Best Internet Providers In Surprise AZ, As Voted By Over 50 Residents

If you are considering moving to Surprise, Arizona, then knowing who the best internet providers are is a must! Wouldn’t want your internet to be shutting down in the middle of a Zoom call, right? Here are the best internet providers for Surprise, voted by the locals!

Century Link

Century Link is an internet, TV, and phone provider in Arizona. They use fiber internet, a broadband connection that reaches speeds of 940 megabits per second. This type of internet offers low lag time, making online gaming and chatting smooth. It is ideal for many devices and is less susceptible to weather conditions as the cables are underground. Additionally, uploading and downloading files is super quick!

Century Link offers several different plans to their customers with different price and speed options. The lowest price for internet is $49/mo and the highest price is $65/mo. However, the speeds for each price differ, especially on your location in Surprise. If you are located in the northern area of Surprise, then the fasted internet speed Century Link can provide is 80 Mbps at the price of $50/mo. If you are located in the southern area of Surprise, then the fastest internet speed they can provide is 100 Mbps with the same price of $50/mo. The speed of internet that Century Link can offer depends entirely on your location.

Current customers of Century Link are pleased with the great, reliable customer service. Some have said that the Century Link internet is more stable than that of other providers in the valley, while others were unable to get Mbps higher than 7. Although Century Link is the cheapest option with the best service, the speed of your internet depends solely on where you live.


Cox Communications is another internet and TV provider in Arizona. They use cable internet, which uses the same wiring that sends you your cable to provide you with internet. That makes their service performance more consistent compared to DSL internet services (digital subscriber line). Cox Mbps speeds vary from 25 Mbps to 940 Mbps, depending on location and what you are doing on the internet. This means that the speed of your internet would be fast with hardly any lag time.

Cox offers a variety of pricing and speed options with the lowest price being $29.99/mo for 25 Mbps and the highest price being $99.99/mo for 940 Mbps. If you live in the northern area of Surprise, you have the most options when considering Cox as an internet provider. There are many bundles and options available to you with many different internet speeds. If you live in the southern area of Surprise, there are still several options available, but not as many bundle options as those living in north Surprise. However, regardless of which bundle you go with or which area you live in, Cox is pretty expensive.

Century Link VS Cox

There are many great reasons to choose Century Link and many great reasons to choose Cox, but which is really the best? Besides all of the pros and cons, we will mention here, the ultimate contributing factor is going to be your location. Many Surprise residents that participated in our poll said that the internet speed is different for each area of Surprise.


With online gaming rising in popularity, it is a growing concern whether an internet provider can keep up with your games. To prevent lagging, you’ll need a faster internet speed than you would for typical internet surfing. The best provider for gaming is going to be Cox. They are able to provide faster internet, 940 Mbps, to more areas compared to Century Link. Though more expensive, Cox is going to give you the internet speed you need to prevent lagging in your games.


Though we’ve already talked a bit about the different prices between the two companies, the key difference between them is how much you pay after the first year. Some companies will raise their monthly prices to existing customers after the first few years, but Century Link keeps the same monthly prices for existing customers without any change. If you’re looking for the best price in the long run, Century Link is your guy! Cox will, unfortunately, change prices to fit their needs and will not keep the same monthly price forever.


Guess what! Neither company requires you to sign a contract! No signing with a certain provider for a year or more! This means that you can cancel and switch your internet provider whenever you need to. You pay monthly for your internet, but if you find that Century Link isn’t working for your needs, you can switch to Cox. Or if Cox is more pricey than you were prepared for, you can switch to Century Link. You can do all this without feeling trapped in a year-long contract.

Customer Service

With customer service being a big part of an internet-providing service, it’s only natural to wonder who is going to be the most reliable, kindly, and available. Unfortunately, as far as customer service is concerned, our poll brought back mixed results. Some loved Century Link as they were able to send out technicians when needed to fix problems. But others were not thrilled with the technicians that were sent. Cox had some of the same issues. When returning modems and other materials, one resident said that it was such a hassle. It appears that both companies need to work on their customer service!

Internet Speeds

With Cox providing cable internet and more Mbps option, and Century Link providing fiber internet, the more reliable internet, which is actually faster? Turns out fiber internet is faster! Cable internet can have high-traffic slowdowns creating bandwidth issues. Fiber internet does not have this type of problem and is especially great with bandwidth when uploading files. Though both types of internet are reliable and fast, Century Link with its fiber internet is going to be a bit faster. However, fiber internet is not always available in every location. Like we said before, it can depend on where you are living.

Poll Results

During our poll, the results stayed pretty consistent. More than half of the residents suggested Cox as an internet provider because they are able to provide faster internet speeds to a wider range of locations. They didn’t mind paying a little extra to get the internet speed that they need and want. Other residents suggested Century Link as an internet provider because of their more affordable prices.

Helpful Links

Century Link

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Cox Communications

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More Information

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Other Arizona Providers

Though given these options of Viasat and Hughes Net, pollers did not vote for either of these internet providers. Century Link and Cox are obviously the main internet providers in Surprise, but Viasat and Hughes Net also provide internet in Arizona. Their prices are much higher for a much lower outcome, but they may fit your needs better than either Century Link or Cox can. Both are reliable companies and want to provide the best service for their customers. Here are the other two companies to consider when choosing an internet provider:


This company provides satellite internet through communication satellites. They offer three different plans with the lowest price being $49.99/mo with 12 Mbps, the middle plan being $69.99/mo with 25 Mbps, and the highest plan being $99.99/mo with 30 Mbps. These types of plans are generally for those who do not use a lot of internet bandwidth, perhaps just for email, web browsing, and the occasional streaming movie. Viasat is used for only a range of 2-4 devices. There is also a year contract that must be signed, but there is a two-year price lock, meaning that the price of your internet per month will not change for two years.

Click here to enter your address to find the available plans in your area.

Hughes Net

This company also provides internet through communication satellites. They offer four different plans ranging from $59.99/mo with 10 Mbps to $149.99/mo with 50 Mbps. These plans all include unlimited data and fast speeds. The plans at Hughes Net are typically for those with fewer devices. There is a one-year commitment when you sign with this company and there is no price lock, so prices may change. However, Hughes Net is available in many, many places. Wherever you live in Surprise, you are likely to get great service from Hughes Net.

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