17 Reasons Not to Move to Lincoln, Nebraska

A person does not have to think very hard to know that Nebraska isn’t much of a touristy destination. There aren’t very many hard-driving pulls to visit the farming state- let alone move there. This article will present 17 reasons NOT to move to Lincoln, Nebraska.

1. It’s Boring

There is not much to do in Lincoln, Nebraska. To give an idea of how few options there are, we will list them here.

There are a few varieties of restaurants, museums, parks, gardens, a zoo, a few outdoor activities, and a relatively small music scene, and that’s about it. Lincoln is also the home of the University of Nebraska- Lincon, so if one is a student or interested in going onto a college campus, then that is another peak of interest.

Even when it comes to a night out on the town, there’s not much variation in what kinds of foods one might be able to eat. There is a lack of diversity in cultures as well as restaurants, so food options are limited. There is a drinking scene, however.

If someone is looking for things to do, they better be good at working hard and either going to school or have lined up a good job for themselves, because Lincoln is not the place to go for a fun lifestyle.

For any further excitement, one will need to drive out of town to Omaha or another nearby city.

2. It’s Flat

Lincoln’s landscape is about as boring as its entertainment scene. There are no mountainsOpens in a new tab., oceans, or many variations in general regarding the geographical terrain of the area. Lincoln does, however, offer about four hills that are large enough to go sledding on in the winter. That’s about as exciting as it gets as far as reaching great heights.

However, if you are a person who really enjoys biking, Lincoln might be a good place to move to. Something to keep in mind, however, is that unless there is a designated trail to use, the roads are not very biker user-friendly. Additionally, Nebraska does not offer very much shade, so it can get pretty hot in the summer, and it will probably be too cold to do much biking during the winterOpens in a new tab..

3. It’s Not Vegan-Friendly

Nebraska is known for being farmland and as the capital of the state, Lincoln is definitely surrounded by plenty of farms. In the outskirts of town, many cows are being breaded, and there is a lot of beef to be had within the diet of residents of Lincoln. Not to say a vegan or vegetarian couldn’t make it within the city, but it wouldn’t be easy.

4. There are High Levels of Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, the rates of substance abuse are rather high in the city of Lincoln. OverdosesOpens in a new tab. are becoming more and more common and are harming many people. Meth, opioids, and other substances are heavy in rotation and are being illegally dealt at alarming levels.

Drug cartels are a very real and prevalent issue within the city of Lincoln and should be something seriously considered when debating whether or not to move to this part of Nebraska. A news report published by news station 101 Now in LinconOpens in a new tab. in February 2022 stated the following,

“Police saw 145% increase in the amount of cocaine seized, from an average of 730 grams a year between 2017 and 2020 to 3,430 grams seized in 2021, that’s just over seven pounds. The department seized 42,878 grams of meth, compared to the four year average of 10,923 grams, for about 95 pounds total in 2021. Lastly, the saw a 414% increase in the amount of pills seized, taking 6,503 pills off the street, compared to a four year average of 1,265 pills a year.”

5. The Crime Rate is Concerning

While Lincoln, Nebraska might be safer than some parts of the United States, when compared to the rest of its own state, it is one of the more dangerous areas. If a person is living in Lincon, they are 97% more likelyOpens in a new tab. to be a victim of a crime than they would be if they lived in a different part of Nebraska.

Relative to other states, Lincoln has a crime rate that is 33.57% above average.Opens in a new tab. The city’s violent crime rates occur at higher levels in ratio than most other places in the United States. The chances of falling victim to a property-related crime are also above average if one is living in Lincoln.

6. The Housing Market Is Greedy

Much like the rest of America right now, post-pandemic Lincoln’s housing market is slowing downOpens in a new tab. currently. Interest is increasing, while houses are staying on the market even longer. On top of this, Nebraska actually has the 9th highest average property tax rates in the countryOpens in a new tab., so even though housing and property may appear relatively affordable to some, taxes are on the higher end.

Lincoln offers highOpens in a new tab. property tax rates, high tax rates, and low house ownership rates. The bottom line is that now is not a good time to make a move, and Lincoln is not a good destination.

7. There’s a Lack of Diversity

The “big town city” of Lincoln is very lacking in diversity. This really affects everything from food, religion, activities, music, and all the things in between.

While of course, there are people of every color within the city bounds, the vast majority are Caucasian.

A report indicated the following numbersOpens in a new tab. regarding races within Lincoln, Nebraska:

– 80.6% are White
– 4.3% are Black
– 4.6% are Asian
– 0.5% are Native American
– 0.1% claim Other
– 7.3% claim Hispanic Ethnicity
– 2.7% Two or More Races
– 0.1% Hawaiian, Pacific Islander

To solidify the reality that the lack of diversity is taking effect within the city, the following quote was given in Lincoln by a black man. He said this:

“…No diversity. Sorry guys, I don’t know your definition of diversity but it certain ain’t Lincoln. It might be your frame of reference, but mine is places like New York City and Philadelphia. As a black male, I was frequently the only black person at places I frequented and some people clearly have difficulty holding a basic conversation with someone who doesn’t look like them. Don’t even get me started on the amount of racism I experienced. Most of it was covert, but I am still quite sadden by the number of people I encountered who openly stated anti-black rhetoric.”

8. It’s Hard to Make Friends

It seems that while people in Lincoln are nice to visitors, they aren’t too welcoming to those who want to join their social circles permanently. Most who live there have history and have spent quite a bit of time building a community, and it isn’t easy to be let in. Making good friends is not the easiest thing to doOpens in a new tab..

Several people say that even after living in Lincoln for extensive periods of time, they feel they did not form good relationships within the community, and unless one already has ties to the area or is attending the university, the social aspect of living in Lincon is not a very promising one.

The bottom line is that meeting people is hard, and especially if someone is moving there, building a community will be important but difficult.

9. Dating is Rough

If someone moving to Lincoln is young and single, hopefully dating and meeting someone isn’t on their priority list. The demographicsOpens in a new tab. of residents who live in the city are mainly families, single people with children, and a few divorcees. Many who are single are not focused on dating.

What that means is that the dating world is not very friendly. Aside from the demographics not being in young single people’s favor, there aren’t many places or opportunities to meet people. Dating apps are options, but those are often shady or hard to make genuine or even safe connections with others.

One user on Reddit wrote the following:

“…This is not a place for single people over the age of 22, further complicating things. There are not a lot of young professionals here. What a lot of people do is leave in their early 20’s, find a partner, then come back and settle down. Meaning a lot of the people you meet are in committed relationships. Just how it is.”

10. It Has Terrible Street Infrastructure!

It doesn’t take very long to find that no one likes the street systemOpens in a new tab. in place within the city. It is chaotic and poorly set up.

It takes a very long time to get from one side of town to the other, making drivers take unnecessary turns and detours that extend their routes. Adding to the frustrating layout of the streets, there seems to be constant construction which furthers the waiting time and deepens the congestion of traffic.

There are basically no freeways, tons of poorly thought-out traffic lights, and many one-way streets. It is very evident that drivers are extremely frustrated with the way the city has been designed.

11. The Winters are Extreme

Lincoln gets a lot of snow and becomes extremely coldOpens in a new tab. in the winter. Temperatures have been recorded to be below freezing, driving conditions become dangerous, and weather reports have even shown two-plus inches of snowfall per hour in extreme past years- even causing bus routes to shut down.

If you are thinking about moving to Lincoln, Nebraska, you should also think about the extreme snowfall and expect terrible weather conditions during winters. It should be no surprise when they are advised to stay home and not go outside onto dangerous roads.

Alternatively, one could simply stay home and not move to Lincoln.

Dark Clouds – Big Storm

12. It’s Super Hot

When it’s not freezing, this part of Nebraska is blisteringly hot. It is normal for temperatures to go above 90° Fahrenheit between May and September. It has even been recordedOpens in a new tab. for temperatures to have risen this high in April and October!

The hottest day ever recorded within the “big small town” was in 1936 with a high of 115° Fahrenheit and a low of 91° Fahrenheit.

13. There is Poor Public Transportation

Public transportation is not very accessible to the broad public. It shuts down rather early and is quite limited in the destinations it will take a person. Unless someone has a carOpens in a new tab. or access to a car, it is pretty difficult to get where they need to go.

Even if you were to get a bike, not all parts of the roads are safe to ride, so it might be ineffective. As far as taxis and similarly related services go, they can be expensive, and consequentially not accessible to the general public.

14. It’s Windy

In addition to its cold, snowy winters, Lincoln has a consistent history of gusty windsOpens in a new tab. which can reach anywhere from 10-80 miles per hourOpens in a new tab..

This type of weather is extreme, uncomfortable, cold, inconvenient, cold, and in some cases dangerous. The wind blows objects into the air as well as dust, reducing visibility and creating potential property damage.

In past years, residents within the city have been advised to secure outdoor furniture, be prepared for fallen trees, and to watch out for hazardous objects bowing within the air.

15. There are Higher Healthcare Costs

While Lincoln has a relatively lower cost of living compared to many areas within the United States, its healthcare costs are much higher. The costs of healthcare in the city of Lincoln are 7% higherOpens in a new tab. than the national average in the United States.

16. There’s a Lack of Ambition

People who come to Lincoln are simply there to build stable livesOpens in a new tab.. This isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t very ambitious or a lifestyle that offers many adventures. Residents move to the city, work their jobs, settle down, and repeat.

While this provides a stable income, comfortable living, and a predictable future, it does not open opportunities for new experiences in ways that more diverse areas can.

17. It is Prone to Natural Disasters

Lincoln, Nebraska is prone to natural disasters. The state itself has a high chance of tornadoesOpens in a new tab.. Additionally, heat waves, droughts, snowstorms, windstorms, and other calamities happen almost yearly in Lincoln.

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