9 Famous Celebrities Who Live in Anaheim, California

If anyone that lives in California or plans to move there should know about the famous celebrities that live in the area. California there is a higher population than a lot of other states located in the United States. Read on to find out more about the city of Anaheim.

9. Gwen Stefani

Gwen is an American singer and songwriter. She was involved in the bands, “No doubt”, “Just a Girl”, and “Spiderwebs”. ‘Don’t Speak”, and “Hollaback Girl”. She was a judge in the show called “The Voice”, and she has been all over. She was born on October 3, 1969, in Fullerton California. She was raised Catholic near Anaheim California. Her father worked as a marketing executive. Her mother worked as an accountant, and eventually became a housewife. Gwen has two younger brothers named Eric, Jill, and Todd. Gwen’s parents were into folk music. She is currently married to Blake Shelton.


Gwen started out by developing a love for fashion. Eric played the keyboard for No Doubt before leaving the band. Eric was the one who introduced her to 2 tone music. He wanted her to do the vocal part of his band “Interscope Records”. In 1992 the album had its debut. After one of the band’s tea members passed away, Gwen became the lead singer for the band. She started a relationship with Tony Kanal, who was one of the members. She eventually broke up with him around the time that Eric left the band.

Tragic Kingdom

The tragic Kingdom began in 1995. It was pop music that became popular around this time. Their music had a distinct sound of pop and punk. A lot of fans fell in love with her music, as it reached the top of album charts in 1996. She introduced her single around this time called, “Just a Girl’. This is when she became a star in the industry. During this time, since she had a style that was similar to Madonna, many people loved the looks she had. She often wore punk outfits and wore decorations that came from different cultures. She represented lots of different communities by doing this.

Return of Saturn

Return of Saturn was featured in 2001 by lyrics from Gwen Stefani. She produced a song called, “Ex-Girlfriend”, expressing a recent breakup she had with Gavin Rossdale, who was a lead singer in a band that was called, grunge band bush. After this song was released, the couple got back together. She won her first Grammy Award for the song, “Let me Blow Ya Mind”. It was considered the best rap song combination at the time.

8. Milo Ventimiglia

Milo was born in Anaheim, California on July 8, 1977. He is the youngest in the family and has two sisters named Leslie and Laurel. He has Italian descent from his father, and his mother has English and Scottish ancestors. He was born with a disease that damaged his facial nerves. The left side of his mouth is unmovable. When he went to high school, he attended, “El Modena” in Orange, California.

He is an American actor, director, and producer. He is currently working on the series, “This is Us”. He was nominated for two Emmy awards, including “Outstanding Lead Actor” in a drama series. He won the “Screen Actors Guild Award” for the best new drama. He was an actor for the character, Jess in the show “Gilmore Girls.” This show added four new episodes that are 90 minutes long. He was “The Ogre” in the FOX drama called “Gotham.” He was also in “Lost Angels”, “Heroes”, “American Dreams”, and “Boston Public”.

He loves to do acting in various shows, which helps him to be inspired to keep going with his career. Milo did production on the FOX film, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, by Garth Stein. The book is about a dog named Enzo, who is on a journey along with Denny Swift. Milo played Denny Swift in this production. Milo starred in a romantic comedy along with Jennifer Lopez in a show called, “Second Act”. He was in the Rocky series, called, “Rocky Balboa”, “That’s my Boy”, and Grown-Ups”.

7. Reuben Droughns

Famous jet set couple getting out of a limousine during a red carpet event, surrounded by the tabloids and paparazzi photographers

Reuben moved to Orange County, California. He went to Anaheim High School in this area. He played football while in high school. He ranked as the player who did the fifth-most yards in the Orange County history of football. He did wrestle while in high school and earned a CIF title. He was a running back on a football team, at the University of Oregon. In 1998 and 1999, Reuben was a two-year starter and first-team All-Pac-10 choice as a senior. He did one of his best performances while at UCLA. He ran for 172 yards on a fractured fibula on his right side. This left him sitting out for the rest of the season. Then he retired and became an assistant coach for the Serbian team, Vukovi Beograd. He was drafted from the Detroit Lions.

6. Tony Kanal

Tony is a British-American musician record and producer, songwriter, and activist for animal rights. He was born in London, Kingsbury where he lived his early years. He and his family lived in Toronto Canada for a short period of time. Then his family decided to move to the United States at the age of 11. He went to South Junior High School and attended Anaheim high school. While in Junior High School, Tony decided to join his high school concert band. His father told him that he should play the saxophone. This was Tony’s favorite instrument to play when he was younger.

When he was in high school, he learned how to play the electric bass guitar from Dave Carpenter, who was a classmate in his high school. He enrolled at California State University and majored in Psychology. He worked with Interscope Records at this time and recorded his first album, which was full-length. He worked with Gwen Stefani on her album, “Love. Angel, Music. Baby”, where he co-wrote three tracks. He also worked with Gwen Stefani on the album, The Sweet Escape” in 2006. He created mixes on Gwen Stefani’s songs, “Hollaback Girl”, and “Gang of Fours”. He collaborated with Pink on her songs, “Sober” and “Funhouse”.

5. Lonzo Ball

Lonzo was born in Anaheim, California on October 20, 1997, His parents, Lavar and Tina Bell were supportive in his career, as they were also basketball players. Lonzo is an American basketball player who played with the “UCLA Bruins” in college before he got hired with the Los Angeles Lakers. He attended Chino Hills High School, where he signed a letter to go to the University of California as a football player for the UCLA Bruins.

He went above everyone’s expectations on the football team. He scored an average of 16.3 points overall. He had more than 10 assists, which made him first in the history of the league. He did 9 assists against the Phoenix Suns, which are a professional team that performs well. He received a sprained shoulder from playing against the Dallas Mavericks. He won the awards, “Naismith Prep Player of the Year”, and “USA Today Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year”.

4. Ashley Benson

Ashley is an American Actress, model, and singer. She was in a drama series, “Pretty Little Liars”, “In it to Win It”, “Christmas Cupid”, “Spring Breakers”, and many more. She was born on December 18, 1989, in Anaheim Hills California. she was featured on “Creep”, and a cover of “Radiohead”. She played a cheerleader in the show, Supernatural. Ashley is new to her career, and there is definitely a future in store for her. She will continue to be involved, and she works hard to achieve her dreams.

3. Daniella Perkins

Daniella Perkins is an American Actress and Internet Personality. She was born in the Anaheim Regional Medical Center to a single, teen mother. Her mother is Caucasian, and her father is African American. She played the role of Ciara, in the nickelodeon series, “Knight Squad”. She created a YouTube channel when she was 11 with her sister. Her YouTube channel has over 800 thousand subscribers.

2. Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina is an American Dancer, choreographer, actress, and singer for “The Cheetah Girls”. These series received the highest with ratings with a total of 8.1 million viewers. This series beat High School Musical. The Cheetah Girls went on to work on their solo album. She acted in various shows. One was “The Bold and beautiful”, and “Jersey”. She acted as the voice of Pamela Hamster in the Disney show, “Fishhooks”.

1. Austin Butler

Austin is an American Actor who played, James “Wilke” in the television series, “Switched at Birth”. “Jordan Gallagher” in “Ruby and the Rockies”, and Sebastian Kidd in the “Carrie Diaries”. He was born on August 17, 1991, in Anaheim to his parents, Lori and David Butler. At the Orange County Fair, he was approached by a representative that helped him to get into the entertainment industry. He played “Lionel Scranton” in Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”. He played the role of Derek Hanson in the show, “Hannah Montana”. This show is well known by many.

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