9 Famous Celebrities Who Live in Roseville, California

When you’re in a city as big as Roseville, California, you might expect to be able to run into some famous people. While Roseville is not as celebrity-dense as somewhere like Los Angeles or Vegas, here are some actors and influencers who live in Roseville.

1. Molly Ringwald

Molly RingwaldOpens in a new tab. is an actress. She started acting act early at age five when she played the dormouse in a stage production of Alice in Wonderland. When she was six, she sang for an album called I Wanna Be Loved By You, Molly Sings. Her career as an actress kicked off when she played Kate in the production of Annie played in Los Angeles.

Her father, Robert Ringwald, was a blind jazz pianist, and she grew up singing with some of his bands, occasionally playing an instrument herself. She also sang some patriotic songs, including “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” as well as singing “The First Noel” for Disney’s Merry Christmas Songs.

She also appeared in The Breakfast Club in 1985, a film that the Library of Congress selected for the National Film Registry. She is best known for that appearance, along with Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink.

2. James Hicks

James Hicks calls himself a Creative Entrepreneur and Engineering Technologist. He currently has a community in the making called “The Digital CollectiveOpens in a new tab.,” a platform intent on bringing people together to learn and grow in an entertaining way.

He’s also a content creator, making YouTubeOpens in a new tab. videos to help people learn about how they can better manage their minds and their lives. He started his channel 12 years ago and has since focused it on talking about topics that really matter so that his viewers are both entertained and aware. He streams on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Some topics that he covers in his videos include productivity paradoxes, the power of vulnerability, how a family can build a community, and how to be helpful to others. It’s the sort of stuff that can help you build confidence in yourself, be a better person, and get your projects done.

He works with people to solve problems, build trust, and create a community. He attended California State University in Sacramento. He currently works for Dell TechnologiesOpens in a new tab. as the Sr. Partner Solutions Engineer.

3. Bella Karragiannidis

Bella Karragiannidis is behind “fulfilled”, a food-centered influencing blog with branches on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s about real food that fuels the body, mind, and soul. It’s about true health, where lifestyle offers protection from sickness. It’s about a full life and finding fulfillment through the journey.

Bella married a Greek man, and what time they don’t spend in Roseville is spent in Greece. She loves Greek culture and the two of them are planning a non-profit organizationOpens in a new tab. for humanitarian war refugee aid for the people that live in Greece.

Some of the food she’s posted about include hummus, gingerbread spice cake, mushroom and wild rice pot pies, and lots of dishes that star cranberries: gingerbread cranberry cheesecake trifle, candied cranberry Shirley Temples, soft candied cranberries, and cranberry pistachio white chocolate bread to name a few.

She has held workshops for food styling and photography in San Francisco, Point Reyes, and Napa. According to the blog, the most recent one should have taken place in San Francisco in the spring of 2019, so those workshops may have been discontinued, but they were a big hit when they were up and running, some selling out within 24 hours.

4. Danny Bunz

Danny Bunz played football for the 49ers and is most famous for “The Stop,” a play during Super Bowl XVI where he tackled the Cincinnati Bengals’ Charles Alexander right before the 1-yard line, turning him and pushing him away from the end zone instead of tackling him low, which would have allowed the Bengals to score.

This stop, along with another from BunzOpens in a new tab. later on in the game, helped the 49ers win their first-ever Super Bowl. This moment is one of the top Super Bowl moments in history for the 49ers, and Placer County is proud to have him as a lifelong resident.

When he retired from football, he started teaching at Sutter Middle School in Sacramento. He opened his restaurant and sports bar, Bunz & Company, for the first time in 1984. He sold it some years later, but when that business closed in 2012, he reacquired the location and reopened it in 2013, this time calling it 2H at Bunz & Company.

5. Garrett Vander Leun

Garret Leun is known for his appearance as an actor in Lost Woods in 2012. He was also a writer for the films Snakeville in 2008 and Bangarang in 2015. He was the Associate Producer for Finding Mabel in 2015.

He studied Film and TV writing at the University of California in Los Angeles, as well as Art at Sierra College. He also graduated from Second City Improv School.

He has also written five books: Monster TownOpens in a new tab., Lady Rebekkah, The Apprenticeship of Lucas Polk, The Monster and Her Man, and Cowards and Capes. All five are Young Adult books.

Monster Town is an urban fantasy about a human teenager who accidentally starts the destruction timer on the town he’s in, which is full of monsters who are angry with him for it. Lady Rebekkah is a fantasy novel about a girl who would rather learn about magic than take over her mother’s kingdom.

The other three are classified as special fiction because they don’t fit snugly into a certain genre. The Monster and Her Man is about Dorothy, who was born with giantism, but most other things about her world are normal. Cowards and Capes is about a teenager living in a world where superheroes have existed in the past but have since died out.

Finally, The Apprenticeship of Lucas Polk is about a teenage crook who can magically get past any lock or vault. These stories aren’t altogether fantasy, but echoes of our world with some bizarre twist added in, which is what makes them “special fiction.”

6. Allura️ Gardner

Allura Gardener is the face behind the YouTube channel called “The Adventures of Allura Day.Opens in a new tab.” She’s a gymnast who makes videos about her journey and feats.

As a young gymnast, she had a nasty fall that induced major self-doubt, which kept her from moving forward for nine whole months. Then, when she was ten, she worked hard to break out of that block, building up her endurance and confidence until she found the ability to do what she loves. Talk about motivational influencers that live in Roseville!

She has a whole playlist of motivational videos. Some of her other playlists include showing off her failures, talking about how to come back after a mental block, and also simply how to get better at tumbling.

7. Annie Boatright

Annie Boatright is a beauty influencer on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The name of her YouTube channel is “Bikini Iron Beauty,Opens in a new tab.” where she has over 34 thousand subscribers and posts videos reviewing products and techniques related to beauty practices. She has made videos about losing weight, plastic surgery, and skincare.

She started on YouTube 3 years ago, when she started her channel with topics like growing out your hair quickly, using your body type to figure out how to lose weight, and detox techniques.

She’s a wife and mother of 3 kids. Sometimes her kids show up in her InstagramOpens in a new tab. posts, too.

8. Clair Hawkins

Clair Hawkins makes comedic videos almost every week for YouTube and Tiktok. On YouTube, there’s not much connecting the individual videos aside from Clair’s sense of humor, though themes may arise as the content keeps coming.

Before she started YouTube, she worked as a lifeguard at a water park. One of her videos goes ironically through some of the questions people would ask her when she worked there. A lot of them had to do with the people at the water park, not realizing rather obvious things about the tubes they were supposed to use.

Her channel isn’t huge yet, but if she keeps pumping out content, it’s only a matter of time before the internet finds her humor. As of now, there’s still time to become one of her first thousand subscribers, so if you’re the type who likes that kind of bragging right, now’s the time to show this small channel some attention.

9. Melanie Schroeder

Melanie Schroeder is an Instagram influencer who creates content about plushies called “squishmallows.” On her Instagram page “squishmallowmelOpens in a new tab.,” she posts about her plushie collection and reviews certain designs, including a mushroom one, a clownfish, and a pink cow.

She only started in 2020, so the fact that she has over 7 thousand followers (as of 2022) is pretty impressive for such a seemingly obscure niche.

At one point, she also made crystal jewelry, which she sold on Etsy. Her Etsy store is currently inactive, but she had over 6 hundred sales at the time of writing. 161 of her buyers left five-star reviews, and from the looks of the pictures, it’s no wonder, as they all look really cool!

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