Moving to Texas from California 17 Pros and Cons

California and Texas are two of the most beautiful, and awesome states to live in. Although there are great things about both states, there are also a lot of negative things about both states as well.

If you are debating about moving to Texas from California, here are a few things you should know. We can help you make your moving decision if you keep reading!

1. No State Income Taxes in Texas (Pro)

Texas does nOpens in a new tab.oOpens in a new tab.tOpens in a new tab. have state income taxesOpens in a new tab.. Yep, you heard me right. No cities in Texas will impose state income taxes on your salary. This means that for income taxes, you will only have to pay federal income taxes. By moving to Texas from California, you will save tons of time and money! No more having to work long hours to try to make up for the money taken out of your paycheck by California’s state income taxes. This is a huge reason to move to Texas!

2. Lower Cost of Living (Pro)

If you live in California, you know just how expensive it is to live there. Luckily for you, if you plan on moving to Texas, the cost of living is a lot less than in California. I recently visited California and even just going to the grocery store for cheese and sausage was expensive.

California housing rates are through the roof, making it extremely expensive to own a house in California. If you want to move somewhere where the cost of living is way less than in California, you should definitely move to Texas!

3. More Rain in Texas Than in California (Pro)

Rain makes the grass greener, the flowers grow, and the drought goes away. In California, the rain is not really a thing. California has been in a drought for years, making it hard to water your yard and even shower sometimes.

If you are thinking about moving to Texas, you need to know that there can sometimes be way more rain in Texas than in California. This means, that if you move to Texas, you will most likely have less drought than in California. So, if you want your grass to be green, your flowers to bloom, and your drought to go away, you should move to Texas.

4. Fewer Tourists (Pro)

If you live or have ever been to California, then you know about tourists, and how there are a lot of tourists in California. They are everywhere! On the roads, in cars, making the traffic increase like crazy. They’re on the sidewalks at all of the beaches and events, making it almost impossible to enjoy your time on the beach.

Luckily for you, if you plan on moving to Texas, there are way fewer tourists than in California. Now, don’t get me wrong, every state has its tourists, but Texas has way less than California.

This means that if you move to Texas, you are less likely to have to deal with tourists, which is a great reason to move somewhere!

5. Diversity and Growth (Pro)

Diversity and growth is a factor in moving to a state that is so important when choosing where to move. Diversity and growth in Texas are always increasing, while in California, it’s more constant. Texas’s diversity is extremely diverse and growing, while in California, the diversity is also more constant.

Growth in a home state is important to your family’s happiness and growth. Living in a state with no growth will leave your family wanting more. Move to Texas if you want to incorporate growth and diversity into your and your family’s life!

6. Easier to Find Housing in Texas (Pro)

The expensive, competitive housing market in California makes it very difficult to find housing. In Texas, the housing market is not as expensive, and not as competitive. This fact makes Texas look like a very good state to live in.

People often move to Texas because of the housing market. If you are considering moving to Texas, you definitely should, because it would be a lot easier to find a house to call your home.

7. Better Employment in Texas (Pro)

Employment in California is very difficult, especially when you have a family you have to take care of. California unemployment rates are significantly higher than unemployment rates in Texas. This is a big reason why you should move to Texas from California. You would be more likely to find and keep a job than if you were to live in California.

If you want to provide for yourself and your family, move to Texas because of their employment rates.

8. Great Food and Entertainment (Pro)

Who doesn’t like food and entertainment? Well, Texas loves it! Their food and entertainment options are amazing and make Texas an extremely popular state to live in. Whether it’s chili, BBQ, chicken, or desserts, Texas has it. And don’t get me started on the entertainment and activities. Texas has beautiful beaches, parks, hikes, and scenery to enjoy. Grab a meal at a popular, delicious restaurant, then go on a gorgeous hike through the beautiful streets of Texas!

9. High Chances of Storms and Tornadoes (Cons)

Although there are a lot of good reasons to move to Texas from California, there are also a lot of cons to moving to Texas. One of those cons Is that if you live in Texas, you run the risk of experiencing dangerous storms and tornadoes. Texas is a great state, but the storms are horrible.

The storms and tornadoes that occur in Texas can ruin homes and lives. The weather in Texas isn’t comparable at all to the weather in California. California is known for its warm, gorgeous weather, and if you move to Texas, you will miss the non-stormy weather.

10. Texas is a More Conservative State than California (Cons)

Do you typically follow liberal beliefs? Well, if so, Texas may not be the place you want to move to. Texas is usually a state that votes Republican, and that may be hard to deal with if you typically do not vote Republican. Not only do the people typically vote Republican, but you would also be surrounded by conservative people. Your neighbors would most likely be Republican.

This may not bug some people, but for others, it may be very difficult. If this is something that sounds difficult to you, then you probably do not want to move to Texas.

11. High Property Taxes (Cons)

In Texas, it may be easier to find and buy houses than in California, but the property taxes in Texas are way too high. This is because there are no state income taxes. They have to make up a difference somehow, and they do that by charging more for their property taxes.

If you own a home or other type of property or business, it may be very difficult to afford a home because of how high the property taxes are. California may be very expensive, but its property taxes are nowhere near as high as the ones in Texas.

If you want to be able to afford your home and taxes, and provide for your family, then you may not want to move to Texas.

12. Just as Much Traffic as California (Cons)

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Everyone hates traffic! If you live in California, you know that traffic is absolutely horrible. If you plan on traveling anywhere, you have to leave way earlier than expected just to make it to your destination on time. And sadly, this is the same for Texas traffic.

Traffic in Texas is just as bad as traffic in California. Which makes it very unappealing to think about moving to another location that has just as bad road situations. Texas is known for being a state that makes it very hard to get anywhere. It’s around other big-traffic states, and traveling is almost impossible in Texas.

This is one of the biggest turn-offs for Texas and is a huge reason not to move there. Everyone hates being late because they were stuck in traffic. If you move to Texas, you will absolutely hate the situation on the roads.

13. Just as Hot as California (Cons)

If you have ever been to California, you definitely know that it is extremely hot. Sadly, if you move to Texas, you will not be moving away from the heat. You may think that the weather is better, not as hot, or even pleasant, and not to burst your bubble, but it is just as bad.

Temperatures in Texas regularly reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and only has about 2 seasons. This makes it almost unbearable to live in Texas. Especially when the beaches aren’t as good as those in California!

14. Beaches Aren’t as Good (Cons)

Speaking of California and Texas beaches, here we will talk about the fact that yes, Texas has beaches, but they are nowhere as good as the beaches in California. California is known for its popular, beautiful, scenic beaches. Texas beaches can not compare to those in California.

Texas has its beaches, and they are in fact beaches, but they are not as popular, beautiful, or scenic as the beaches in California. If you have a love for California’s beaches, you may not want to move to Texas. You would miss the beaches way too much!

15. Crime Issues in Texas (Cons)

If you plan on moving to Texas with a family or by yourself, you want to be safe, right? Well, you may want to rethink moving to Texas then. This is because safety is not the best in Texas.

Texas is known for its high crime rates, and California just seems to be a much safer state than Texas. Everyone wants their family, children, friends, neighbors, and themselves to be and feel safe, and you may not get that in Texas.

There are a broad number of offenses that are rising in Texas, and a variety of mishaps and events occurring. Reconsider moving to Texas if safety is your number one priority.

16. Snakes (Cons)

You may wonder why this is so high on the cons list, well maybe I’m biased because I hate snakes, but in all honesty, they are very dangerous in Texas. Have you ever seen a little garden snake in your backyard? Those kinds of snakes are almost harmless. However, in Texas, there are a lot of snakes, and they are not harmless.

Texas is known for its big, dangerous, and even venomous snakes. One of the most common snakes in Texas is the rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are not only huge, disgusting, and scary-looking reptiles, but they are also extremely venomous and sometimes deadly. California may have a few snakes here and there, but they have nowhere near as many snakes as Texas.

Rattlesnakes are just one of the many different snakes that can inhabit the streets of Texas. If you hate snakes as much as I do, then you may want to move somewhere that doesn’t have as many dangerous snakes as Texas.

17. Horrible Public Transportation (Cons)

Public transportation is something that every person and every family needs in their life. Public transportation allows people to get around relatively easily when they don’t have a car. In Texas, public transportation is known to be quite horrible if it exists at all.

This could be because their roads are so busy and their traffic is bad, or maybe it’s just not a big priority for Texans, but it’s still not the best.

California typically has better public transportation, which is a reason why you should not move to Texas. This is one of the biggest reasons not to move to Texas from California. This means that you 100% have to have a car, and it is hard for people to afford cars because of how expensive they are to purchase and maintain.

Overall, Texas and California are quite different and there are many aspects that you need to consider before deciding to move out of California.

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