Moving to Tennessee from California 17 Pros and Cons

It can be challenging to know if it is best to make a move, especially when it is moving from the West Coast to the Southeastern region of the United States. There are many things that can be helpful to consider before deciding to make such a far move. So, what are the pros and cons of moving to Tennessee from California?

Knowing where to start when comparing two locations can be intimidating. After doing some research on the pros and cons of making this move, the following information has been compiled below. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about these two states!

Pros of Moving to Tennessee from California

1. The Cost of Living in Tennessee

It costs less money for a family to live in TennesseeOpens in a new tab. than it does in California. Tennessee is the fifth lowest costing state to live in while California is the third most expensive state to live in. Various factors go into figuring out the cost of living in a specific state. These factors in the cost of renting or buying a home, purchasing groceries, and purchasing gas, as well as other factors.

Living in an area with a lower cost of living is something that can relieve an individual of a heavy financial burden. This allows individuals living in this area to use the money that would be spent on things needed to survive in other states on other expenses such as child care, educational expenses, and their hobbies.

2. Tennessee Does not Require Residents to Pay Income Tax

For many individuals, income tax is something that can seem to be extremely taxing on one’s income. Rather than feeling as if they can provide for their families, individuals can be burdened by the amount of money that is going into paying income taxesOpens in a new tab.. In Tennessee, this is not the case. Individuals are not required to pay income tax, which allows individuals to have more money to pay for the needs of their families.

3. Tennessee has a Higher Ranked Quality of Life than California

The quality of life is extremely important to consider before deciding to move to a new state. Tennessee is ranked 28thOpens in a new tab. in the United States compared to California’s 50th ranking for quality of life. There are a lot of factors that add to the quality of life in Tennessee compared to California. This includes the cost of living, job opportunities, as well as crime rates, and rating of public education options.

Individuals living in Tennessee have fewer things that are heavily weighing on the individuals living in California. Without these excess stresses, individuals living in Tennessee can focus more on things that provide them with happiness.

4. There are no Droughts in Tennessee

On average, this state gets roughly fifty-three inches of rain each year, which allows the landscape of Tennessee to be lush and green. Vegetation can successfully grow and flourish in Tennessee due to the amount of rainfall that is received yearly.

California receives nearly one-third the amount of rain a year that Tennessee does. The lack of rain often causes California to experience droughts which can cause hardships for the residents living in this state.

5. There are More Job Opportunities in Tennessee

Tennessee has a lower unemployment rate when compared to California which suggests that Tennessee has more job opportunities. The unemployment rate in Tennessee is 3.6% while California’s unemployment rate is 6.9%.

Moving to a location that has a lower unemployment rate can allow individuals to find security in knowing that there is a lower chance that they will be without a job.

A big thing to consider when moving to a new location is the demand for individuals who the specific skill set that you possess. Tennessee offers many work opportunities in a variety of fields that can give individuals many options for work.

6. Low Property Taxes

Residents of Tennessee do not have to pay such high property taxes as the individuals living in California. Low property taxes allow individuals in Tennessee to purchase homes that cost more because the rate of property tax is not as high as it is in other parts of the United States.

In the United States, property taxes are increased in order to pay for public schooling costs. In states that have lower property taxes, there are downsides to paying a lower amount of money in property taxes. This includes having public schools that are rated lower than schools in other states.

7. There are Many Lakes and Reservoirs in Tennessee

There are over 1,300 lakes and reservoirs in Tennessee, which allows its residents to always have access to plenty of water and places to swim. These sources of water are popular tourist attractions as well as places that offer families fun activities to do on warm days.

Compared to California, Tennessee has many more sources of fresh water that can provide water to its residents in times when there is not as much rainfall as normal. California’s lack of lakes and reservoirs contributes to the droughts that occur as a result of lack of rainfall.

8. Experiencing all the Seasons in Tennessee

Like many states in the United States, Tennessee offers its residents the opportunity to experience all four seasons. Rather than only experiencing glimpses into each of these seasons, Tennessee has four distinct seasons.

Winters in Tennessee include cold weather as well as snowfall. The amount of snow that is received each year can differ, but there are times when the amount of snow that falls is enough to close down schools and other local businesses.

The springs in Tennessee are extremely green and beautiful. There is a large amount of rainfall that takes during this season, which allows the vegetation to be lush and green throughout the season.

Tennessee has summers that are hot and humid, which makes most people miserable. This weather makes the number of lakes very beneficial.

The falls in Tennessee are very colorful. The temperature is chilly, but not cold, and the trees change from green to vibrant yellows and oranges. You will definitely enjoy living in Tennessee during the fall season.

California does not have four distinct seasons. The winter in California is very mild, which can cause it to blend into fall.

9. Tennessee Offers Different Terrains

Different types of terrains can be experienced depending on which part of Tennessee individuals are living in. Individuals are able to travel to different parts of the state in order to experience the variety of the terrains that are offered by Tennessee.

Eastern Tennessee offers its residents and visitors the mountains. This part of Tennessee is home to the Smoky Mountains, which are a popular place for many individuals to visit.

The middle portion of Tennessee offers rolling hills to all who come to visit this location. Flatlands can be found in the western portion of Tennessee.

There are different benefits to each of the terrains that are offered by Tennessee. These include beautiful nature scenes to be experienced as well as different trails that are just waiting to be hiked.

Cons of Moving to Tennessee from California

1. California has a Higher Quality of Education than Tennessee

California offers its residents a slightly better quality of education than Tennessee. California is ranked 26th for quality of public education, while Tennessee is ranked 28th in the United States.

Many individuals living in these two locations have not noticed a significant difference in the quality of education. This is something that is only seen slightly in standardized testing.

2. Tennessee can Have More Extreme Weather than California

Individuals who live in Tennessee will likely experience tornadoes, high winds, and frequent thunderstorms, while individuals in California won’t have to deal with them. However, Californians often have to deal with earthquakes.

For individuals who have not experienced this type of weather, the change from mild weather to extreme weather can be frightening. It is important to be aware of the type of weather that can occur in the state that you live in.

3. California’s Tourist Attractions and National Parks

While both of these states offer tourist attractions as well as national parks, California is the home of many tourist attractions that are known worldwide. These attractions include Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as numerous national parks.

California has large cities that often attract many individuals throughout the world. These cities can offer a very diverse experience for the individuals who take the time to visit them. While Tennessee has large cities and various theme parks, they aren’t as popular or well-known as the ones in California, so they aren’t as good.

4. Severe Allergies in Tennessee

Tennessee has a lot of pollen that causes many individuals’ allergies to flare up, which is something that does not happen in California. Individuals living in Tennessee can experience many flare-ups during the fall, spring, and summer seasons. Many plants that grow in the Tennessee climate produce and release a large amount of pollen throughout all three of these seasons.

California lacks much of the vegetation that causes individuals’ allergies to flare up due to the lack of rainfall. With the lack of pollen that is being produced, California is more friendly to individuals who have pollen allergies.

5. Humidity

There is severe humidity that causes Tennessee to have extreme heat in the summer months. California is not very humid. When moving from a place where there is almost no humidity to a place where there is a lot of humidity, you may find it challenging to adapt.

Humidity causes a place to feel hotter than it actually is due to the moisture in the air. This causes individuals to sweat more than in locations that have little to no humidity.

6. California’s Constant Sunshine

California is often referred to as the “sunshine state.” The amount of sunshine allows the residents of California to enjoy many days outside. While California does have cloudy days, there are very few compared to the days filled with sunshine.

Tennessee can have days filled with sunshine, however, there are far more cloudy or rainy days than there are in California. The cloudy days or days filled with rainfall can impact the time that an individual is able to spend outside.

The addition of extra sunshine is something that can be extremely beneficial to someone’s mental health. Many individuals who struggle with mental health issues often feel slightly better after experiencing time in the sunshine. This makes living in the “sunshine state” beneficial for individuals who struggle with mental health issues.

7. California has Mild Winters

The winters in Tennessee can be so bad that school gets canceled and businesses close as a result of snow. California has mild winters, so it rarely ever snows. If it does snow, it rarely ever sticks to the ground. When it does stick, there is never enough snow on the ground to impact an individual’s daily life.

In Tennessee, the winters can be filled with extremely cold days. In California, the weather in the winter is chilly and often resembles the temperatures that are experienced during the fall in Tennessee.

8. Lack of Public Transportation in Tennessee

Many individuals living in California rely on public transportation for getting from one place to the next, however, in Tennessee there are little to no options for public transportation.

Using public transportation can allow many others to get to their destinations without having to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot. In large cities, finding parking can be something that is extremely frustrating as well as time-consuming. The need for a parking spot is something that can cause individuals to want to use public transportation instead of their own car.

Without having accessible public transportation, individuals in Tennessee need to have their own means of transportation to get to their destinations. This is something that can be inconvenient to individuals who do not own a car, who are not licensed drivers, or individuals who just prefer public transportation.

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