participating cities. The company started with 11 Utah cities with Orem being one of the biggest cities. Each city is paying for the network based on its population. Orem is currently using tax revenue in order to pay off its portion of the cost, so residents of Orem may be interested in using Utopia for that reason.

There was initially some controversy around the purchase since the decision was made back in 2005 and people did not consider internet service to be an important part of our infrastructure. Now that the internet is so important to residents’ daily lives there is now very little residual controversy.


Xfinity owned by Comcast is the second-best internet service in the area after Utopia. For those parts of town that do not have coverage by Utopia, this is what most people go with. It’s also more affordable than Utopia for those looking to pay less for internet.

Xfinity is not well-liked and most people are reluctant to use it and only choose the service due to a lack of other suitable options in their area. Many residents complain of frequent outages with more than a fee claiming they have an outage for 1 to 2 hours at least once a week around midday. People also complain about the large corporate nature of Xfinity.

Customer service is very difficult to reach and you will end up spending most of your time communicating through their help bot to get service.

Xfinity has a lot of different plans. The plans start at $24.99 for 75 Mb before any taxes and fees and go up from there. Xfinity’s best plan is 1.2 Gb for $80 per month before taxes and fees. You can also get plans at 200 Mb, 300 Mb, 600 Mb, and 900 Mb. The service is less expensive than the fiber options.

Xfinity really does stand out for those who also want to get TV service or Cell service through Xfinity. Xfinity Mobile has great connectivity since it runs on the Verizon Network. They also have a lot of wifi hotspots that you can connect to that reduce the amount of data you use. The service is only available to Xfinity internet customers and is known for its affordable plans.

Century Link

Century Link is what you use if you can’t get either of the above two options or if you just don’t like Xfinity because of the many reasons mentioned above.

Century Link has 2 plans available in Orem; 30 Mb and 60 Mb. The 30 Mb option has a one-time install fee of $15 and is $50 per month. The 60 Mb plan is also $50 per month but has a one-time install fee of $90.

Century Link is painfully slow. Their best plan in the area is slower speeds than either of the other two options. Their customer service is also abysmal, but if you live on the edge of town where the other options haven’t arrived yet it is affordable, fairly reliable, and widely available.

Other Options

There are a few other options in the area, but none of them have good speeds and there isn’t really anywhere in the city of Orem where you can’t get at least one of the other options.

The next best option after the three aforementioned internet plans is T-Mobile’s home internet plans. These plans give your home wifi off of T-mobile’s 5g network. There are not many people that use this option in the area and we have yet to have any feedback on how good it is. They do, however, have some plans that are faster than Century Link.

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