17 Reasons Not to Move to Cincinnati, Ohio (Voted by the locals!)

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA skyline over the Cuyahoga River at dusk.

It can be extremely difficult for individuals to decide which city they should move to. There are pros and cons to moving to almost every city. So, what are 17 reasons you should not consider moving to Cincinnati, Ohio?

For many individuals, finding reasons to move to a certain city are easier than finding the reasons to avoid moving to a certain location. After doing research, the following reasons for not moving to Cincinnati have been compiled.

1. The Weather

Like many cities in the state of Ohio, Cincinnati has inconsistent weather. Residents of Cincinnati often experience more than one season through the course of their day. The weather can go from being sunny and 75 degrees Fahrenheit to rainy and in the 50s with barely any notice.

Cincinnati is an extremely cloudy city. Rather than being able to enjoy the sunshine throughout the spring and summer months, experiencing clear skies is something that does not last in this city. When the sun does finally make an appearance, it can be extremely brutal because most individuals were not prepared to spend time in the sunshine.

The inconsistency of the weather makes it extremely difficult for individuals living in this city to plan their days. Most individuals find themselves needing to reschedule their plans as a result of the weather.

2. Pollution

Cincinnati is one of the most polluted cities not only in Ohio but also in the United States. The amount of pollution has an impact on the quality of the airOpens in a new tab. that is breathed by the individuals residing in this city.

There are a few reasons that Cincinnati has become so polluted throughout the years. One of the biggest contributors to the pollution in this city is the number of construction sites throughout the city. As a result of these construction sites, there is a lot of particle pollution that is present in the air.

Particle pollution is also present throughout the air in Cincinnati as a result of the large number of unpaved roads that can be found in various parts of the city.

There is also a lot of pollution produced by the different power plants that are located throughout the city.

3. Allergies that Don’t Go Away

Portrait of a sick entrepreneur blowing in a wipe at office with a lot of used wipes on the desk

While many individuals deal with seasonal allergies throughout the United States, Cincinnati is a city where many of its residents seem to have their allergies throughout the entire year.

Not only does allergy season seem to never end in Cincinnati, but individuals in this area seem to experience worse allergies as a result of the amount of pollen in the area.

The increase in allergies for residents of Cincinnati is a result of the topography of the city. Cincinnati is a city that seems to produce a lot of pollenOpens in a new tab., which leads to many residents having a life of sneezing, coughing, runny noses, and itchy eyes.

4. Unreliable Public Transportation

It is extremely common for individuals to rely on public transportation in larger cities. However, the public transportation that is offered to individuals living in Cincinnati is not reliableOpens in a new tab., which makes it hard for individuals to use it as a means of getting around the city.

Cincinnati has a public bus that runs, however, there is only one bus that runs each hour. As a result of the bus not running very consistently, many individuals are left standing at bus stops waiting longer than they anticipated for a bus that might or might not show up. The inconstancy makes it hard for people to use the bus as a regular means of transportation.

5. Racial Segregation

While Cincinnati is a very diverse city, it is also a city that is segregated. Rather than the city being a mixture of the different cultures and races that live there, it seems that many of the races end up clumped together which results in racial segregation.

Many individuals are sheltered from the other cultures that exist between other ethnic groups. This is a direct result of the fact that in most cases, Cincinnati ends up with similar cultural, ethical, and racial groups being put together.

This is something that many people of color struggle with when living in Cincinnati. Rather than feeling as if they are part of the city, they feel as though they are being isolatedOpens in a new tab. from the other residents.

6. Traffic

Traffic seems to be something that comes with the territory of a large city. In Cincinnati, traffic is something that is regularly faced by its residents despite the fact that it is not big of a city.

Standstill traffic is faced by many drivers throughout this city, resulting in many individuals needing to leave for their commitments much earlier than if there were to be no construction happening.

The two biggest reasons that there seems to always be traffic in certain parts of Cincinnati are construction and car accidents.

Slow-moving traffic is something that causes many people in the Cincinnati area to be frustrated.

7. Crime Rate

Compared to cities of its size, Cincinnati is a city with one of the highest crime rates for its population size. While not all of these crimes are violent, it is important to note that there are many crimes committed yearly that are violent or dangerous.

Despite there being crimes committed that are dangerous or violent, the majority of the crimes committed in this part of Ohio are not violent. The majority of crimes committed are property-related crimes, which tend to be nonviolent crimes.

8. Drug Use

There is a real problem of drug use throughout Cincinnati. Some residents smoke the occasional pot, but the majority of the drug use in this area is the use of opioids.

Cincinnati is plagued with an opioid epidemicOpens in a new tab.. The number of people in Cincinnati who use heroin has increased throughout the years. The amount of deaths that are a result of accidental overdosing has only continued to increase as more individuals in the Cincinnati area have begun using heroin.

While the city is working on addressing this issue, many of its residents feel that not enough is being done to teach teenagers about the dangers that accompany abusing opioid drugs.

9. Construction

Heavy construction equipment and earthmoving excavators working on a construction site in the city. Laying or replacement of underground storm sewer pipes.

Like many cities, construction is something that seems to be unavoidable. For many people, the construction that seems to be happening seems to be unnecessary or poorly planned. This results in the construction done to fix these problems taking longer than is needed because the construction job itself has not been thoroughly planned out.

In Cincinnati, construction is not limited to work being done on the roads, but also includes the work that is being done on various buildings throughout the city.

For many residents of Cincinnati, the most frustrating part of the construction is the fact that it is happening throughout the entire year. Rather than just doing one project at a time, Cincinnati seems to attempt to fix everything all at once which results in it taking longer and the city being under construction for longer.

The construction in Cincinnati causes some issues for the residents. Not only does the construction increase the amount of traffic that is being dealt with by the residents, but the construction contributes to the particle pollution that is impacting the quality of the air in the Cincinnati area.

10. Political Division

While many cities are either liberal or conservative, Cincinnati is a state within Ohio that seems to have a lot of political divides. This means that there are many individuals in this area that have opposing opinions.

Being a politically divided city means that many individuals oppose the laws and bills that are being proposed in this area because they align more with the beliefs and opinions of the opposing political party.

This is an aspect of Cincinnati, Ohio that many of its residents struggle with. For most individuals, it is at least somewhat important that they live in a city that has the same political views as they do. But because Cincinnati is divided, this is something that is not possible.

11. Roller Coaster City

Cincinnati, Ohio is home to King’s Island. This amusement park gets millions of visitors yearly. Individuals living in the Cincinnati area often talk about how great this amusement park is.

Individuals who do not live in this area refer to Cincinnati as “the home of King’s Island”, which signifies that the only important thing in this area to them is the amusement park.

12. Sports Crazed

Like most of Ohio, Cincinnati is filled with individuals who are sports obsessed. Rather than just enjoying a sporting event, the sports teams in this area seem to consume the residents of Cincinnati. For many residents, their loyalty lies in supporting the Cincinnati Bengals throughout every football season and game, win or lose.

The fans in this area are extremely enthusiastic. There is a lot of time spent on getting decked out for the sporting events. Wearing team colors isn’t enough for most Cincinnati residents. To prove that they enjoy sports and support the team, they must incorporate some form of face paint into their game-day look, even if they are not physically attending the game.

13. Fairly Dangerous

For many individuals living in Cincinnati, the city seems to be fairly safe throughout the day. However, many would agree that it is not safe to travel outside at night alone. Rather, many residents will only travel at night in Cincinnati when they are with other people that they know quite well.

The high crime rate does not help the residents of the Cincinnati area to feel safe and secure. Rather, it causes them to feel more unsafe than they used to.

14. Murder Rate

Although the majority of the crimes committed in Cincinnati are nonviolent crimes, there are still a large number of murders that happen throughout the year. On average, there are nearly 90 murders that are committed in Cincinnati, Ohio every year.

Throughout the years, the number of homicide cases that are investigated by the local police department seems to continually growOpens in a new tab..

The increase in murder cases is another factor that causes the residents of Cincinnati to feel that they are in danger while in the city.

15. Tourist Attraction

Fun water ride Log river in amusement park at summer

Like many larger cities, there are many tourist attractions in Cincinnati that draw tourists to visit this city.

The biggest attraction that draws individuals to this city is King’s Island. Many individuals will come to the Cincinnati area to visit this amusement park and nothing else.

Another attraction that brings in many tourists is the architecture that can be seen throughout the city. Its 19th-century architecture is something that can be enjoyed by any visitors to this city.

Residents living in other parts of Ohio often travel to the Cincinnati area to visit the local zoo and botanical gardens. These are both connected but are great places for individuals to enjoy family time.

16. Extremely Passionate Residents

Many would assume that passionate residents would be a good thing, however, the passionate residents of Cincinnati are not something that many people like about the city.

The residents are extremely passionate about the things that they like. This means, that they are extremely opinionated about the things that they are passionate about. Rather than just talking about their passions, the residents of Cincinnati often share their opinions about their passions without anyone asking them to do so.

The amount of passion that is experienced by the residents in this area can be intimidating for many individuals who are thinking of moving to Cincinnati.

17. Takes a While for Residents to Warm up to the City

While many of the residents of Cincinnati are very fond of the city that they live in, they have mentioned that it takes a while for them to be able to actually warm up to the city.

Rather than instantly liking Cincinnati, many of its residents had things that they did not like when first moving to this city. It wasn’t until they had lived in this area for a decent number of years that they were able to finally see the good in the things around them. If you aren’t willing to live in Cincinnati for at least a few years before you start to enjoy living there, you shouldn’t move to this interesting city.

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