17 Reasons to Move to Anchorage, Alaska (Voted by the locals!)

An aerial sunset view ofer Anchorage Alaska with the Turnagain Arm which leads to the Gulf of Alaska.

Alaska is home to many large mountains, a variety of wildlife, fishing, hunting, and much more. However, what are some of the reasons why you should move to this large city? We have listed 17 of these reasons below, so keep reading.

1. Great Place to Work Remote

Why is Anchorage, Alaska a good place for residents to work remotely? There are 5G network speeds throughout the whole city. Residents in the area can access high internet speeds without the frustration of losing reception. Remote jobs make it possible for residents to enjoy the comfort of home while working. This is a great option for those who want to live far away from city life.

2. Experience Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska is a gateway to all of the amazing wild spaces that Alaska has to offer. You can stay in the city of Anchorage and see a lot just in town.

Flightseeing is another great activity that many people do here. People can explore the mountains, glaciers, and wildlife from up high. Anchorage has more airplanes and pilots than anywhere else because airplanes are the best form of transportation.

Chugach State Park is one of the largest state parks in the United States, and it is near Anchorage. All areas can be accessed anywhere around the city in a short amount of time. There are plenty of areas to hike, raft, and see the views that Alaska offers.

Northern Lights

The northern lights are an awesome sight to see! From September through April, the northern lights shine in the air at night in Anchorage.

The Anchorage Museum is considered the largest museum in the state and has lots of art galleries that include the history of how Anchorage came to be.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a popular sport in Alaska that happens during the winter and allows you to explore the area around Anchorage. You can even sometimes hire a dog sledder to take you around the city and the surrounding areas.

3. No Sales Tax

Sales tax increases the amount of money that is being spent on almost everything. The good thing about Anchorage, Alaska is that sales taxes aren’t in place. The residents and travelers who come to Alaska can enjoy paying a set amount of money without having to compensate for taxes. This makes it nice to live in Anchorage, as it saves you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you are planning on living in Alaska for a long time.

There could still be local sales tax within the state, however, it will be nowhere near what most people will spend on taxes while living in a different state. Alaska simply doesn’t need to thrive on people’s taxes because the state thrives off of taxes that come from the sale of natural resources.

4. Everything About Anchorage Alaska is Huge

Alaska is huge for a lot of different reasons.

  1. Salmon: the fishing in Alaska does not disappoint. On rare occasions, it is possible to catch salmon that weighs up to 97 pounds.
  2. Mountains: The largest mountain in Alaska is called Denali. This mountain is considered the highest mountain peak in all of North America.
  3. Vegetables: Alaska has large vegetables. Since the summer months have the longest amount of sunlight, these vegetables and other crops can grow big. The largest pumpkin is located in Alaska. Research more about that if you are curious. It is pretty amazing.

5. National Parks

Alaska holds more than half of America’s national park lands and Anchorage is the quickest access point to most of them. With 17 national park units and 16 national wildlife refuges, the options may seem limitless. That is a ton of national parks just in the state alone. There are many things to do outdoors throughout these national parks such as hiking, boating, fishing, and so much more if you research each national park.

National Parks near Anchorage, Alaska

Denali National Park

  • located along the skyline of Anchorage. The highest peak in the United States leaves people breathless.

Katmai National Park

  • There are brown bears and salmon in sight when accessing this national park.

Kenai Fjords National Park

  • A natural place located in the Southcentral part of Alaska.

Lake Clark National Park

  • Volcanoes, salmon, bears, mountains, and lakes are all easy to access for those who come to this national park.

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

  • This national park is considered the largest one in the state of Alaska. Some of Alaska’s largest volcanoes, glaciers, and wildlife are located here for everyone to see.

These national parks play a huge part in what makes Alaska so nice. Explore and support these national parks while in Alaska.

View of Alaskan Mountain Range in Denali National Park, Alaska

6. Traveling is Popular

Millions of people visit Alaska every year and most of them come through Anchorage. explore the beautiful nature that surrounds Alaska. Alaska enables people to explore Alaska in many different ways.

Sled Dogs– believe it or not, many people will utilize sled dogs to get around the large amounts of snow that is all around during the wintertime.

Snowmachines– people will use snow machines to get around town if there is enough snow that is required for one of these to be used.

Float Planes– float planes are a great way to explore the wilderness of Alaska from up high. Sometimes flying in a plane is the only way to get to the innermost corners of Alaska’s sights to see.

The Ferry- Alaska has a ferry service that takes people to the ports throughout the state. This form of transportation is often required to reach the best areas around Alaska for exploration.

Most of the time residents will go to places in transportation in the form of a vehicle. Many of the national parks and other sights can be accessed by car. Research the areas in Alaska that can be accessed by car for the best results on where is best to travel.

7. Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and hunting are popular hobbies that people will take on when moving to Alaska. Whether it’s for sport or just to get some good natural meat you’ll have plenty of opportunities for some of the best hunting in the world. There are lots of hunting options for residents to choose from including small game, deer, elk, bears, mountain goats, and even moose and Caribou.

Fishing is also huge in Anchorage. Commercial fishing is one of the major industries in Anchorage, and taking charter boats in the pacific ocean is super popular with tourists. If you have your own boat or you hire one you can fish for halibut to the south near Seward Homer where the fishing is plentiful. You could leave Anchorage and be back in a day with a massive fish that many anglers pay thousands of dollars to come to catch on a vacation.

There is also excellent salmon fishing in the ocean near anchorage and in the rivers during the spawning season (just a warning you’ll be sharing the river with the grizzlies during the salmon season. During other times the rivers and lakes are also excellent for trout fishing.

A fisherman holding up a male humpback pink salmon while wading in a river, with forest and mountains in the background.

8. State with a Unique History

Anchorage, Alaska has a rich history. The Gold Rush and the earthquake called Good Friday are some of the most eventful things that have happened in the area.

There are also lots of small towns you can visit where the residents will openly share with those coming through about the history of their town which can be super interesting. The area is considered one of the last frontiers and it is an awesome place to learn about. So many people love Alaska because of its uniqueness which is different than any other state in the United States.

9. No Urban Stress

Anchorage can feel like its own world sometimes. Alaska has the lowest population density in the entire country and the daylight hours are completely different from anything you’ll experience in the US.

Since the area is so open, it makes Anchorage seem like its own private place for residents to do their own thing separate from the rest of the world. Living far away from other people is more common in Alaska because of its outdoor wilderness life that people crave.

With how easy it is for people to secure remote jobs now, many come to Alaska to get away from the big cities. Anchorage has good internet so you can live close to the wild while still making a good income. It gives people the flexibility to do fun outdoor activities away from the crowds of the city. Many people will really benefit from trading some of the mental stress they get living in the city, for some good physical stress that comes with living near nature. It’s a healthier lifestyle.

10. People Here are Nice

Another reason to move to Alaska is because of the fact that the people in Anchorage are so welcoming and ready to help anyone with directions or anything else. Living here would help people to make the best of friends with others around them. Since there are fewer people in the area, it is easy to know most of the people that live here. This is good for those who just moved to anchorage looking for people to socialize with.

11. Snow Sports and Activities

There are a huge variety of snow sports available to residents year-round.

Some of the winter sports include:

  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • sledding
  • ice skating
  • snow machine (snowmobiling)

The summer activities include:

  • hiking
  • backpacking
  • hunting
  • fishing

These activities that are available make Anchorage, Alaska far from boring.

Late Sunset in the Last Frontier City of Anchorage Alaska

12. Summers are Enjoyable

The summers are a huge part of what makes Anchorage so grand. Since the city is so far north the temperatures are often still mild throughout the whole summer. The environment is great for those who don’t like raging heat or high levels of humidity. Alaska can accommodate both.

You also have all day to be outside if you want. During parts of the summer, it almost never gets completely dark. So if you want to go fishing at 3 AM without a flashlight you totally can. That said you’ll want to invest in some really good black-out curtains for your bedroom and make sure you’re still getting those 8 hours.

13. Many Jobs are Available

If you are moving to Anchorage without a job, there is no need to worry. There are many job opportunities available in a ton of different fields. Getting jobs in the oil and gas industry is a job most people can receive along with commercial fishing, military support, healthcare, tourism jobs and so much more that are available and open for many because of Alaska’s smaller population.

These are among the many jobs that are most available, but there are a ton of remote work opportunities for residents. If you like to be secluded living, and not have to be in an office, Alaska is a great place for those who want to work from anywhere right in their own home.

14. High Average Minimum Wage

The average minimum wage in Alaska is $10.34. With other states in mind, this minimum wage is definitely higher. Most people will want to work if there is fair pay being offered to those looking to work in Anchorage, Alaska. Often times in bigger cities like Anchorage, there will be more pay depending on where you are. Alaska has many job opportunities which makes it easier for people to receive a good-paying job while living in Anchorage.

Colorful polar arctic Northern lights Aurora Borealis activity with one person in snow winter forest in Finland, Lapland

15. Save Money on Wardrobe

Most people in Anchorage couldn’t care less about current fashion standards. People hear lean towards clothing that is more practical and comfortable for cold temperatures. This is a great thing because there is less comparison of other people when it comes to what people are wearing around town.

Other places will have specific trends that others want to follow in order to be socially accepted. There is no reason for people to fear this stereotype while living in Alaska. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want in a place that doesn’t waste their time on popularity

16. Real Estate is Affordable

If you want to live in the rural areas around Anchorage for a bit more space, real estate is rather compared to most other states. The cost of living is more expensive in Alaska due to how remote it is, but the real estate average prices in the area range from 200-300 thousand which is a great deal compared with how much homes can cost around the country.

17. Few Cities Beat Anchorage’s Beauty

Anchorage is truly a unique place that doesn’t look like any other. The snow-covered mountains, forests, rivers, and ocean are all breathtaking and easy to The experience in Alaska is going to be unforgettable for anyone that chooses to live here.

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