Is There A Lot of Crime in Chandler, Arizona? (What You Should Know)

Aerial Panorama looking over a suburban neighborhood outside of Phoenix, Arizona, in late Autumn.

Deciding where to move to is a difficult decision, and there are lots of things to research about an area such as schools, houses, employment opportunities, community involvement, political views, weather, and many others. Among all of these, however, the crime rates in an area are among the most important factors. So, is there a lot of crime in Chandler, Arizona?

There is not a lot of crime in Chandler, Arizona. The annual property and violent crime reports are lower than the national and state averages in the US and Arizona. While there is a bit of crime in the city, Chandler is a safer place to live than many cities nearby and throughout the nation.

While the number of crimes reported in Chandler isn’t incredibly high, there is still information to be gained from the reported crimes in the area. There are violent and property crimes which each have different amounts of reports and can be important in helping you to decide which parts of the city are safest.

Overview of the Annual Crime Reports Made in Chandler, Arizona

In researching all of the cities in the United States, the crime rates in each were decided in percentages to show which cities are safer than others and how this compares across the nation. The number of total crimes reported in Chandler, Arizona on an annual basis shows that the city is only safer than 29% of cities in the nation. The most concerning part of this statistic is that the city is more dangerous than 71% of US cities, which is well over half.

However, it should be mentioned that these statistics are accounting for cities of all sizes both geographically and in terms of population. Clearly, cities that are smaller will have fewer crime rates because there are far fewer people and properties there.

In reference to the annual crime rates in Chandler, Opens in a new tab.there are approximately 5,441 total crimes committed and reported in the city each year. When viewed in relation to the number of people in the city, this also means that there are about 19.71 crimes reported overall for every 1,000 residents in the city. Of these total crimes, there are 542 reported violent crime instances which make for only 1.97 violent crime reports per 1,000 residents.

Because property crimes are less severe, they are far more common than violent crimes. There are around 17.75 property crime reports in Chandler for every group of 1,000 people in the city’s total population. This was devised from the total amount of 4,898 property crimes committed each year in the city.

Crime rates can also be viewed in relation to the size of the city. This can help show how the geographic area of the city relates to the number of crime reports there. In the United States of America, there is an average of nearly 27 total crime reports made for each square mile. In the state of Arizona, there are slightly fewer reports, with an average of only 26 crime reports per square mile.

The city of Chandler, Arizona exceeds both of these medians with approximately 84 crimes reported per square mile happening within the city limits. In relation to area, there are far more crime reports made in Chandler than in the average US or Arizona city.

Statistics on Local Property Crimes

The state of Arizona and the United States both have higher averages of property crime reports than the city of Chandler. Property crimes include offenses such as graffiti, motor vehicle theft, burglary, and theft. The national average in the United States of America is approximately 19 property crime reports per 1,000 residents. In the state of Arizona, there are 23.12 property crimes reported for every group of 1,000 people there, which is higher than the average city in the United States.

The city of Chandler has fewer annual reports of property crimes than both the state and national averages. There are only 17.75 property crime reports made in Chandler per 1,000 residents of the city itself. This shows that Chandler is a safer place to be than most US and Arizona cities when it comes to property crimes.

While in Chandler, each person has a 1 in 56 chance that they personally will become the victim of a property crime while there. These odds may not seem ideal, but they are actually rather desirable when viewing the statistics across the state of Arizona as a whole. One out of every 43 people in the state of Arizona falls victim to a property crime. You are more likely to become a property crime victim while in other parts of Arizona than you are while in Chandler. Being in this city literally decreases your chances of becoming a property crime victim.

Annual Violent Crime Reports

Violent crimes are far more severe than other criminal offenses. These include charges for crimes such as murder, rape, assault, and robbery. Chandler, Arizona has very few violent crime reports annually and overall. Only 1 out of every 508 people in the city fall victim to a violent crime. These are more favorable odds than those in the state of Arizona as a whole. Each person in Arizona has a 1 in 199 chance that they will become a violent crime victim while there.

The national average for violent crime rates per 1,000 people is a total of 4 crime reports annually in the US. The state of Arizona shows a state average of approximately 5 violent crime reports for every 1,000 residents. In Chandler, there are only 1.97 violent crimes reported per 1,000 residents of the city, making it safer from violent crime than the average city located in the US or Arizona.

Safest Neighborhoods and Areas in Chandler, Arizona

While Chandler is a pretty safe place, to begin with, there are some parts of the city that are less likely to have crimes reported than others. A few of the safest places in the city are listed below.

  • Sun Groves
  • Old Stone Ranch and Countryside Estates
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Vasaro
  • Oakwood Hills
  • Creekwood Ranch
  • Paseo Trail North
  • May’s Pond
  • Sun Lakes
  • Riggs Ranch Meadows and Barrington

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