Best Internet Providers in Sacramento, as Voted by Over 50 Residents

In today’s world, the internet and what it brings are essential. It is always nice to have the best internet possible, and there are many options in Sacramento.

The best internet providers in Sacramento are AT&T, Xfinity, Frontier, Earthlink, and Easy Internet Now. This list is based on the price, availability, and speed that each of them brings.

This information is based on the individual internet plans each has, reviews each received, and information from those inside Sacramento.

1. AT&T

As they said in the video above, the main checklist for any internet service provider is to check the price, the speed, and the availability of each.

AT&T is one of the better providers on this list when considering these three factors. They provide good speed at a reasonable price and have good availability in the Sacramento region.


This is probably the biggest thing going for AT&T on this list. On this list, we are going to focus on pricing for 1000 Mbps.

According to the AT&T website, the cost for 1000 mbps per month is $60 a month. SourceOpens in a new tab.


This section is fairly equal for each of the providers on this list. AT&T does provide the 1000 Mbps we are looking for here. This is a really fast speed considering 100 Mbps is considered fast.


This is where those I know within Sacramento helped out a lot. While each website says they provide in the Sacramento area, obviously some are better than others.

AT&T was probably the second most popular answer among those I talked to. They said that with AT&T they always had a good internet connection and they never felt like they were in need of anything else.

2. Xfinity

This is another one of those answers very popular amongst the people of Sacramento.


This option is a little pricier than AT&T and that’s why it is just a spot lower than AT&T on the list. With that being said you are still getting a good price for the service they provide.

According to their website it is $84.99 a month for a year. SourceOpens in a new tab.

Like I said, a little more pricey than AT&T, but what they are lacking for in pricing is made up for in availability.


This is pretty basic, and is the same as AT&T. For the premium plan, 1000 mbps is available.


This is where Xfinity rivals AT&T. This was the most popular answer when I asked which provider was the best in Sacramento.

From personal experience, Xfinity does wonders in the Sacramento area. For years my family used a different provider for our internet. With this specific provider (which is not on this list), our internet was beyond slow.

When COVID hit in 2020, which made it so all of a sudden everyone was working from home, this lack of internet speed led to serious problems for everyone.

With online classes, and two people working from home, the internet really had its work cut out for it. With this being said, it never really was able to keep up with the demand that was required from it.

After months of frustration, our family made the decision to switch over to Xfinity. After switching to Xfinity, our world was a lot easier. Internet speed was raised and we were all able to do what was needed from us on a daily basis.

They were able to keep up with the strain of two people working from home and three people doing online school during quarantine in 2020.

3. Earthlink


The best thing going for Earthlink are their prices. With that being said, if we compare the premium plan that provides 1000 mbps, it is actually one of the more expensive options on the list.

For that premium plan, it is actually $99.95 a month. Which is a lot more than the first two options.

Where they make up for this high cost, is their low price of $14.99 a month for their cheapest plan. Easily the least expensive item on any of these lists.

With that being said, we started off focusing on the premium plans, so the cost of the premium plan is what we are going off of.


Again, this is basic because it is the same speed as the first two. Clocking in at a speedy 1000 mbps, this providers premium plan will run to the finish line as fast as possible.


This is another very available and possible option in the Sacramento area. It does not have a big name like AT&T or Xfinity, so it was reported less often when I asked which provider was the best.

On their website and in reviews posted, they look to be a solid option.

4. Easy Internet Now


This is the second most expensive option on the list, which makes it a bottom tier option.

According to their website, for their premium plan it is $98 a month. They might be able to work out a deal where you get a discount when you join, but it doesn’t usually last long. SourceOpens in a new tab.

Obviously, this is still pricey when compared to AT&T and Xfinity.


Again, Easy Internet Now clocks in at a super fast 1000 mbps with this plan. There are other plans (like with all the other options) that cost less but you won’t get lightening fast rates.


Easy Internet Now is available if you want to use it. With that being said, there are better, more cost effective, and more available options on this list.

5. Frontier

We are now at the worst option on the list. This is from a combination of price, speed, and availability.


The charge from Frontier is actually low compared to the last couple of options on this list. Their premium plan costs $79.99 a month. SourceOpens in a new tab.

Obviously this is a lot less than Easy Internet Now or Earthlink.


Why Frontier is so low on this list is due to their speeds. Every other provider on this list provides 1000 mbps with their premium plan.

Where Frontier is falling behind is in their speeds for their premium plan being 880-940 mbps.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that 880-940 is less than 1000. Since Frontier does not provide the same amount of speed in their premium plan, they are last on this list.


They also do not provide the best service or availability in the Sacramento area. With this being said, Frontier may be one you want to avoid in the Sacramento area.

Which Provider is Your Best Option?

There are obvious things that make each provider on this list a possible good option. If you are looking for the absolutely cheapest service possible you will want to look at Earthlink which provides that basic service for $14.99 a month.

If you want a premium plan that is the cheapest, you would want to look at AT&T which provides their premium plan with 1000 mbps for only $60 a month.

Xfinity is what you would aim for if you are very specifically considering the Sacramento area. They are probably the most available in the region. Along with this, I from personal experience would recommend Xfinity to anybody looking for fast internet.

What Makes ‘Good Internet’?

There are a few things that ‘good internet’ brings. The companies that provide it vary in quality depending on where in the nation you are.

Below is a great video you should watch before or after reading this article. He quickly recaps the important questions you need to ask when looking for an internet provider.

With that, this list of best providers may not be the best for your area, because this is specific to the Sacramento California area.

A good deal of research was done looking into what companies provided what internet and what cost each of those were.

I was born and raised in Sacramento California. So for this article, I called up some family and friends to provide their opinion as well. Obviously, price and availability were analyzed, but those numbers are easy to comprehend.

The uninitiated can have problems when trying to figure out which internet service is faster than others.

Internet speed is measured by Mbps,

The acronym Mbps stands formegabits per second.” It is a measure of internet bandwidth. In simple terms, bandwidth is the download rate of your internet connection. It is the maximum speed at which you can download data from the internet onto to your computer or mobile device


To keep it as simple as possible, the more megabits per second (Mbps) you have, the faster your internet is.

This Mbps is different for each company and for each plan within a company. A general rule of thumb is that 1000 Mbps is considered fast internet speed.

For this list, we worked off of the most expensive plan for each provider. By doing this it made the comparison as fair and equal as possible. Obviously, prices will be cheaper if you get a plan with a lower speed.

Keep this in mind when looking at your providers and what they actually provide.

In the end, it is all up to each individual person when consider which one is the best. You need to consider your needs, your price range, and your area, and then make a decision based on that.

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