17 Reasons Not to Move to Syracuse, New York

Syracuse, New York is an extremely populated city that many people want to move to. However, it is not perfect. In fact, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t choose to move to this city. We have listed 17 of them below.

1. Cold Weather

Syracuse, New York becomes extremely cold during the winter months. Compared to other areas in the United States, Syracuse averages higher snowfall than most states. Since there are consistent amounts of snowfall each year, the city is prepared to combat the weather, but it is still miserable to live here during the winter.

However, the low temperatures almost always come as a shock to the residents, both seasoned and newcomers. During the winter, temperaturesOpens in a new tab. in Syracuse typically range from 18 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold weather can also increase winter depression among residents, as the cold weather never seems to end. If you don’t like the cold and prefer warmer temperatures, you don’t want to move to this city.

2. High Taxes

If the houses seem affordable, the taxes make living in Syracuse rise in the amount of expense. Homeowners have to pay 9% and then they receive an add-on of 12% along with an additional 17% school tax. Since tax rates will probably stay the same or get higher in the future, live outside of Syracuse or find a job that will sufficiently help cover the high cost of taxes when it comes to housing.

3. Trash on the Streets

Trash on the streets is a growing concern for residents of Syracuse, New York. Trash on the streets looks unsanitary and takes away from the beauty of the city. The reason for trash everywhere is that there is a large population in Syracuse, (about 148,620 peopleOpens in a new tab.), and there has been neglect for the environment shown year after year in most major cities. It not only makes the city look less attractive but also leads to unwanted rodents roaming around the streets.

4. Crime Rates

Syracuse, along with the other major cities in New York, has high crime rates because of the large population of people. The crime rateOpens in a new tab. of Syracuse is 403, which is 1.5 times greater than the US average. If you choose to move to Syracuse, make sure to take safety precautions. Have security systems in place at the house and be careful while on the streets.

There is a major highway that splits Syracuse into two different sections that have raised tension between the sections. One side of Syracuse is home to impoverished low-income residents, and the other side is stable and a safer section of Syracuse. Sadly, more than 10% of Syracuse is homeless or low-income.

5. Vacant Buildings

Syracuse has a ton of vacant buildings because a lot of people can’t afford to live in the houses. Abandoned homes on the streets can limit the pleasant atmosphere residents strive to have in a neighborhood. Keep this in mind when looking for a house in Syracuse, find a neighborhood that would best fit your needs.

Many neighborhoods in Syracuse could be dangerous for families. If possible, look at nicer areas in Syracuse to find what you are looking for.

Vacant buildings can also decrease the safety of a neighborhood. Abandoned homes have lots of mysteries. There could be pests in this house or it could become a place for the homeless to live. This is a problem for many residents.

6. Poorly Rated Schools

The economy in Syracuse has struggled for many years, and this struggle is reflected in the schools. The schools are low on the safety spectrum because of violence, budget, and space. The public schools in Syracuse suffer the most because they have trouble maintaining the schools, and the curriculum isn’t up to par because of the low budget for schools to buy new supplies for the children.

New York is also listed among the top 7 least educatedOpens in a new tab. states in the United States. Schooling is a huge part of the development of a child’s life. If there isn’t a good public education system, these kids will lack a ton of important education they could have been receiving somewhere else. So, if you have children or plan to have children in the future and want them to get a quality education, don’t move to Syracuse, New York.

7. Public Transportation

Public transportation is a good thing for many states and cities, but not for Syracuse. The Centro Transit hub located in downtown Syracuse is the main spot where all the public transportation is located for residents. With so many different stops, the transportation will take a long time before reaching the final destination.

Most people who live in Syracuse have to provide their own form of transportation to save time. The city will be easier to navigate with your own car. The heavy snowfall during the winter requires you to have a car that has four-wheel drive so you don’t get stuck in the snow.

8. Traffic

Traffic is a concern, especially in big cities like Syracuse. A large population of residents would rather drive themselves to work than use public transportation. For this reason, there is a lot of traffic during rush hour, and the roads are not exactly clear at other times of the day. Since it is almost impossible to avoid traffic in Syracuse, leaving early for work is a necessity.

9. Parking

In Syracuse, there will always be a lack of parking spaces during business hours. For this reason, many people may need to choose to carpool with other people to free up some parking space. Depending on the area, there may be enough parking space, but oftentimes, busy areas in the city will have packed parking lots, and it will be almost impossible to find free parking. A lot of the time, people have to park a few streets away from work in order to even have a parking spot.

10. Lack of Privacy

Big cities like Syracuse lack privacy. Most homes and apartments are stacked on top of each other with windows facing other homes and apartments on either side. This is a concern, especially for those who would rather have a larger property that is secluded. It is harder to find seclusion when trying to live in the city.

Most homes are tight in space because of the lack of room. This lack of privacy can be problematic for many people who want to live in peace with no noisy neighbors. If working from home, living on the outskirts of the city could potentially be beneficial depending on the circumstances.

11. Lack of Community

There isn’t a sense of community in Syracuse. The reason for this is that there are many types of people that live in the city with different cultures and backgrounds. This can make it difficult for many people to connect with other people around them.

It isn’t impossible to find a good community of people, but there are so many people who live in the city that rush to work every morning and don’t have time to talk to the people around them. There are often so many strangers around that no one wants to socialize.

12. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is common to have in Syracuse. All of the roads and highways in the city are rumbling and bustling all throughout the day. The increased amount of transportation on the road can make the city sound loud. Shopping centers and areas with many businesses generate the most sound pollution compared to more isolated areas. There are large factories around that produce lots of sound for the city. Noise pollution is negative for health. Cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and stress can all be triggered by noise pollution.

13. Lack of Resources

Syracuse lacks its natural resources due to its population and city. Many cities around New York, including Syracuse, struggle to give off natural resources because of its overload of pollutants at every angle. Since there is increased growth of people moving to Syracuse, green spaces are going to be more limited as more buildings and houses are being built. Food prices will rise due to the limited freshwater available to residents. The waste is high, and the amount of fresh air in the city is limited.

14. Stress

Since Syracuse is a chaotic fast-paced moving city all the time, many people can suffer from too much stress or depression as a result. Having to work in a stressful environment with many people around can be damaging to some people.

If suffering from mental illness, it is suggested to try living on the outskirts of Syracuse. This will provide residents with a more peaceful living situation than it would be in the city. Many people are also exposed to unhealthy lifestyles, including lack of sleep while living in such a big city, which greatly affects people’s overall health.

The unhealthy environment that surrounds everyone in the city is not doable for the health benefits. If you want to go outdoors, travel away from the city area to prevent health problems.

15. Different than the Countryside

Residents who like to be out in nature will find living in Syracuse very depressing. There is a lack of nature all around. Most of the land consists of large buildings and shopping centers. Living in the countryside would provide residents with more opportunities to do outdoor activities.

Living in the city is better suited for people who are comfortable with having to drive far distances in order to do most outdoor activities. If you enjoy city life, then this wouldn’t be as much of a downside. City life doesn’t have as many activities to do outdoors. It is not suitable for families with children who will inevitably want to roam around freely. This is due to the busy streets around the city.

16. Not Suitable for Pets

There is not a lot of space around, so it is hard for people to own a pet. Most homes in the city don’t have backyards, and those that do have extremely small backyards. This could be a problem for pets that need to get out of the house during the day.

Lack of space in homes makes it harder to own larger pets. Taking pets on walks is essential when living in Syracuse because that is the only time pets will be able to get outside. Most people have to go to work during the day, and this leaves the pet staying indoors most of the day, potentially ruining the furniture.

44%Opens in a new tab. of people living in Syracuse, New York rent their homes. It is a lot harder to have a pet as a renter because property owners often have rules against animals on the property. This rule is typically due to owners wanting to avoid the kind of property damage that can be caused by pets.

17. Higher Daily Life Expenses

In the city, groceries, gas, entertainment, daycare, clothes, food, exercise, parking, and other daily expenses are high due to the amount of population living in Syracuse. Groceries and gas prices have gone up everywhere in the U.S., especially in the larger cities. There are a lot of people to feed and many people need gas to drive, therefore, gas and grocery prices will stay high. Daycare is also incredibly expensive in larger cities because of the lack of daycare centers and the high number of children that need to go to daycare.

Clothes are expensive because most people feel pressured to wear trendy clothes or have to dress in business professional clothing for work. People find the need to have a gym membership because of the lack of space in the home to store exercise equipment. Parking is considered a luxury for residents. Since it is such a luxury, they require people to pay for parking on most streets.

Living in Syracuse has its pros and cons depending on the circumstances and where you live. Syracuse has much to offer, but living there can also require a lot of personal and financial sacrifice.

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