Is There a Lot of Crime in Elk Grove, California? (What you should know)

You may be wondering if there is a lot of crime in Elk Grove, California if you are planning on moving there. Safety is key when it comes to finding a good place to live. We are going to explain just how safe Elk Grove, California is, and what you may need to be aware of before moving there.

The crime rate in Elk Grove, California is higher than the national average of all communities in America. The chances that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in this area is 1 in 464. This is equivalent to a crime rate of 2 per one thousand residents.

Now that you know a little more about the crime rates to expect in Elk grove, we are going to highlight more facts about the cities safety and things you should do to stay safe in your home and around the city.

Crime Analytics Description

The crime rate is higher than the national average, however, it is not among the communities with the very highest crime rate in the United States. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Elk Grove are 1 in every 52 people.

Elk groves violent crime rate is higher than most communities of all population sizes. The chances that a person will become a victim of a violent crime is 1 is 464. Elk Grove’s rate for property crime is 17 per every 1000 population or 1 in 59. Property crimes include burglary, arson, vehicle theft, and larceny.

Elk Grove does not fall under the safest communities in the America category. It also has a higher crime rate than 48 percent of California’s cities and communities. However, when you compare Elk grove’s crime rate to cities of its size, its crime rate is a lot lower than others. Elk Grove is actually safer than most cities around America that are comparably the same size.

Crime Analytics Data

Now we are going to go over the facts and data to show you exactly how much crime there is going on in Elk Grove, California. We are going to go over annual, property, and violent crimes.

Annual Crimes:

Violent CrimesProperty CrimesTotal
Number of Crimes3772,9643.341
Rate Per 10002.1616.9619.12

Property Crimes:

BurglaryTheftMotor Vehicle Theft
Rate Per 10001.7212.982.27

Violent Crimes:

Rate Per 10000.000.200.661.29

Safest Neighborhoods in Elk Grove

These are the safest neighborhoods according to the facts and crime rates in and around Elk Grove, California.

Top 10 safest neighborhoods in Elk Grove:

  1. Grant Line Rd / Bradshaw Rd
  2. Sheldon
  3. Elk Grove Blvd / Franklin Blvd
  4. Hood Franklin Rd
  5. Bilby Rd / Bruceville Rd
  6. Near Bilby Rd
  7. Waterman Rd / Mosher Rd
  8. Elk Grove Blvd / Laguna Lake Way
  9. Waterman Rd / Bond Rd
  10. Elk Grove Blvd / Four Winds Dr

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Elk Grove

These are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Elk Grove, California according to the facts.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods is Elk Grove:

  1. Sheldon Road / Waterman Rd
  2. Laguna
  3. W Stockton Blvd / Laguna Blvd
  4. W Stockton Blvd / Red Fox Way
  5. Sharkey Ave / Elk Grove Florin Rd
  6. City Center
  7. Deepdale Way / Francesca Way
  8. Laguna Blvd / Dwight Rd
  9. Elk Grove Florin Rd / Elk Grove Blvd
  10. Laguna West

Avoiding Crime and Remaining Safe


In the majority of reported incidents, Most victims had their wallet or phone removed from their backpack front pocket. It’s important to carry your bag in front of you if you are wearing a purse. Also, try putting your phone or wallet in your front pocket if you don’t have a bag or satchel to put it in.

You should be extra cautious in places like subway turnstiles, crowded trains, and going upstairs or downstairs in the subway. You should try your best to avoid crowded spaces. If crowded spaces are unavoidable, make sure you have important items placed in a bag or pocket towards the front of your body.

Identity Theft

Identity theft happens when a person uses your personal identification to obtain services, credit, loans, and rentals in your name. Information is usually stolen by a person going through your mail to take pre-approved, credit card offers, receipts, stealing your wallet, calling you as a solicitor, and looking over your shoulder while you are at an ATM.

There are many things you can do to avoid identity theft and steps to take if you become a victim. You should order copies of your credit report from 3 credit reporting agencies. Contact the credit reporting agencies in writing and let them know that there are inaccurate items in your credit report. You should also keep all of the letters you sent to the agencies. Never carry important documents like your social security card, passport, or birth certificate unless it’s necessary.

Day and Night Walking

There are many crimes that happen because a person is walking alone. People may get robbed or taken. Make sure to be completely aware of your surroundings when you are walking by yourself or walking around at night.

It is important to try to walk places with your friends rather than being alone and make sure to plan your route before leaving your house. Stick to well-lighted, busier areas. It’s best to avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots, or alleys where there are fewer people.

If it seems like there is someone following you, try to change directions or cross the street. If they’re still following you, walk into an open store or restaurant. Don’t be afraid to ask or call other people for help.


When you happen to be a victim of this unfortunate event, it may be tempting to try to keep your items or chase after the person that has stolen your items. The best thing to do is give up your property. Your life is more important than the items that they may have stolen. If you try to get your items back the attacker may harm you.

Report the crime to the authorities immediately. Try to remember what your attacker looked like and let the police operator know what they looked like and where you are. Source.

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