Is Orem, Utah a Conservative City?

Just 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City is the city of Orem, Utah. Orem was originally founded and began to grow in 1919 when the residents needed a water system. If you are curious if Orem, Utah is a conservative city, make sure to keep reading this article.

Orem, Utah is a conservative city because of the decreasing tax laws, the predominantly conservative state and local governments, relaxed gun restrictions in the state, as well as the high religious rates. Utah is known for being a conservative state in its laws and policies.

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Tax Laws

The Utah government has done its best to keep taxesOpens in a new tab. in Utah as simple as possible. The city of Orem has a combined tax rate that falls lower than the National average. The combined tax rate for those living in Orem, Utah is 7.25%. This is broken down into 4.85% Utah sales tax, 0.8% Utah County tax, and 1.1% tax for the city of Orem.

Along with a small combined tax rate, Utah follows a flat income tax rate. This means that instead of a graduated income tax system that most states are familiar with, Utah has one flat income tax rate that is applied to every household regardless of income. Starting in January of 2022, Governor Cox has issued a policy that decreases that income tax rate across the state. This policy lowers income tax rates from 4.95% to 4.85%.

While this rate may only be a small percentage lower, it still works to minimize the impact that taxes can have on each household. With the decrease in income tax, Utah is also expanding the social security tax as well.

State and Local Government


Since January 2022, Mayor David YoungOpens in a new tab. has been mayor of Orem, Utah. Mayor Young has laid down his roots in Orem since being married and raising 5 children there. Mayor Young has aimed for success his entire life and found it. David Young studied business at Brigham Young University, which helped him later when he founded Paragon Wealth Management, an investment firm. MayorOpens in a new tab. Young has worked tirelessly to help develop the city of Orem and to help it aim for the same success he has found.

Mayor Young has 5 major focuses to help Orem: Safe and Liveable Neighborhoods, Dependable Infrastructure, a Thriving and Balanced Business Environment, a Community-Focused and Effective Government, and a Skilled and Talented Workforce. His efforts in these areas have helped inspire Orem to be the best place it can be.


Governor Spencer CoxOpens in a new tab. was the first Lieutenant Governor in 2013 before being elected as the governor in 2021. Governor Cox has made countless efforts to improve the state of Utah that have led to its success and perseverance through economic challenges from the Covid-19 global pandemic as well as environmental issues from Utah’s historic drought. Governor Cox was born and raised in Utah and has spent his time studying law and serving the public.

Since being in office, Governor Cox has made an effort to focus on us and implement changes in areas surrounding affordable housing, suicide prevention, mental health resources, water conservation, and infrastructure development. These efforts have all helped create a better Utah.

Gun Laws

Because Utah has always been a very conservative state, the gun lawsOpens in a new tab. have been a direct reflection of that. Utah has a very relaxed gun law policy that allows individuals to own guns and carry them. While these gun laws are flexible, there are still clear and specific guidelines in place to help regulate the policies.

Under Utah policy, in order to obtain a firearm, there are no licensing, registration, or background checks necessary.

Beyond buying and selling firearms, Utah is considered a constitutional carry stateOpens in a new tab., which means that anyone in the legal position to own and carry a firearm is able to do so. This means that individuals must be over the age of 21 or 18-20 years of age with specific licensing in order to own a gun. For those wanting permits for means of reciprocity, Utah has a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) available.

These permits are distributed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification to those 21 years and older. To get the permit, people need to complete a firearm familiarity course to ensure that they know how to properly handle firearms and know how to keep themselves and others safe while using their firearms. This course is taught and authorized by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

There are also provisional licenses authorized for individuals 18-20 years of age that wish to openly carry a weapon. While carrying weapons is permitted, there are still places that prohibit the carrying of any firearm. These places include, but are not limited to, courthouses, airports, elementary and higher education school premises, and church meetinghouses.


ReligionOpens in a new tab. is something that the residents of Utah are very familiar with. In fact, many people outside of Utah know about Utah because of its religious influence. Utah is ranked 12th out of the entire country as one of the most religious states, with 82% of the state being affiliated with a religion. Religion can have a big impact on people’s lives. It can be a guiding influence in people’s lives and can even create a sort of path and example for them to follow.

Religion can turn strangers into friends and friends into family. Religion creates a bond within individuals that can’t be found anywhere else. It unites people, neighborhoods, and communities. This can be seen all across the country, but especially in the city of Orem, Utah.

Religion in the state of Utah has helped create an atmosphere and culture of faith within the state and within each city in Utah. This can be clearly seen in the religious population in Orem, Utah. Much like the state of Utah, the city of Orem has a high concentration of religious people. Over 95% of Orem, Utah residents are religious. The two highest religions are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Catholicism.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is the dominant religion found in Utah, making up over 70% of the religious population. That being said, it’s no shock to see that in Orem, Utah, over 93% of the religious population is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The state of Utah became a hub for this church in the mid-1800s when pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley. As years have passed and the land has developed, Utah County, where Orem is located, has become another hub for members of the LDS church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 25 meetinghouses in the area, and each meetinghouse holds worship services each Sunday. The LDS church believes in developing a personal relationship with God in order to help strengthen themselves spiritually. They believe that mankind is brothers and sisters through Christ and that each person should do good things with their life in order to sit well with God after death. During church services, these doctrines are taught through reading scriptures, singing songs of praise, and saying prayers. Worship services last 2 hours and all are invited to attend.


While the Catholic church is the second most popular religion in the Orem area, it still only makes up for just over 1% of the religious population. The Catholic church came to Utah shortly after the pioneers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After settling in the Salt Lake valley, Catholicism began to spread as well. The Catholic Church has doctrine centering around the holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the reality of God.

The Catholic churchOpens in a new tab. teaches truths out of the Holy Bible and uses the Bible as the direct word of God. Orem, Utah has one Catholic meetinghouse with worship services every day, with times varying per day. There are also Spanish services available as well for those who don’t speak English or prefer to speak Spanish. Worship services last anywhere from 45 minutes-1 hour and are available for anyone wishing to increase their spirituality.

Why Does This Matter?

You may be wondering, after reading all of this, why what the political trends are like in a city like Orem would matter to you, especially if you don’t live in the city. Well, we are here to tell you why it matters to you! People like living in and visiting cities that have the same political trends as they do.

So, because Orem, Utah is a conservative city, that may influence whether or not you decide to move to Orem. So, before you decide for sure whether or not you are going to move to Orem, take into consideration the political habits and trends of the residents.

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