Is Scottsdale, Arizona a Conservative City?

Proving to be a little slice of paradise in the desert of the Grand Canyon state, Scottsdale, Arizona is filled with beautiful neighborhoods and lush green golf courses. When the sun is always shining there is no short supply of fun things to go do all year round. Scottsdale is one of the best cities to live in for raising a family in the country, but do the residents have a conservative or liberal mindset?

Scottsdale, Arizona is a conservative city because of the lower flat income tax rates, the establishment of new gun laws in 2010, the strong religious impact of 39.8% of the Scottsdale population, and the predominant influence of the republican party in federal and local government.

However, before you move to Scottsdale, Arizona, it’s important to make sure that you are moving somewhere that is going to be a good fit for you and your family, not just resource-wise, but politically too. Finding somewhere that will push policies that you are in support of will greatly increase your satisfaction in your life. Scottsdale, Arizona has a more conservative view that may encourage and inspire you to get more involved and learn more about your local government. 

Tax Rates

When it comes to paying taxes it’s important to pay attention to every detail and component. Averaging just lower than the national average, Arizona has a combined tax rate of 8.05%. This is made up of 5.6% state tax, 0.7% county tax, and 1.75% city of Scottsdale taxOpens in a new tab..

It is also important to stay actively informed about the policy changes that are constantly being made. In April 2022, the Arizona Legislature signed off on Proposition 208. This proposal collapsed and combined the four marginal income taxOpens in a new tab. brackets into two divisions. This means that for each tax period, rather than having to sort through each tax bracket to see if you qualify or not, there are just two sections.

“Single tax filers with taxable income up to $27,272 (double if filing jointly) will be taxed at a rate of 2.55 percent. Any taxable income exceeding that amount will be taxed at a rate of 2.98 percent. Pending revenue triggers, the tax will eventually be reduced to 2.5 percent for all income levels.”

Timothy Vermeer – Tax Foundation

Having only two tax brackets greatly simplifies the tax game and makes filing for taxes a whole lot easier. The idea behind the flat income tax is that there is one fair income tax for everyone. It works to eliminate loopholes, especially campaign exemptions for government figures.

This flat income has already been implemented in several other states already, with more moving in this same direction. Flat income tax helps to lower income tax dramatically but also minimizes deductions. The idea of lowering tax rates is very conservative-minded. The conservative way is to lower taxes and save any surplus.

State and Local Government

While voters closer to Phoenix, Arizona tend to be more liberal, those further out from Phoenix become more conservative. Over the past 80 years, Arizona has voted for the National Republican party in all but 2 elections. For this reason, Arizona has always been considered an “easy win” for the Republican candidateOpens in a new tab..

The mayor of ScottsdaleOpens in a new tab., Arizona is currently Mayor David Ortega. David Ortega has been a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona for over 40 years. He has put in countless hours volunteering and giving back to the community in the form of nonprofits. Mayor Ortega was an independent that was recently elected in the 2022 election.

Upon his election, he stated, “If we remain true to our values, we will ensure this great city remains a place of fellowship and opportunity. I look forward to fulfilling that commitment to hold true to our values every day as your mayor.”

Mayor Ortega has focused his candidacy and his mayoral role on safeguarding public health and safety, protecting and ensuring the safety of neighborhoods, and improving the reputation of Scottsdale.

The Arizona stateOpens in a new tab. government has 30 members of the Senate and 60 members of the House of Representatives. In the state senate, there are 16 members affiliated with the Republican party and 14 affiliated with the Democratic party. The President of the Senate is Karen Fann (R), the Majority leader is Rick Gray (R), and the Minority leader is Rebecca Rios.

In the ArizonaOpens in a new tab. House of Representatives, there are 31 republicans (majority), and 29 democratic members. Because the republican party has the majority of members in the House of Representatives and the Senate, this puts Republicans in a unique position. The Majority leaders of both the house and the senate are given a greater say and the option to lessen discussion between houses for various policies. This act alone gives the state government of Arizona a more conservative position. 

Gun Laws

When it comes to gun laws, the debates begin. However, not in Arizona. Arizona is one of the most relaxed states when it comes to carrying a firearm. As of July 2010, Arizona has reinstated its position on carrying and gun licensing for its state. This established the “Constitutional Carry LawOpens in a new tab. [which] allows any citizen who can legally own/purchase a firearm and is 21 years or older to carry it loaded and concealed on their person without any type of permit or license anywhere inside the vehicle.”

If an individual is driving and is pulled over by a police officer, the officer has the right to temporarily take custody of the firearm for the duration of the contact. No permit or license is required of anyone 21 years and older when purchasing a firearm, and further state law prohibits local jurisdictions from requiring any form of registration.

When it comes to carrying a gun, anyone that is 18 and older is allowed to openly carry a firearm. Law prohibits anyone 18-20 years of age from carrying a concealed weapon.

When it comes to carrying a gun, anyone that is 18 and older is allowed to openly carry a firearm. Law prohibits anyone 18-20 years of age from carrying a concealed weapon.

While gun laws provide citizens with a lot of freedom, there are still regulations that prohibit individuals from carrying guns on certain premises. Firearm carry is prohibited in secured airport areas, polling stations, federal buildings, and K-12 school grounds. When attending K-12 school grounds, firearms must be left in the vehicle, or unloaded and secured. Gun laws also prohibit carrying on premises where it explicitly states that no firearms are allowed.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, there are 5 accessible gun ranges that provide individuals with a safe place to go practice shooting guns. Going to the gun range can help individuals practice improving their hand-eye coordination, at times relieve stress, and feel more confident in their ability to keep themselves safe.


Religion is something that can have a large impact on where individuals move. For those that pursue a higher spiritual connection, locating local congregations can help new move-ins feel right at home. With about 30% of ArizoniansOpens in a new tab. sharing that they are religious, 39.8% of those that live in ScottsdaleOpens in a new tab. are affiliated with a religion.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints6.5%
other Christina Faiths7.8%
Eastern Faith.1%

Catholic Church

The catholic church is the #1 leading religion in Scottsdale, ArizonaOpens in a new tab., with over 14% of the Scottsdale population affiliating themselves with the Catholic religion. There are over 20 churches in the Scottsdale area alone that provide church services each week, with their most popular services being held on Easter and Christmas. With mass each week, services run for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the second largest make-up of religious individuals in Scottsdale, coming in at over 6%. With 19 chapels scattered across the Scottsdale area, multiple wards meet every Sunday in each meeting house. With sacrament meetings and Sunday school lessons, church services are 2 hours long.

Religion in the Scottsdale area encourages the conservative perspective that Scottsdale holds. Religion promotes stability and tradition. While change can be necessary, religion and conservatism work together holding the same values. Ensuring that everyone has a say, promoting freedom of choice, peace through strength, and family values religion, and politics can go hand in hand.

Applying This to you

If you are planning on visiting or living in Scottsdale, Arizona, you need to remember that this city is a conservative city. This may just change if you move here or not. Scottsdale, Arizona is such a great city, and the conservative people who live there are oftentimes very kind, generous people, so you will likely be able to find good friends, even if you have liberal rather than conservative views. So, take all of this into account when deciding if you are going to visit or live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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