Is Mobile, Alabama a Liberal City?

Mobile, Alabama is a beautiful city that anyone would be happy to live in. If politics are a large part of your character you may be worried to move to a large city for fear of a heavy political trend. I listened to the residents of Mobile, Alabama’s opinions on what the political trends are in Mobile, Alabama, and wrote them below for you to learn from.

Mobile, Alabama is not a liberal city. It is a conservative city. In the past 6 presidential elections, the Republican candidate has won in Mobile, Alabama. However, some neighborhoods are more liberal than others. Also, there have been some liberal movements in this city.

As you can see there is some political leniency in the city of Mobile, Alabama. I have written about the political trends and opinions below. Read on to make an informed decision about the city’s political climate.

Voting Patterns

The city of MobileOpens in a new tab., Alabama is a conservative city. In the 2020 presidential election, 43.4% of the city voted Democrat, 55.3% voted Republican, and the remaining 1.3% voted Independent.

As you can see, there really isn’t that much of a difference between the voting patterns of both Republicans and Democrats. There is only a small margin of difference. That does not mean that it feels like there is only a small margin of difference. Most residentsOpens in a new tab., when asked whether or not the city is a liberal-friendly state, argue that they feel like there are no other liberals in the city besides themselves.

“We’re isolated for sure. Constantly surrounded by people with the complete opposite opinion. It’s hard but you find people with the same beliefs with you & then it’s all worth it.”

— Emily Radar (Current Liberal Resident)

This shows that despite the city having a larger Democrat population, they feel rather isolated in the city. The reason for this is due to the fact that Alabama is a very conservative state as a whole. The state is known for its conservative values and therefore they get a much larger platform in the city.

People are more likely to talk about conservative beliefs in Alabama than they are willing to talk about liberal beliefs. Therefore, if you are an outspoken person when it comes to politics, you might be more capable of finding Democrat friends in Mobile, Alabama than in other mostly conservative cities.

City Council

Mobile, Alabama has a city council that is split up into 7 districts. Each of these districtsOpens in a new tab. has a leader that makes sure that their section of Mobile, Alabama is represented and cared for. Therefore, to get a better understanding of the politics of Mobile, Alabama in more specific regions, it is good to know each of the representatives in the city council over a region.

In the first district is Cory Penn. Cory Penn is a family man. He has a son and daughter with his wife Ivonza. He has lived in Mobile, Alabama his whole life. He may be a city councilman, but his first job is as a preacher at a local church. He manages the Right Way Christian Center Church, so when he is representing his district, he is also representing his congregation.

In the second district is William Carroll. William Carroll, before deciding to work on the city council, was a football player. He was a three-time All-American Champion. He still now coaches football to help the locals gain better access to athletics. He has also helped the community financially by creating the Land Bank Program which helps to assist neighborhoods through expediting the title process on abandoned and tax-delinquent property.

In the third district is C.J. Small. C.J. Small is a very active church member. He attends the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, where he serves as a Church Trustee, Sunday School Musician, and Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Teachers. He owns a mortuary in Mobile, Alabama, so he can help with the grief in the city of Mobile, Alabama. He has also been very active in charity work. Last Christmas, he hosted a large toy drive for the entire city of Mobile, Alabama to gather toys for the less fortunate children in the city.

In the fourth district is Ben Reynolds. Ben Reynolds was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He moved out of the city when Hurricane Katrina hit the edge of Florida. He went down and helped people financially start their lives over again. Ben Reynalds is now helping people in Mobile, Alabama be financially stable by offering his insurance business for use by locals.

In the fifth district is Joel Daves. The fifth district is right in the middle of Mobile, Alabama. This section has the largest range of economic diversity and it also has a large racial diversity as well. Joel Daves was a banker for 30 years before retiring to work on the city council. In his time on the city council, he has helped with the poverty in his district by holding a food drive. He reached out to a lot of local businesses and got the entire community involved. Due to this, he was able to raise $7 million in profits, which was way above their $1.5 million goal.

In district six is Scott Jones. Scott Jones is a military veteran. He served in the United States Army where he protected his country. He currently still works with the military on their missiles. He also is furthering his education and is working on his Ph.D. in organizational management. He is hoping these degrees will make him a better city council leader.

In our seventh and final district is Gina Gregory. Gina is the first woman to be elected to the Mobile, Alabama city council. She is excited to pave the way for other women to take her seat. She is specialized in public relations and helps the city of Mobile, Alabama become more appealing to the public.


Mobile, Alabama never had the right to make mask mandates or force their citizens to take the vaccination, but they did have the right for their Mobile County Health DepartmentOpens in a new tab. to get very active in tracking Covid-19 cases.

The Mobile County Health Department still as of this date July 15th, 2022 creates weekly Covid-19 reports. The reports tell of the citizens with Covid-19 and in what areas the disease spread is most prevalent. This helps the citizens be aware of the risks.

There was a mask mandate for a while in Mobile, Alabama. However, it ended fairly early on in the pandemic. The mask mandate ended back in April of 2021. This was when most of the country was still supporting the usage of masks as a protection against this deadly disease.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has had a lot of issues in the city of Mobile, Alabama. The main issue is the fact that the Republicans in the city have a lot more power and voice than the Democrats.

During the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, which happened as a result of the murder of George Floyd by the police, a woman was arrested for protesting. She had been fighting against police brutality against the African American population, and as a result, she was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison.

Also, in 2021, one of the local churches in MobileOpens in a new tab., Alabama had a Black Lives Matter sign on it. One of the citizens of the community stole the sign to show their hatred for the African American Community.

LGBTQ+ Community

Despite the problems that the Black Lives Matter community has faced, the LGBTQ+ community has had some great success in the city of Mobile, Alabama. They were able to get permission to paint rainbows on 4 of the crosswalks in the city to show support for the community.

Every year during the month of June Mobile, Alabama does a pride festival that gets a lot of visitors. There also is a large drag club that shows the diversity of the community in a fun way.

There are many pride clubs and organizations in the city of Mobile, Alabama that allows those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community to find support and resources.

Another event the LBGTQ+ community has is the Mardi Gras Balls. This is a great place to meet others who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and make lifelong friendships and connections.

Gun Law

In the city of Mobile, AlabamaOpens in a new tab., there are very few gun restrictions. There has been a multitude of shootings within the city. Recently, two children were killed due to gun violence. These children were not doing anything to provoke the attack, but the regulations on gun purchasing are almost nonexistent in Mobile, Alabama.

There are four gun shows that take place in Mobile, Alabama every year. Gun shows are dangerous because most people at gun shows do not register their guns. There are no background checks related to whether or not the person they sold the gun to should be allowed to have a gun, which results in dangerous individuals possessing guns and making the streets of Mobile, Alabama more dangerous.

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