Is There A Lot of Crime in Goodyear, Arizona? (What You Should Know)

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There are many things that can make living in a city more or less desirable. One of the most impactful is the amount of crime that takes place there because high crime rates can be very dangerous. So, is there a lot of crime in Goodyear, Arizona?

There is not an incredibly high amount of crime in Goodyear, Arizona. Property crime reports show that it is safer than the average city in Arizona but slightly more dangerous than the average US city. Violent crime rates in Goodyear are significantly lower than national and state averages.

There are many ways to view different areas of crime statistics because some crimes are more severe than others. For this reason, it is important to know what the most common types of crimes committed in the area are.

Annual Crime Rates in Goodyear, Arizona

The total amount of crimes that are reported in an area annually can be an indication of how dangerous the city is. However, this will vary based on the size of both the population and the geographical area of the city.

Based on the annual crime rates of cities across the United States, Goodyear is considered to be safer than approximately 24% of US cities due to its relatively low number of crime reports. This also means that Goodyear has higher crime rates and is more dangerous than 76% of the cities that are located within the United States.

There are approximately 2,121 total crimes reported in Goodyear, ArizonaOpens in a new tab. annually. This equates to approximately 22.26 crimes per 1,000 residents. Of these crimes, around 1,922 are property crime reports, and 199 are violent crime reports.

When looking at the crime rates in a geographical area, there can be comparisons drawn between two distinct areas and the amount of crime that they experience. In the United States, there is a national average of nearly 27 total crime reports made per square mile of the city. This is higher than both the state and city averages of Arizona and Goodyear.

Throughout the state as a whole, Arizona has an average of 26 crime reports per square mile. The city of Goodyear has the lowest average of all three with only 11 crimes reported for each square mile that is located within the city limits.

Local Property Crime Rates

Property crimes are both committed and reported far more frequently than other types of crimes. Some examples of property crime include offenses such as shoplifting, arson, burglary, theft, vandalism, and motor vehicle theft. Because the offense is considered less intense than violent crimes, the consequences and punishments for committing them are less harsh. Property crimes often occur more often than violent crimes.

In the state of Arizona, there is an average of approximately 23 property crime reports made per 1,000 residents within the state every year. This is an average, meaning that there are cities within Arizona that have higher and lower averages than this in terms of violent crime reports, and Goodyear is one of the cities that brings the state average down with fewer reports overall.

In the city of Goodyear, Arizona, there is an average amount of 20 property crime reports that are made within the city limits for each group of 1,000 residents every year. Both Goodyear and Arizona exceed the US national average of only 19 property crime reports for every 1,000 residents.

However, the city of Goodyear only has 1 more crime report than the average US city, which means that it is incredibly close to the national average and isn’t too dangerous in relation to other cities across the nation.

Each person in the state of Arizona has a 1 in 43 chance that they will become a victim of a property crime. The probability of this happening is more in your favor when in the city of Goodyear specifically. Every 1 in 50 people falls victim to a property crime in Goodyear, which is safer than the average city in the state of Arizona.

Statistics on Annual Violent Crime Reports

Violent crimes occur far less frequently than more minor offenses such as property crimes. Some examples of violent crimes include rape, murder, assault, and robbery. Each person in the state of Arizona has a 1 in 199 chance that a violent crime will be committed against them.

People who visit or reside in Goodyear have far better odds of avoiding this tragedy because only 1 in every 479 people in the city falls victim to a violent crime. It is more than 2 times safer to be in Goodyear than the average city in Arizona when avoiding violent crimes.

The state of Arizona has an average of approximately 5 violent crimes reported for each group of 1,000 people in the residing population. This is higher than the average city in the United States, which has a national average of only 4 violent crime reports per 1,000 people. Goodyear, however, is safer from violent crimes because it has an average of only 2 violent crime reports for each set of 1,000 residents.

Goodyear’s Safest Neighborhoods and Areas

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Different parts of each city have various amounts of crimes reported there regularly. As stated above, property crimes are more common than violent crimes, but specific areas of a city have higher reports of certain types of crimes nearby.

Fortunately, this also means that there are some parts of the city that have lower overall crime rates and are safer than others! These are the kinds of areas that most people want to look at when purchasing or renting a home or place of residence because it will provide a safer life for them and their families.

A few examples of the safest areas in Goodyear are listed below to help those who are looking at purchasing a home in the city. While these areas do have fewer crime reports, residents are not completely safe from being the victim of a crime.

  • Pebblecreek
  • Reflection Bay
  • Palm Valley
  • Sunchase at Estrella
  • Las Brisas
  • Goodyear West
  • Oasis at Canyon Trails
  • Canada Village
  • Sedella
  • Camelback Garden Farms
  • Estrella Mountain Ranch
  • Coronado Village

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