Is There A Lot of Crime in Anaheim, California? (What You Should Know)

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With the magical pull of Disneyland, tropical fruits, gorgeous beaches, and warm weather year-round, there are plenty of reasons that people are constantly moving to Anaheim, California. However, it is important to know the amount of crime that takes place in a city before moving there too quickly. So, is there a lot of crime in Anaheim, California?

Based on overall crime rates, Anaheim, California is only safer than approximately 15% of US cities. The property crime rates there are higher than both the national and state averages. Anaheim does, however, have fewer violent crime reports than the average city in the US or California.

Some types of crimes are more common than others in Anaheim, just like there are some crimes that are far more severe or less so. This is why it is advised that one researches the type, amount, and frequency of crimes that take place in Anaheim to have a more accurate depiction of what crime in the area is really like.

Overview of Annual Crime Reports in Anaheim, California

Total crime rate averages in a city can provide great insight into what it is like to live there and how safe of a place it is. It is even more useful, however, when viewed with some type of reference to how much crime is normal or expected in a city. The total number of crimes reported annually in Anaheim shows that the city is only considered to be safer than approximately 15% of US cities. The most concerning part about this statistic is what it implies.

Anaheim has a total of 10,122 crimes reported annually.Opens in a new tab. This makes for approximately 29 crimes that are reported for each group of 1,000 people in the population. Of these crimes, the majority are property crimes, as is normal in most cities and areas.

Around 8,880 property crimes are reported annually in Anaheim and around 25.6 property crime reports per 1,000 residents of the city. Violent crimes, however, are far less common, with approximately 3.6 crimes being reported per 1,000 residents and a total of 1,242 reported violent crimes happening annually.

Another way to look at the total number of crimes that occur in a city is through comparison to the number of crimes that occur in the city in relation to the geographic area within city limits. For example, the United States has a national average of approximately 27 crimes reported per square mile of area.

The state of California is known for being large but having a very large amount of highly populated cities that are rather tightly packed in comparison to most other US states. This is reflected well in the California state average of approximately 77 crimes happening per square mile.

In comparison to these last two statistics especially, Anaheim has a very high amount of crimes committed per square mile. There are 119 crimes reported per square mile of Anaheim, California. While this is high, it is not as incredibly alarming as it may seem initially. The entire city of Anaheim is 50 square miles, and most US cities are much larger than that, so crimes are more spread out than they are in Anaheim.

Property Crime Rates in the City

Property crimes include offenses such as arson, burglary, theft, vandalism, motor vehicle theft, and shoplifting. These are among the most commonly committed and reported crimes because they are not as severe or aggressive as violent crimes. There are more property crimes reported on average in Anaheim than in the average city in the state or nation.

The United States of America has a national average of approximately 19 property crimes reported per 1,000 residents, which is lower than the average in Anaheim or California. In the state of California as a whole, the average amount of property crime reports made per 1,000 residents is only 21. Unfortunately, the city of Anaheim exceeds even this number of reports with the 26 property crime reports that are made for every group of 1,000 residents within the city.

The majority of people are concerned about crime rates because they want to be certain that a crime will not be committed against them personally. For this reason, it is great to look at the probability that a specific kind of crime will be committed against you while you are in a certain city, state, or area.

Meanwhile, in the state of California, you have a 1 in 47 chance that a property crime of some kind will be committed against you. This is devised from the total amount of crimes committed annually in relation to the total population of the said area. Each person in Anaheim has even worse odds, as there is a 1 in 39 chance that they will become the victim of a property crime while there.

Local Violent Crime Statistics

Violent crimes are more aggressive and far less common that property crimes due to the intensity of these offenses. Some violent crime offenses involve murder, assault, rape, and robbery. One indication of safety in Anaheim is the fact that the city has a lower violent crime rate than the average city in the United States or the state of California specifically.

Each person in Anaheim has a 1 in 279 chance that they will become the next victim of a violent crime, but the state of California has a 1 in 227 chance. Anaheim offers a probability more in favor of your safety than the California state average.

The city of Anaheim has an average of approximately 3.5 violent crimes that are reported within city limits per 1,000 residents that are recorded there. The United States has a national average of 4 violent crime reports for each group of 1,000 people. The highest of these is the California state average, where there are 4.4 violent crimes that are reported per 1,000 people.

Anaheim, California’s Safest Neighborhoods and Areas

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The following neighborhoods and areas are those that receive the lowest Opens in a new tab.nOpens in a new tab.uOpens in a new tab.mOpens in a new tab.bOpens in a new tab.eOpens in a new tab.rOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.of crime reports.Opens in a new tab. It is highly recommended that anyone looking for a home in the city searches availabilities in these neighborhoods to best avoid the chance of a crime being committed against you or your family.

  • Windwood
  • Anaheim Hills
  • Sunflower
  • Bel Air
  • Carriage Hills
  • Havenhill
  • Rancho Yorba
  • Westridge
  • Lake Summit
  • Galeria
  • Friendly Village
  • Parkside
  • The Summit of Anaheim Hills
  • Broadmoor Homes
  • Royal Ridge
  • Canyon Oaks
  • Savi Ranch West

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