17 Reasons Not to Move to Augusta, Georgia

Are you thinking of moving to Augusta, Georgia? Are you wanting to make sure you weigh all the pros and cons before making the final decision? Are you looking for a few more cons to consider? If you are finding yourself in a situation similar to this, then this article can help you be more informed about some reasons not to move to Augusta, Georgia.

To learn more about some reasons not to move to Augusta, Georiga, keep reading.

1. High Crime Rate

Everywhere you go there is a chance for crime in the area, it is not really something you can get away from. However, in Augusta, there is a significantly high crime rate. If the crime is something you are concerned about in a future neighborhood or city, should probably stay away from Augusta.

On the crime scoring scale of the entire U.S., Georgia is rated as 59 out of 100. While there are definitely states that are higher, you have to decide the level of crime in a city that you personally are comfortable with. There are always extra safety measures you can take in your home if you do choose to live in that area.


2. Insects are Relentless

If you are not a fan of bugs or even tiny mosquitoes, you are in for a rough time during the summers in Augusta. If you have not experienced bugs before in the South, then you are in for a shocking, up close, and personal interaction with them.

Augusta locals are used to walking into a swarm of gnats and mosquitoes on the way out the door to work or school and just brushing them out of their way without thinking too much of it. If insects are something you particularly dislike and are looking for an area to get away from them, Augusta is not the place to find that.

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3. Walking Around is Difficult

If you are someone who is a daily walker and prefers to walk to get from place to place then that may be something to consider before moving to Augusta. Many people would think the opposite because of the promising weather that Georgia often presents.

On the rating system the U.S. uses to give people an idea of what the walkability is like in a city, Augusta earns a 63 out of 100, which isn’t fantastic. The same thing goes for biking. If the walking score is low for a city, it is usually safe to assume that biking would be just as difficult.

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4. Public Schooling Isn’t Highly Recommended

The U.S. scoring system that determines how recommended a school has given the majority of Georgia schools a C-, which is not a great score. The schools that are high quality and come with great recommendations usually range between A and B scores, so with the majority of the schools being lower than that, it may be a better bet to wait to move there without young children to put in school or to be very particular about what schools you are putting your children in.

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5. Population Growth is Declining

A major problem the city of Augusta is facing and has been dealing with for the last 5 years, is the decline in population growth. While a slow decline like Augusta is experiencing isn’t cause for immediate alarm, there are some things to be aware of in regards to how the decline in population growth could affect the city long term.

If this population growth continues its pattern of steady decline or if it suddenly rapidly speeds up, the economy could be in big trouble, thus laying off many currently employed residents and causing them to be forcibly moved to another area to find work.

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6. High Poverty Rate

With the average poverty rate being in the range of 10-13%, Augusta’s poverty rating of 18.5% is significantly higher than the average percentage which is a cause for concern if you want to avoid living in an area with high poverty rates. There is also a good chance that if the city has high poverty rates, it also has high crime rates as well, which is in fact the case for Augusta.

These two rates alone should be points to really consider before making the decision to move and how that will determine the kind of life you will live in Augusta.

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7. No Escape From The Humidity

Most people that live in a climate that experiences a lot of humidity complain a lot about it during the summers, but in Augusta, the humidity is high all year round and it is hard to escape and get any sense of relief. While the humidity in the summers can create muggy, sticky conditions in the heat, humidity in the winters can create feelings of cold that feel more freezing than they actually are.

The humidity can cause the cold to pierce right through all your winter clothing, making a frigid and icy winter. Many people in Georgia don’t have air conditioning in their houses, which can make the humidity worse.

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8. Summers are Uncomfortably Hot

Not only is the humidity intense all year round, but it can especially affect summer temperatures, making them feel hotter than they really are. With the summer heat already being extremely hot, add on some high percentages of humidity and it can make for an uncomfortable summer.

Many people try and stay cool in air-conditioned public spots or at the beach, but there is really no way to get away from it indefinitely while living in Georgia during the summer. The heat can also be difficult to manage as many older homes in the area don’t have AC units in them, which can make the summers unbearable at times.

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9. Beaches are Overrated

While Georgia is a state that has a coastline, and while that means that there are beaches that can be found in the state, that doesn’t mean that they are of the greatest quality. Most people that envision living on the coast and near a beach most likely are picturing the beaches that are more suited for sunbathing and swimming.

The beaches in Georgia are usually muddy and marshy, rather than sandy and clear. That being said if you are wanting a local paradise experience, Georgia is not the place to look for it. It usually takes quite a bit of time to travel to any of the designated beaches for those activities anyway.

10. Housing is Expensive

This is something that is going on everywhere at the moment, but especially in a highly sought-after location, like Augusta, housing prices can skyrocket very quickly. If you are moving to Augusta for work and the company already has housing arrangements made for you, that is the best, least stressful way to do it.

However, not everyone has that convenience. If you do decide to move to Augusta, be prepared to pay a large amount of money for a decent home. Some of the recently built, more modern-looking homes are priced well into the millions in some neighborhoods, so do some research on where to live.

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11. Traffic is Inconvenient

If you are moving from a big city that deals with a lot of heavy traffic, then you are only somewhat prepared to brave the traffic that Augusta brings. Commuting from home to work and work to home every day can take multiple hours and can get quite frustrating spending so much time in the car and on the road.

If you think that public transportation would be a better option to combat the traffic on the highways, there aren’t many choices as far as public transportation goes so it really isn’t much more efficient than taking your own car to commute and drive around town.

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12. People Live Life at a Slow Pace

Although the heavy traffic may seem to contradict this, many people in the Augusta area are trying to settle down and enjoy the slower pace of life of having a family and spending time together. The Southern culture is that you enjoy and relish the time you have and not wear yourself thin with work and life that you don’t get to enjoy and have the experiences you want.

If you are someone who thrives in a faster pace environment and like that type of lifestyle, then Augusta may not be the right place for you to continue on in that lifestyle without feeling left out and that you are moving too fast for those around you.

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13. Health Care Isn’t Stellar

When moving somewhere new, it is always a good idea to consider the quality of the health care in that area because you never know when you will need it. Accidents and injuries happen and you want to know whether or not you can count on the local health care to be reliable when those things come up.

That being said, Georgia is not known for stellar healthcare and if that is at the top of your priority list in regards to choosing a place to live, then Augusta shouldn’t be on your list of options. Although there are a few research hospitals in Augusta, that doesn’t mean the care there is of the best quality.

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14. State Income Tax Is Required

Not every state requires a state income tax for its residents, but Georgia is one of the few that do. If you have previously lived in a state that has required an income tax then this is nothing new to you and you won’t have to adjust much if you do choose to move to Augusta. However, if you haven’t lived in a state where state income tax is required, this may be an adjustment for you. This tax could significantly affect your income and how you pay your expenses so it is important to be aware of how much of a difference that will make in your finances.


15. Allergies are Intense

If you are someone who suffers from seasonal allergies because of pollen, be very wary of making the move to Augusta. The pollen in the springtime blooms and flies all around in large quantities, making it an uncomfortable time to live in Georgia, especially for those with extreme allergies.

The pollen doesn’t just affect those with intense allergies, but because it flies in large groups, it can collect and coat your car if parked outside in a thick layer of pollen which can be a pain to get off. Outdoor areas like patios and front porches can be covered in it as well, making it a chore to sweep off constantly.

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16. Snakes are All Over The Place

There are people who have fears of spiders, various insects, and even birds, but if you are someone who has a fear of snakes, then you are not going to love Augusta. There are plenty of snakes for those who are fascinated by them and how they live, but for those who aren’t the biggest fans of snakes, there are way too many snakes in Augusta to be comfortable going outside of your house.

In Georgia, you don’t have to go looking very hard to find snakes, they often can show up at your front door depending on where you live and can even hide out underneath your front porch if you don’t place traps there.

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17. Homeowner’s Insurance is Steadily Increasing

While living within the state of Georgia, you will be susceptible to multiple risks of natural disasters, which causes homeowner’s insurance to be so important in the area. Because of recent disastrous events, the money you pay for homeowner’s insurance has gone up significantly and will most likely continue to increase as time goes on.

If homeowner’s insurance is something that you haven’t spent a lot of money on in the past and is not something you would like to start spending money on, then it is best you live somewhere else that doesn’t have such a high risk for natural disasters.

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