Is There A Lot of Crime in Scottsdale, Arizona? (What You Should Know)

Late evening sun glowing red on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona,USA

Moving to a new place brings a lot of changes and often results in many changes to one’s lifestyle. With all of these changes, there are many things to worry about, but one thing that should not be a concern is the safety of the area, which means that it is important to look at the crime rates of a city before moving there.

The crime rates in Scottsdale, Arizona are relatively low. The annual violent crime rate is lower in Scottsdale than the national or Arizona state averages. There are fewer property crimes reported in Scottsdale on average than there are in the average city in the United States.

Some types of crime are committed far more frequently than others in Scottsdale, increasing the probability that each person in the city will become a crime victim. There are also some parts of the city that are less likely to have high crime reports, which are areas that most people research when looking for a home in Scottsdale.

Summary of Annual Crime Reports in Scottsdale, Arizona

While it does not reveal everything that one should know about crime in an area, the total sum of crime reports is a helpful statistic to begin with. There are approximately 5,415 crimes reported in Scottsdale, ArizonaOpens in a new tab. annually.

In relation to the total population of the city, this means that there are around 22 crimes reported for each set of 1,000 residents there. Of these total crimes, approximately 470 are violent crimes. The vast majority of crime reports made, as usual, are reflected in the 4.945 property crimes that are reported in Scottsdale each year.

Based on these total crime rates in cities across the country, Scottsdale is only considered to be safer than approximately 24% of US cities. This percentage is alarmingly low, especially when looking at it from the other way and recognizing that the total number of crime reports in Scottsdale, Arizona shows that it is more dangerous than 76% of the cities in the United States!

While this is alarmingly high, it should be mentioned that this statistic does not accurately account for the difference between these cities based on population size. This is important because New York City, for example, has far more people to be committing crimes than a small town in the countryside.

Local Property Crime Statistics

Generally, the property crime rates in a city are higher than other types of crimes that are reported. Property crimes include crimes such as vandalism, arson, burglary, theft, shoplifting, and motor vehicle theft. Because the sentences for these offenses are often not as severe, there are far more property crimes committed than violent crimes in the United States overall.

The city of Scottsdale, Arizona has lower averages in burglary and motor vehicle theft reports than the national average. However, there are more theft reports made per 1,000 residents in Scottsdale than in many other cities in the United States.

Overall, the city of Scottsdale has fewer property crime reports in relation to the number of residents than are made in the average city in the state of Arizona. In Scottsdale, there are approximately 20 property crime reports for every 1,000 residents living within city limits.

In Arizona as a whole, there are approximately 23 property crime reports made per 1,000 people, which is just higher than the city of Scottsdale. In the United States of America, the national average number of property crime reports per 1,000 residents is only 19. This means that Scottsdale just barely has higher violent crime rates than the average US city, but has fewer than the average rate in the state of Arizona.

The probability of becoming a property crime victim is higher in the state of Arizona than in the city of Scottsdale specifically. For every 49 people in the city of Scottsdale, only 1 becomes the victim of a reported violent crime. These odds are worse in other cities in Arizona, where the state average shows that 1 in every 43 people has a violent crime committed against them.

Annual Violent Crime Rates

As suggested by the name, violent crimes are more intense and violent offenses than those property crimes. Some examples of violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Scottsdale, Arizona has fewer reports of murders and assaults than the national average. The city does, however, have more rape and robbery reports made per 1,000 residents than the average city in the United States.

Each person in the state of Arizona has a 1 in 199 chance that they will have a violent crime committed against them while there. The odds of this occurring against each person are significantly better, however, in the city of Scottsdale specifically. Only 1 in every 514 individuals in the city of Scottsdale fall victim to a violent crime during their time there. For anyone hoping to avoid a violent crime, Scottsdale is a safer place to be than the average city in Arizona.

In the United States, there is a national average of approximately 4 violent crimes that are reported for every 1,000 residents. The state of Arizona has a higher average with a total of 5 violent crime reports for each set of 1,000 residents there. Even in comparison to both of these averages, Scottsdale has very few violent crimes reported overall. There are only 1.95 violent crimes reported in Scottsdale per 1,000 residents. This means that being in Scottsdale is actually much safer than the average city in the United States or the state of Arizona.

Scottsdale’s Safest Neighborhoods and Areas

Late evening sun glowing red on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona,USA

Crime rates are generally measured based on the amount of each crime that is reported within the city as a whole. However, there are different parts of each city that are known to experience higher crime rates than others.

The following areas are all parts of Scottsdale, Arizona that have lower crime rates and are considered to be among the safest parts of the city.

  • Encelia
  • Ancala
  • Pinnacle Peak Ranchos
  • Terravita
  • La Buena Vida Estates
  • DC Ranch
  • Pinnacle Peak Shadows
  • Mirage Crossing
  • Los Diamantes
  • Mountainview Ranch
  • Sweetwater Ranch
  • Desert Highlands
  • Yearling Estates
  • Sunrise Desert Vistas
  • Granite Mountain Ranch
  • Goldie Brown Pinnacle Peak Ranch

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