Is There A Lot Of Crime In Pocatello, Idaho? (What You Should Know)

Pocatello is a larger city in Idaho, which means you may want to know more about its crime rates if you’re looking at property there. Usually, the larger the city, the higher the crime rate is, so would Pocatello any different?

Pocatello has higher-than-average crime compared to the rest of the state and the country. The crime rate is 11% higher than the national average. However, certain neighborhoods have more problems than others, meaning that the chances of being victim to a crime is relative to the area.

Let’s go into more detail about Pocatello’s crime statistics, neighborhoods to be careful in, neighborhoods that are safer, and what the locals think about all of it.

Pocatello Crime Statistics

As a city of roughly 50,000, Pocatello has higher crime numbers than the national average. When compared to the national average of total crimes, Pocatello comes in at about 11 percent higher than most crimes committed per 100,000 people.

When it comes to violent crimes, such as rape and murder, Pocatello ranks fairly low. Aggravated assault, however, is much a much higher percentage than other towns in Idaho and across the country. Assault primarily contributes to the majority of violent crimes in Pocatello. In the past couple of years, the violent crime percentage has risen, though only marginally.

Property crime in Pocatello is a major problem as well. Its percentages amplify the city’s overall crime statistics. In fact, it’s so common to have a vehicle stolen or a house broken into that many residents in certain neighborhoods have personal experience with it (whether themselves or someone they know).

In 2020, there were over 1,000 reports of theft, 88 reports of car theft, and over 200 reports of burglary in Pocatello. These numbers may not seem big, but the impact of every crime hurts the safety levels of the communities they happen in.

According to Home Snacks, you have about a 1 in 42 chance of being a victim of property crime if you live in Pocatello. For more information on crime statistics in Pocatello and more, check out City-Data, whose most recent information was from 2019.

Dangerous Neighborhoods

Now, the term “dangerous” still doesn’t mean that these neighborhoods are completely unlivable and should be avoided. You can still find plenty of great people who are willing to look out for you and your home. But if you do live in these areas, you should make sure to lock your car and house doors at night… and maybe invest in security cameras.

West Pocatello

West Pocatello is considered an older neighborhood with higher poverty rates compared to the rest of the city. Although more commerce continues to come to the area through indie shops and restaurants, historical renovations, and small businesses, this occurs primarily in the Old Town section and not the wider neighborhood.

Out of all the neighborhoods, West Pocatello residents have the highest chances of being victims of crime, especially property crime.

North Pocatello

In the most metropolitan area of the city, people who live in North Pocatello may also be victims of theft, car theft, or burglary.

Though the crime rate is not as high as it’d be living in West Pocatello, some areas of the neighborhood aren’t as safe as others, so be sure to evaluate where you live and if you need to be more cautious. And because there are so many places to park your vehicles as you shop or go to work, it makes targeting cars after dark easier in that regard.


Yes, Chubbuck is technically another town that sits right next to Pocatello, but there’s so much exchange between the two that the people who live here can technically count as part of Pocatello’s crime problem.

Like North Pocatello, different places in Chubbuck are safer than others. The areas that are more packed with people are more likely to see crime compared to those who live on the outskirts of Chubbuck and in the more rural (and richer) spots.

Safe Neighborhoods

Likewise, not all the safe neighborhoods listed are totally crime-free, and you should still take regular precautions. But unlike West Pocatello, North Pocatello, and Chubbuck, the residents who live in these safer neighborhoods have more peace of mind when it comes to their properties and livelihoods.


Out of all the neighborhoods in Pocatello, Highland rates as one of the safest, especially in terms of how populated the area is. But to be honest, Highland is the safest because it’s one of the richest areas. People who want to live here for low crime rates have to be able to afford it.

That being said, Highland is very family-friendly and is located in a pretty area. You don’t have to think about their car and home security as much if you have a house here.

South Pocatello

The South Pocatello neighborhood is a safe area for residents because people don’t live close enough to each other to really have access to someone else’s home. It’s a rural neighborhood with spread out houses and difficult-to-access roads on foot.

Really, you have a higher chance of damaging your car by accidentally hitting a deer rather than being robbed.


Though the University neighborhood has some crime, it’s an overall decent place to live, thanks to the nearby Idaho State University college.

Depending on where your house or apartment is, chances of crime are either higher or lower. Living closer to West Pocatello means you may be a victim of crime. Living closer to the university or in newer residential areas means you can be less concerned with crime.

Local Opinions

So, what do the Pocatello citizens have to say about living in a town that’s considered dangerous?

Well, most can live regular lives without thinking about having something stolen or being hurt on a daily basis. Even those who live in the more “dangerous” neighborhoods don’t feel the need to worry aside from being careful about locking doors and not staying out too late.

Even though a number of residents have been affected by crime or know someone who has, many haven’t been impacted severely or at all by it. They are aware of the crime rates in Pocatello but don’t let that get in the way of feeling safe in their neighborhoods.

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