Is Cheyenne, Wyoming a Liberal City?

Whether you vote for the Republicans or the Democrats, it’s entirely up to you and your stance on what you believe is best for the country. However, your voting standards and views on politics may influence where you want to live.

Wyoming is a largely Conservative state in itself. In Laramie County, 60.6% of people voted Republican, and 28.2% voted for the Democratic side. Laramie County has voted for the Republican Party in the last five elections, and continues to remain largely a red state.

Whether you vote as a Conservative, or are a proud Liberal, both sides have a purpose to them and need to be described in order to make a sound decision as to who to vote for, and where to live. So, here is a carefully compiled article of the state of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s politics.

What Does Being a Conservative Mean?

According to the Dictionary definition, being a Conservative means: “favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.” Most people who are Conservative are against changing things, and prefer to uphold traditional values that have been in place since the founding of the Nation.

Those who uphold Conservative ideals are those who prefer limited government. Traditionalist conservatism is a political philosophy emphasizing the need for the principles of natural law, tradition, hierarchy and organic unity, agrarianism, and many other values that mean being orderly within the bounds of choosing what is best for the people as a whole.

A lot of those definitions probably go way over most people’s heads, including mine. So, here’s some guidance. Natural law means that all people have inherent rights, conferred not by act of legislation but by “God, nature, or reason.” It’s part of the reason why God is included in our National Anthem in the United States; God is central to the formation of the Government in it’s origination and foundation. Agrarianism allows people to control the land for farming, or for other agricultural purposes.

Being a Conservative is more of an inward act than an outward change on other people’s ideals and views, which is more popular among Liberalists. It’s not that being a Conservative means that there isn’t some agreement with what the Liberals view, there’s just some differentiation and priority. In order to help society, people have to work on themselves before society can be changed.

What Does Being a Liberal Mean?

The Dictionary definition, it means, “relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.” For liberals, in most cases, it means being able to have a free market, free trade, individual rights that include both civil and human, capitalism, democracy, gender equality, well, the list is incredibly long in all respects, but they want everything to be fair and equal in short.

Liberals strive to be open-minded in their views of others in order to be more inclusive. They want to be progressive with the times, rather than abiding by what may be generally accepted by other people. Liberals don’t want to be restricted by traditional viewpoints, they want to be able to change and evolve the government over time. It’s more about reforming as new problems or situations arise rather than thinking the old is what works best.

Liberals are most often viewed as the “left” side of the party, or more of an “extremist” point of view for the Democrats. Just as the Conservatives are viewed as the “extremist” right side of the Republican party. They’re not really extremists, they just take their views more seriously as well as expand upon those into something that isn’t broad. Basically, a Liberal takes the views of the Democrats not only more seriously, but also they take it to a different level of what they are looking for in not only a Presidential candidate but also someone who is going to enact those views that they are hoping others will embrace.

Liberals strive to have their views more public in order to entice a change for everyone. Being a Liberal is all about having others want to change with the government, instead of wanting to stick to what works best according to traditional views and standards.

What Laws Have Been Added and/or Changed Recently

Criminal Justice Reform

One of the latest reformations that happened in the Wyoming criminal justice system is that there will be a permanent erasure of a criminal record for those who have recently turned 18.

There will also be small changes to parole violations to those that make minor infractions while on parole. While on parole, if the parolee makes a minor infraction, then there will be lighter consequences.

A separate bill was also passed that in the instance in which grandparents are caring for their grandchild for more than a year, then they have the right to terminate the rights of the parents of that child and take permanent custody of their grandchild.

Equal Pay Penalization

It’s important that equal pay be managed, maintained, and instated nation wide. In the state of Wyoming, according to recent legislative laws, if companies are found to be discriminating against wages, there can be up to a $500 fine, and up to six months in jail. This is significantly harsher than the previous sentence, which was $200 and a 180-day sentencing maximum.

Animal Cruelty Laws and Penalties

The House Bill 235 helps to remove a loophole that prevents people from only being charged if they intended to kill an animal. Before, the only way to charge someone with animal harm was if the offender had intentions of killing that animal with malicious intent. Those who enact physical abuse on an animal can be charged with animal abuse and will be sentenced according to the severity of their actions.

Wildlife Conservation

Wyoming is a fairly desolate place, if everyone is being honest. Cheyenne is one of the largest cities in Wyoming. So, it has become an important aspect of what is important for those living in Wyoming. There is, of course, Yellowstone, which is a remarkable example of preserving the natural wildlife and beauty that makes Wyoming the way it is. The preservation of the natural beauty that is the state of Wyoming has become a focal point for all sides of the party.

Marijuana is Still Illegal in Wyoming

This is a difficult one for many to understand. However, considering the state is still widely Conservative, there won’t be a legalization of marijuana probably for another couple months to a few years. Conservatives have a tendency to not want to legalize drugs usually out of fear for their children, or misunderstanding what they mean and can do. It will take a lot of information and other states legalizing before Wyoming will follow suit with the nation.

History of Cheyenne and it’s Politics

Early in Wyoming’s, and definitely Cheyenne’s, history and politics as a whole, the railroad was what tied the state together, but also the nation. The railroad helped tom pave the way for new innovations and people to come in and aid in the growth and development of Cheyenne. Because of the railroad, Cheyenne had rapid growth, which earned it the nickname, “The Magic City of the Plains.” Just after a year of it’s establishment, there were just under 5,000 people.

Just to recap, Wyoming residents are gun enthusiasts, and this occasionally posed a problem for some residents in the area. Francis E. Warren, who was the state’s first governor, stated, “Every man slept with from one to a half-dozen revolvers under his pillow, for depradations [sic] of every character could be expected at any hour, day or night.” People expected anything to happen at all times of the day and/or night, so it was a common occurrence for every man to have a revolver resting under his pillow.

Now, skip to the present day, it has been an important errand for much of the nation to change with the times. So, in 2017, Cheyenne elected its first female mayor, Marian Orr. It’s important to be able to include women in the people’s government. Again, as stated earlier, it may be a common ideal for Liberalists to want to have equal opportunities for everyone. Still, it is best to include everyone in wants to participate in local and state government elections.

According to recent figures, it shows that much of Cheyenne’s success is all attributed to the local government through the help of its people. Cheyenne continues to grow and prosper all because of the local government’s ability to contribute ideals that help to allow Cheyenne to prosper and become one of the beloved cities that it has become today. As a Conservative state, the government’s control isn’t exactly the only thing that has attributed to the betterment of the state itself.

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