Is Manchester, New Hampshire a Liberal City?

When looking to visit or move to a new city or state, knowledge of the area’s political views can be an influential matter in the decision. Manchester, New Hampshire, for example, is a liberal city in several aspects but also shows conservative trends in other areas as well.

Manchester, New Hampshire is a somewhat liberal city. There is a slim Democratic majority in recent elections, with Republican voters close behind in numbers. The city is liberal in voting statistics, elected government officials, climate change efforts, financial contributions, and abortion views.

These areas are some of many in which the city shows liberal beliefs, but there is also value in knowing the extent to which the city supports liberal views in each of these listed areas and political subjects.

Recent Voting Statistics

The city’s voting trends show that there is a slight Democratic lean in Hillsborough County. The city of Manchester had a close election this last year. In the most recent Presidential election, 52.8% of voters supported the Democratic partyOpens in a new tab. candidate, securing the win from a voting majority above half. The Republican party candidate, however, received an incredible 45.2% of votes in the election, a narrow loss to liberal ideals. The remaining 2.0% voted Independent.

While the Democratic party took the election in the city of Manchester, a small 7.6% was the only difference in votes with their Republican opponents. Just under 8% difference in voters would have resulted in a Republican party and conservative victory within the city. This shows that the city has a liberal majority, but does not with a substantial lead on the conservative views present. Voting statistics are one of many indications that Manchester, New Hampshire is a liberal city.

Financial Contributions to Political Campaigns

While voting statistics showed a close call for Democratic voters, the financial contributions made in the county are also an important tool in finding the political stance of a city. In Manchester, the Democratic party and liberal campaigns have received strong support in recent years through financial contributions. Opens in a new tab.

The Democratic party and liberal campaigns have received a total of $674,128 in financial contributions over the last four years from 2018-2021 in the city of Manchester. A total of 5,072 contributions made this total, averaging approximately $133 per contribution made in the area.

Over the same four-year time span, 2018-2021, the Republican party and conservative campaigns also received financial support, but not as strong as the Democratic and liberal campaigns. From contributions made in Manchester alone, the Republican and conservative campaigns received a total of 1,426 contributions and only raised a total of $419,258. This leaves an average of $294 per contribution made in this time period.

In total, the city of Manchester made a total of 3,646 more contributions to the Democratic and liberal campaigns than to their Republican and conservative counterparts. They also received $254,870 more in funds. These large sums in difference show that residents of Manchester support Democratic and liberal views in more than simply their votes. These citizens show more support to the liberal values in financial contributions and raised funds as well.

Elected Government Officials

The current mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire is Joyce CraigOpens in a new tab.. Mayor Craig is affiliated with the Democratic party and supports liberal ideals. She has recently met with local activistsOpens in a new tab. to discuss the strengthening of gun laws. In efforts to decrease gun violence, Mayor Craig has directed efforts toward the strengthening of gun laws, a strongly liberal ideal.

In electing a mayor that is a member of the Democratic party, the citizens of Manchester have shown that they value liberal ideals, and hope to have their governmental leaders advocate for these same beliefs.

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire is recorded to have classified himself as a pro-choice governor. He also swore to protect safe and legal abortion procedures for women in New Hampshire. This view and promise is an indication of liberal views on the subject.


In the state of New Hampshire, abortions are legal until women are 24 weeksOpens in a new tab. into pregnancy. The exception to this limit is only made in the case of a fetal anomaly where the fetus is unable to survive outside of the womb. The guardians of a minor must be notified 48 hours before the procedure, and an ultra-sound is required in many situations.

The US Supreme Court recently overturned the Roe v. Wade case, making it possible for individual states to legalize abortions, or to ban them completely. A large group of pro-choice activists has held hundreds of protests and rallies around the nation since this decision was announced in June of 2022. The post-24-week ban in New Hampshire will remain intact, despite the recent ruling, but the nation is in an uproar of opinions on the subject, which may cause new propositions for abortion laws to arise.

Large crowds were drawn in many New Hampshire cities immediately following the US Supreme Court’s announcement. Manchester, Exeter, Keene, and Portsmouth each hosted coordinated rallies organized by the Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund. This is a large group that works to legalize abortions, protect reproductive rights, and support easy attainability for abortion procedures.

New laws and regulations on the legality and availability of abortion procedures are most likely in the future of New Hampshire and many other states around the country. Paul Galasso formed a group of people to celebrate the recent announcement of the Roe v. Wade case.

In addition to this celebration, Galasso stated,Opens in a new tab. “New Hampshire’s going to continue to be a pro-abortion state. You probably saw the governor’s words around this that he’s a pro-choice governor.” This may be a foreshadowing of new laws in New Hampshire that may arise.

“As a pro-choice governor I am committed to upholding Roe v. Wade, which is why I’m proud of the bipartisan bill (adding exceptions for fatal fetal anomalies) that is headed to my desk this year. … So long that I am governor, these health care services for women will remain safe and legal.”

Governor Chris sununu, New hampshire

The governor statesOpens in a new tab. that he is pro-choice, and works to protect women’s rights to safe and legal abortion procedures within the state. Groups of pro-choice supporters gathered in a number of New Hampshire’s largest cities. Manchester had a group of protesters demonstrate their displeasure with the recent change in national law. The city, and a large portion of the state, show liberal views in their support of protecting reproductive rights and legal abortion procedures.

Climate Change

Another liberal belief is that greater efforts should be taken to protect our environment. Liberals support limited use of fossil fuels, increased application of renewable energy resources, and limitation of gas emissions. Manchester shows that its citizens agree with these liberal efforts and hope to make their city more environmentally friendly.

The Southern New HampshireOpens in a new tab. Climate Committee and the NH Department of Environmental Services take efforts toward helping Manchester and surrounding cities limit gas emissions. The outlined New Hampshire Climate Action PlanOpens in a new tab. specifies the areas in which the group intends to combat this issue.

LGBTQ+ Support

Liberals believe that same-sex marriages should be legal and generally support LGBTQ+ rights. Cities and areas that show strong support to the LGBTQ+ community are generally more liberal in their political majority, tendencies, and overall views as a population. In 2016, Manchester was listed in a popular LGBTQ+ magazine as one of the “Queerest Cities in America”, and was ranked as number fourteen. The city advocates for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

There are many groups and eventsOpens in a new tab. held throughout the city to allow this portion of the population to connect and be involved. Some of these opportunities are listed below.

  • Manchester Queer Meetup
  • All Levels Meditation and Yoga Classes
  • Nashua Lesbian Social Group
  • Queer Social Launces- Friends Zones
  • LGBTQ+ Women, Femmes, and Thems Social!
  • Weeknight Apps & Yacks
  • Mental Health Walk: MONSTER HUNT!
  • Qoffee at the Bridge Cafe
  • PFLAG New Hampshire

Manchester provides a very LGBTQ+ safe community that is accepting of all individuals. These events are only a small representation of the social networking and activities that go on in the area. There are many different support groups, clubs, and hobby-specified activities for these individuals to become more involved with other residents of the city.

The state of New Hampshire has legal Opens in a new tab.same-sex sexual activity. It has offered legal marriages to these individuals since January 1, 2008. State law protects these individuals from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, stores, and restaurants. Single LGTTQ+ individuals can legally adopt a child according to state law. Those in a same-sex relationship are also able to adopt their partner’s biological child.

Most insurance companies in the area cover transition-related medical care procedures, but there is no official state law about transition-related health care. New Hampshire does, however, ban all forms of discrimination in health care based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

With both state and city laws providing support for these people, Manchester, New Hampshire is a very accepting community for all LGBTQ+ individuals and their loved ones as well.

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