Is There a Lot of Crime in Mobile, Alabama? (What You Should Know)

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Mobile, Alabama is a nice port city that is known for some of its colleges, architecture, and history. It is the true birthplace of Marti Gras! However, is there a lot of crime in Mobile, Alabama?

Mobile, Alabama has a moderately high crime rate. It is considered safer than 15 percent of United States cities and more dangerous than 85 percent of United States cities. A crime is committed every 41 minutes in this city. People generally do not feel afraid in Mobile but should be cautious.

With these numbers in mind, it is important to break them down. People need to know what kinds of crime are prevalent in Mobile, what areas of the city are safest, and how to report a crime in the area. That information is below.

What Kinds of Crime Are Prevalent in Mobile, Alabama?

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In Mobile, the biggest number of crimes committed are property crimes. These crimes involve theft, vandalism, trespassing, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Mobile is known for having about 88% of its property crimes being considered larceny. Larceny is another word for stealing or theft.

There were 8,442 larcenies committed in Mobile in 2018. When converted to a ratio built to compare populations of all sizes, it is estimated that there are near twice as many larcenies committed in Mobile than on average in the United States. Similar trends can be found for burglary and motor vehicle theft rates in Mobile versus the United States average.

A good thing is that the percentage of violent crimes in comparison to property crimes committed in Mobile is lower than the United States average percentage. However, the numbers can paint a different picture. Over 1,600 violent crimes were reported by law enforcement in 2018. That doesn’t mean that 1,600 or so crimes are all the violent crimes that happened, that is just the number of violent crimes that were reported that year.

The most common violent crime committed in Mobile is aggravated assault. When it comes to rape and murder, the ratios are rather concerning. The murder ratio per 100,000 people is almost double that of the national average. The rape ratio was 68 per 100,000 people, while the national ratio is 43 per 100,000Opens in a new tab..

I lived in the area for a few months, and I can say that some areas of the city do legitimately feel more dangerous than others. There were some close calls that I had with strangers on the street who seemed to be under the influence and dangerous.

Luckily, there were people in the area sitting outside who called my friend and me over. They didn’t know us, as we were trying to visit a friend in the neighborhood. But due to this, we were kept safe and even our newfound friends were grateful that they were outside to keep anything from happening to us.

I also did witness a few drug deals, even in nice neighborhoods in the middle of the day. Being around crime is part of life in Mobile. However, there are definitely some parts that are much safer.

What Areas of Mobile Are the Safest?

It can appear that the northwest part of the city is the safest on crime maps. There are also crime maps that show that the northeast part of the city has the most crimes committedOpens in a new tab.. This is a decent generalization of the area, but there are some more specific areas that are monitored and reported to be safe. Some of the safest neighborhoodsOpens in a new tab. in Mobile are around the University of Southern Alabama, the Country Club, Claremont, and Venetia.

From my experiences living there, I would say the richer areas are less likely to be overrun with crime. Poverty can increase the crime rates of an area, simply because the people are in need and might use illegal ways to manage and cope with a lack of resources.

As a general rule and piece of advice, it is highly recommended that people avoid going anywhere near or in Prichard. Prichard used to be a nice up-and-coming city. Now it is overrun with crime of all types. There are active gangs in the city along with drug use, violence, and homelessness. Stores that used to be in the area are run down and there are prison-like bars covering the entranceways.

The one time I was going through Prichard at night, I am pretty sure I saw the beginning of what would become an illegal car race. Northeast Mobile touches Prichard, so it is likely that people could experience some remnants of that lifestyle.

How to Report a Crime in Mobile, Alabama

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There are two ways that a person can report the crime to the local sheriff’s departmentOpens in a new tab.. The first way is to call 911. A person should only call 911 when a crime is in progress or there is a fear of someone getting injured or killed. For crimes that are heard about later or after a crime is committed, it is best to call the non-emergent line. The non-emergent line for Mobile is 251-574-8633. They do offer an online form that can be filled out anonymously, but it seems that the form is under construction or is not available publicly as of October 2022.

The FBI also has a station in Mobile that covers several counties in the area. If a person knows anything about a crime, they are encouraged to submit a tip through the FBI website, calling, or stopping by in person. This is a unique aspect of the area because not every city has an FBI stationOpens in a new tab. so close. They are also equipped to better manage more intense crimes, like gang activity, human trafficking, and drug trafficking.

People who choose to live in Mobile, Alabama should be aware of the crime-heavy areas and what they should do when they experience a crime personally or secondhand. Now that you understand this, you are able to best prepare yourself and be safe. People who love Mobile now can feel comfortable exploring and enjoying the city while being cautious.

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