Moving to Florida vs. Texas 16 Pros and Cons

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There has been an influx of people moving to Florida and Texas. But how can you choose between the two? Which state you move to depends a lot on what you prioritize in a living situation, so take all the pros and cons into account when making your choice, and pick whichever one will make you most happy.

1. Cost of Living – Texas

Overall, living in Texas is cheaper than living in Florida. Cost of living takes into account things like income rate to rent ratio, for which Texas is 4.93 and Florida is 3.94 (anything 3.33 or higher is considered good), as well minimum wage ($8.65 in Florida, and $7.25 in Texas. This can also take into account housing costs, prices of groceries, and poverty rates. This makes the cost of living a huge con for Florida and a big pro for Texas.

While Texas isn’t ahead of Florida in every category, judging a state based on only one price rate can give you an inaccurate summation of the cost of living. For example, knowing the rate of rent doesn’t tell you much unless you also know the cost of wages and the rate of inflation in the state.

Everything put together puts Texas in the lead, so while both states have a fair cost of living, Texas is the better choice when choosing a state that won’t break the bank.

2. Crime Rates – Florida

f you’re looking for a safer state, then turn to Florida. Florida has an average of 384.9 violent crimes per 100,000 people, while Texas falls behind at 410.9 violent crimes per 100,000 as of 2018. Violent crimes include murder and assault, so Texas will put you at more risk for bodily harm than Florida.

Texas will have you always locking your door and checking the backseat of your car, so for more peace of mind, choose Florida. You can sleep a little easier knowing your chances of being attacked are that much slimmer.

3. Tourist – Texas

If there’s one thing that can get on the nerves of any southern resident, it’s the annual migration of snowbirds. Northern residents fleeing their cold homes for the warm, sunny skies of Florida are quite common and can throw year-long residents for the loop.

Snowbirds can increase traffic, cause more road accidents, and crowd up tourist destinations. They can also drive up places tiring to make a few bucks off of semi-permanent residents. If you don’t want to spend your winters in a swamp of tourists, choose the Lone Star state.

4. Unemployment Rates – Florida

If you’re fleeing to Florida or Texas in search of work, then Florida is your best bet. As of April 2022, Florida had an unemployment rate of just 3%, beating Texas’s rate of 4.3% by more than one percent. It’s a pretty close margin, so keep other pros and cons in mind, but it’s definitely a strong point in Florida’s favor! Unemployment can make or break a new state, so keep in mind that Florida is ranked 15 in a list of states to live in by unemployment, and Texas is lagging behind with a rank of 40. If you’re looking for steady employment, head down to the Sunshine State!

5. Quality of Schooling – Florida

If you’re picking a state for your kids, then Florida has your back. Schools in Florida have received a grade of B+ from the Report Card of American Education, which beats Texas’s C. Florida is ranked as having better teacher quality than Texas, as well as better school choice.

Quality of schools is important even if no one in your family is currently attending, as good education can be indicative of good people. Smart, educated people make smart, educated decisions, so you may find your neighbors reflect the quality of their schooling.

Texas does win out with digital learning, however, so if you’re not teaching in person, then you might want to head over to Texas.

6. Local Wildlife – Texas

How can anyone bring up Florida without mentioning the prehistoric lizards that haunt every body of water? Alligators are infamous in Florida for manifesting in every lake, stream, creek, and puddle they can fit in.

If you move to Florida, leave your dog behind, as these reptiles are infamous for snapping up any small pets they can get their jaws around. There have even been accounts of alligators attacking people, although deaths caused by these ferocious animals are rare.

Don’t dip your feet in any body water that isn’t manmade, however, and if these toothy beasts are too much for you to handle, pick Texas.

7. Things to do – Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE,USA – AUGUST 11,2015 : People enjoying the beach at Fort Lauderdale in Florida on a summer day

Florida is a tourist destination, which is something of a two-edged sword. On the positive side, you’ll never be bored here in the Sunshine State! Florida is crammed with museums, fun parks, shopping, and restaurants. The warm, sunny weather is great for a day out, and everyone will want to visit you to check out all those cool places to go.

Texas isn’t devoid of tourist destinations, but it can’t compete with fun-loving Florida.

There’s really something for everyone, whether it’s spending an afternoon checking out beachside shopping or learning some fun facts at the local museum. Florida always has a party going, so get out there!

8. Humidity – Texas

There are legends told about how the most humid place on earth is right outside the Orlando airport. The many beaches in Florida come at a price, the air is so damp you could probably drink it.

Humidity can ruin food in about two seconds, and make everything you touch feet moist. It can also increase the chances of mold and mildew. You’ll have to spend hours drying everything, but at least there’s no need for a sauna! Just step outside for a few minutes.

Texas can be just at hot as Florida, but it’s a dry heat, which can feel a lot less smothering. It might be the spot for you.

9. Beaches – Florida

Okay, so the humidity sucks, but the beaches might make the climate worth it. Florida looks like it was built with beaches in mind, you’ll always be within reach of the ocean, and the seashore is just beautiful. Florida will give you a chance to build your seashell collection and explore the vast, beautiful ocean waters right next door.

There are beaches in Texas, but they tend to be smaller, dirtier, and just not as impressive.

10. Hurricanes – Texas

Florida is famous for its beaches and infamous for its hurricanes and tropical storms. The thin shape of the state means that hurricanes can hit you from all sides, causing mass evacuations out of the state to keep you from being swept away by the harsh winds and high floods.

Texas gets its fair share of tropical storms, but much of the state is inland, making it much easier to flee from these destructive weather patterns. Florida offers no such relief. Be prepared to get your feet wet.

11. Cost of Healthcare – Florida

Moving for your health? In that case, you might want to go to Florida, where a hospital stay is less likely to break the bank. Healthcare costs are much cheaper in Florida, and since your health should always come first, this might be enough to make you choose Florida.

Need some numbers? Florida has them! The cost of healthcare in Florida is $7,299 per capita, while in Texas is $10,190. Florida and Texas are often neck and neck, but here, Florida wins out. Texas is actually on the list of top ten most expensive states in regards to healthcare, while Florida sits steadily at the bottom half of states in healthcare expense.

12. Work Environment – Texas

Cattle Drive sulptures at park in Dallas, Texas.

This is definitely a close call, but if you want an answer for who has the better work environment, it’s Texas. The Lone Star state is ranked #35 for workplace environment, above the Sunshine State, which is only #37. Work can take up almost all of your time, so enjoying your workspace is big. It can contribute to your mental health, stress level, and overall happiness.

The workplace environment is ranked based on a few factors regarding policies in the state. Wages and wage policies are a big part of it, as are worker protection policies and the right to organize policies. Texas has safer workers with more reliable wages. This state takes good care of its employees, so it will take good care of you.

13. Hospital Safety – Florida

Since Florida has a cheaper health care system, you might expect its hospitals to be worse off. After all, you get what you pay for, right? Not in this case. Florida actually has a higher percentage of grade A hospitals at 35.2% and is ranked 17 out of the 50 states for hospital safety.

Texas is a close runner-up, however, ranked at 22 for safety and with a percentage of 32.3 for grade A hospitals. Still, cheaper health care that’s also safer? Florida is giving Texas some fierce competition for the superior state. For your health, you might want to prioritize Florida.

14. Tax Rate – Texas

We know Texas has a lower cost of living, but did you know Texas also has lower taxes? Nobody likes forking over their hard-earned dollars, so Texas is the place to be when it comes to tax rates. The tax rate in Texas is only 8.6%, while Florida takes the hit with a rate of 9.1%.

The rates are similar, but if you are financially aware, you know that even slim margins can make a big difference to your paycheck. These rates factor in property tax, general sales tax, individual tax, and any other tax rates you can think of.

A single type of taxation, like corporate taxation, isn’t an accurate way to decipher how much you pay in taxes living in a state. Different state laws affect different tax rates, so the average can give you a better understanding of what’s coming out of your paycheck. All in all, Texas comes with less of a tax burden than Florida, and that gives it a strong point.

15. Mental Health – Florida

For your mental health, Florida is the winner overall. Florida ranks #25 out of the states for mental health, with a pretty wide gap between it and Texas, which is #33.

Mental health has recently become a big issue, as scientists and doctors learn more about it and treatment becomes both more effective and easier to access. When it comes to your fragile psyche, Florida is ranked better than Texas and takes better care of its resident’s minds.

The ranking of mental health in each state is based on factors like adults diagnosed with a mental illness, the number of people who did not receive treatment, the level of suicidal thoughts, and other factors around mental health treatments and mental health consequences.

It’s possible the neverending sunshine in Florida is also keeping residents afloat. Take care of your brain, and head to Florida.

16. Population Density – Tie

Population density is a hard thing to judge, because which is superior honestly depends very heavily on what kind of density you prefer.

Some people the higher density of Florida, because it means everything is closer and easier to reach, transportation is superior, and there are more places to go like stores and restaurants. It can also mean that your neighborhoods are overcrowded, and you’ll have to wait in long lines, walk further for parking spots, and you have less of a connection with your neighbors.

Texas has more open space, which comes with its own pros and cons. It can be harder to get places, as everything is further apart. There are fewer tourist destinations nearby, and fewer things to fill up your weekends. Texas gives you more room to breathe, however, there is more nature and a closer connection between neighbors.

In the end, whether you prefer Texas or Florida may come down to whether you want space to move or the comfort of a crowd. Another one is the interior options, so do what makes you happy, and make up your own mind!

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