Best Internet Providers in Little Rock, Arkansas, as Voted by Over 50 Residents

Finding a good internet provider has become crucial to do wherever you move to. More people are working from home, and more classwork and homework for kids and adults are online. So, what are the best internet providers in Little Rock, Arkansas?

The best internet providers in Little Rock are Xfinity and AT&T, which have great coverage in the area. Other providers people have liked are Earth Link, Hughes Net, Viasat, Version, Century Link, and Fidelity. These options can be cheaper, but the location can change how well the service works.

If you are moving to Little Rock, you will need internet service lined up for when you get there. This means you can’t ask your neighbors what they use, so look at our guide and make sure you set up a plan that can be canceled quickly if you don’t like how it works in your home. Then you will just ask your neighbors then and find a better internet provider!


With XfinityOpens in a new tab., you can choose between 3 internet plans or build your own. Building your own plan can help you get the features and rates you want for the prices you want, and it can cater to your and your family’s needs very well.

Plan 1 costs $24.99/month and it includes a flex 4k streaming package, which means you can stream from peacock, Pluto tv, and YouTube for free. It runs at 75 Mbps and can connect up to 4 devices on it at a time. This is great for a single person, a couple, or a couple with a baby who doesn’t have their own devices yet.

Plan 2 costs $55.00/month and also includes free subscriptions to those streaming services above. This plan runs at 400 Mbps and can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. This plan works better for a family.

The last plan costs $80.00/month and also includes free subscriptions. If you have 8 or more devices to connect to the WiFi then this plan is for you. It runs at 1200 Mbps and can connect an unlimited number of devices to it. This is great for people who work from home and have other family members connecting to the WiFi. In general, it is a great plan.


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AT&TOpens in a new tab. has 5 different plans, so you have more to choose from and weigh the pros and cons of the service above. But, you can also customize your service above, which is also something to consider.

The first plan costs $55.00/month and can connect up to 10 devices, and it runs at 300 Mbps. The second plan costs $65.00/month, can connect up to 11 devices, and runs at 500 Mbps.

The third plan costs $80, runs at 1 GIG speed, and can connect up to 12 devices. The fourth plan costs $110.00/month, runs at 2 GIG speed, and can connect 12+ devices. The last plan costs $180.00/month, runs at 5 GIG speed, and can connect 12+ devices.

The monthly cost does not include tax, and the lowest plan is not the cheapest plan so another company might work better for some people, but the options here are great as well.

Earth Link

Earth LinkOpens in a new tab. has 4 plans to choose from. They have cable, satellite, wireless, and fiber options to give you the best service for your home.

Under the Cable umbrella, they offer a Fastest Streaming plan and this plan gives you up to 5 gigs, and the price starts at $54.95 per month. Next, they have a Most Popular plan, which gives you 300 Mbps. They also offer the Best Value plan that serves 100 Mbps.

The Satellite option is going to be adjusted to the service you want and what price works, so they will send someone to look at your home and give you an idea of what they can do if you want that option. The pricing changes per home.

Under the wireless umbrella of plans, there are 4 plans to choose from. They offer a 50 GB plan that costs $64.95 per month. They also sell a 75 BG plan that costs $79.95 per month, which will work for more devices than the first plan. The next plan has 100 GB and costs $99.95 per month, which is great for multiple devices and lots of streaming and scrolling. And lastly, another plan is their 150 GB plan that costs $149.95 per month, and it is great if you have a bigger family and need internet that covers all devices.

Hughes Net

Hughes NetOpens in a new tab. gets you great internet service through satellite and in all plans, they include unlimited data, 25 Mbps download speed, satellite dish, modem, and other hardware, and free professional installation.

They have plans that start at $49.99 for the first 6 months and go up to $74.99. It is more expensive than some plans above, such as the low plan with Xfinity, which allows you to pay $24 per month and not $50 for the same/similar plan. Do your research and find out if Hughes Net is the best option for you in your neighborhood!


ViasatOpens in a new tab. has an easy-to-operate website, which is key for us consumers and potential buyers, as we want to easily know the plans! One plan offers speeds up to 12-25 Mbps with 40 GB of high-speed data, and is best for emailing, browsing, and 2 small devices. The next plan up is the 50-75 Mbps with 100 GB high-speed data, and is best for email, browsing, streaming, and 4 devices. The last plan is the 100-150 Mbps plan with 150+ GB of high-speed data and can work with 5-6 devices connected to it at once.

It is important to find the best internet provider. Based on reviews and people who have posted online about their experience with these internet providers, you can view this article as listed from best to not as good, but one of the worst providers in this area is Fidelity. People either love them or hate them, so depending on the area, it is a hit or miss. If you evaluate the options above and stay away from the providers people warn about, you will have an easy move and adjustment to your new home.

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