Is there Public Transportation in Everett, Washington? (What You Should Know)

Public transportation is necessary to get around, especially if you don’t have a car. If you are planning to visit or move to Everett, Washington, you may be curious as to what their public transportation looks like. Here, we’ve done the research and know the best ways to get around Everett!

Everett, Washington has great public transportation such as buses, cars, taxis, bikes, and walking. Any of these options are great ones to choose from to help get people to their destination. These options are all 100% necessary to help get around the city quickly, easily, and cheaply.

If you plan on living in or visiting Everett, Washington, it is essential to know your public transportation options. Keep reading to find out more on how to get around Everett!


Buses in the city of Everett, Washington are some of the best and cheapest options for your public transportation needs. Buses in Everet are cheap, easy, fast, and accessible. The transit system in Everett is super easy and goes throughout the entire city. All you need to do is find the closest stop to you, pay your fare, and hop on until you reach your destination.

The fares for the buses in Everett, Washington are super cheap too! Most fares are less than $2.50! You can even buy a monthly pass if you plan on riding the bus frequently.

The bus might be the best option for you if you want to get to your destination quickly and easily without breaking the bank. Buying a car or calling an Uber or Lyft can get very expensive very quickly. Buses are super easy and fast in Everett and would love to help you get to your destination!


Taxis in Everett, Washington are going to be pretty similar in cost to Uber or Lyft. Pretty much all you have to do is call and reach out to a local taxi company and get them to come to pick you up. You will then be driven to your destination and will have to pay for the distance you traveled. This can get pretty expensive at times depending on how far you are traveling. If you want a way to travel and money isn’t a worry, then try using Everett’s taxi companies!


Driving in a car is one of the easiest ways to get around, especially in Everett, Washington. If you have a car, you may want to stick with that as your main mode of transportation. It may get pretty expensive to pay for gas, but it may be the easiest option out of all of them. Luckily for you, if you choose this option, the traffic in Everett, Washington is not known for being too bad. The weather can get pretty rainy and snowy at times, but it isn’t horrible.

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive yours through the city, you could also call a car company to come to pick you up. Paces like Lyft and Uber are perfect examples of how you could get around Everett easily. These types of companies can get really expensive, which may make it pretty difficult to get around without spending too much money. Although this option can get pricey, you should know that it’s still a great option and one that is highly suggested.


One of my favorite ways to get around if I don’t have a car is by biking. Biking allows you to exercise, while still getting to your destination. The best part about this option of public transportation is that it’s pretty much free unless you do not have a bike If you don’t have a bike, you are going to have to buy or rent one.

Luckily, there are multiple different locations throughout Everett, Washington that has bikes for rent or for sale. This option is great if you want to enjoy the nice days in Everett while still getting to your destination quickly.

There are a few downsides to biking. Those are that if the weather is bad, you will be stuck having to bike in it, or will have to pay for a different mode of transportation because there is too much snow on the ground.

Another downside to biking to get to your destination is that it will take way longer to get to your location than if you were to take a different way of getting there. Biking just takes longer. These are all super important things to consider when choosing your mode of transportation in Everett, Washington.


Do you want a 100% completely free mode of transportation? Then you should walk! Walking throughout Everett, Washington seems like a difficult task, but it definitely possible. Depending on how far your destination is, walking might be the easiest and cheapest way to get there.

Walking is known to help you calm your mind and add peace to your life, so walking to and from work in the morning might make your life 10 times better!

The only difficult thing about walking through Everett, Washington is that the weather can get kind of bad. It rains a lot in Everett, and snows a lot during the winter as well. I don’t know about you, but it does not sound fun to walk through rain and snow, even with an umbrella.

Another bad thing about walking is that it will take you forever to get to your destination unless it happens to be very close. Walking can take hours and can leave your feet, legs, and back hurting like crazy. You should only choose to walk to your destination if it isn’t too far, if the weather is good, and if you have completely prepared yourself for the walk. Make sure you wear good shoes if you choose to walk instead of using public transportation.

Walking is a great, easy, free, way to get to the location you are going to, as long as you have thought it out well. Make sure to be safe when you are walking as well! Crime is not bad in Everett, Washington, but you should always take precautions.

Is Public Transportation Necessary in Everett?

Something that you may be wondering if you are living in Everett, or if you plan on living there or visiting, is if public transportation is even necessary for the city. I mean, it’s not technically a big city like Chicago or New York City, the traffic isn’t so bad, and you should be able to get where you need to go in a car, right? Well, yes, all of those things are true.

But, things run so smoothly in Everett, Washington because of the fact they have public transportation. Without public transportation, the traffic would be worse and the roads would be almost completely filled with cars.

Without public transportation in Everett, Washington, things would be a lot different. Every person who lives in the city would be forced to either buy a car, walk, or bike to get to their location. And yeah, those options work fine I guess. But, they aren’t the faster, cheapest options out there. There are a ton of different people of a lot of different ages and responsibilities, so only having a few public transportation methods to choose from really limits the people.

Having public transportation isn’t just good for the traffic and the roads, but it is also very good for our environment. This is because having fewer cars on the roads that are helping to create harsh air quality is the ideal situation for our world. This is why carpooling and taking public transportation are suggested and recommended in order to keep the traffic to a minimum and get as many cars off the roads as we can.

My little sister is going to be living in Everett, Washington for a year and a half pretty soon, and this public transportation is going to be essential for her to get around the city. She won’t have a car or a lot of money to spend on getting one, so the bus, walking, and biking will be her best options.

My sister is a perfect example of why public transportation is so important in the city of Everett, Washington.

What Should I Choose?

After reading all of this information, you may be confused and overwhelmed with the decision you have to make. I wouldn’t worry too much about the decision because it will come easily once you know how far your destination is and how much money you would like to spend getting there.

We would suggest using public transportation over driving your own car. This is because it again helps our environment and the traffic situation, and is way cheaper than having to pay for gas all the time.

As gas prices get higher, public transportation will start looking better and better. You know what’s best for you, and know where you are trying to get and the best way to get there! Good luck and be safe!

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