17 Tips for Moving to Los Angeles, California Without a Job

Los Angeles is commonly regarded as one of the most expensive cities to live in, as it is well-known for its luxurious lifestyle. In fact, the cost of living in L.A. is 43% higher than the national average. However, there are many individuals in the city that do not have the means to a lavish way of living, proving living in L.A. on a budget is possible.

Many who move to Los Angeles have some dream in mind, as the city has all the resources to make that dream come true. Although L.A. is an expensive city to live in, some things can be done to make the goal of living there attainable. If you follow the seventeen tips below, you will be able to move to L.A., even without a current job!

1. Consider Roommates

The first tip for moving to L.A. on a budget is to consider roommates. When moving to a place with rent as expensive as L.A.’s, lowering the cost is essential. By having one roommate, your rent will instantly be cut in half! If the apartment is large enough, consider adding another person so the rent only costs one-third of the original price.

Because people move in and out of L.A. so rapidly, you should not have any trouble finding those in need of a roommate.

2. Sell Your Car

The second tip is to consider selling your car. Public transit is available and much cheaper than car expenses. If you are moving to the center of L.A., then there will be train stations that can get you anywhere you need to go. However, if you plan on moving to the outskirts, then Uber and rideshares will still be accessible when walking is not an option.

L.A. has astronomical gas prices which could be avoided when using public transportation. Also, getting to walk around the city will allow you to receive the full L.A. experience.

3. Buy Used Furniture

The third tip is to buy used furniture. Buying from furniture stores is not a reasonable option when first moving to L.A., especially when you are without a steady job. Purchase furniture from more affordable places such as thrift stores, garage sales, or flea markets.

Do not overbuy furniture for your new home. Only purchase what is necessary, such as a mattress, a couch, and a table. If you are doing L.A. correctly, then you will not want to be spending much time in your home anyway.

4. Save Money On Food

The fourth tip is to save money on food. Although you want to minimize your food expenses as much as possible, sometimes eating out is necessary. L.A. is well-known for its costly dining, however, there are inexpensive options as well.

L.A. is home to many food trucks, which are much cheaper than many of the restaurants. Make use of the affordable food options!

5. Network With Others

The fifth tip is to network with others. When in need of a job, making connections is crucial. When living in a big city, it is all about who you know. You will have a much easier time finding a job if you have done a thorough job of networking and maximizing your resources.

6. Save Money On Entertainment

The sixth tip is to save money on entertainment. Businesses profit off tourists that come to their attractions, and they mark up the prices because they know people will still come. Although there are many activities to do in L.A. that are not cheap, there are many things you can do that are.

Spending a night out with your friends is still doable when you are on a budget. L.A. has beaches, farmers markets, parks, and museums that are all available to the public.

7. Save Money On Rent

The seventh tip is to save money on rent. When moving to L.A., you will quickly learn that the price of rent is unreasonably high. To avoid having to pay higher than usual prices for your rent, do your research. Some neighborhoods in L.A. are cheaper than others.

As mentioned earlier, moving in with roommates is highly advised. Rent can be the hardest part of moving to L.A. and you will want to minimize its cost however possible.

Below is a list of the most inexpensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles:

  • North Hills
  • Tarzana
  • South Los Angeles

To further decide which neighborhood is the best option for you, click on the following link: LAWeekly

8. Accept Unique Jobs

The eighth tip is to accept unique jobs. Prioritize finding and accepting jobs so you will be able to afford to move to Los Angeles. When moving to L.A., you will come into contact with a diverse number of jobs.

When you are first starting, you will want to build your reputation and accept any job that comes your way. With discretion, build your resume by accepting job offers, even if they initially seem obscure.

9. Save Money On Groceries

The ninth tip is to save money while you are grocery shopping. Do not purchase more food than you need, as that will lead to it spoiling without you ever eating it. Only buy food that you know you will eat.

To avoid buying excess food, meal plan so you know exactly what you need to buy. Also, make a grocery list so you do not buy anything that is not needed.

Before grocery shopping, do your research. Determine which grocery store is the cheapest option before going, to avoid any unnecessary costs.

10. Cancel Your Gym Membership

The tenth tip is to cancel your gym membership. In plenty of cases, those who have gym memberships rarely go. If this is true for you, then cancel it! Memberships are expensive and not worth it, especially if you are not going regularly.

L.A. has plenty of walking trails available that are a great substitute for the gym. Especially if you do not have a car, you will be getting plenty of exercise. It is also recommended to purchase a bike. This way you can get to your destination quicker, all the while getting more exercise.

11. Cancel TV Subscriptions

The eleventh tip is to cancel TV subscriptions. When moving to L.A., you will not want to spend your time watching TV. Rather, you will want to spend your time making connections and utilizing all that L.A. has to offer. Monthly subscriptions will eventually add up, and they should be canceled immediately.

Cable TV in particular should be canceled. Keeping one or two subscriptions may be a good option (such as Netflix or Hulu). Even with just one or two subscriptions, you will not need cable. The monthly expenses that you used to spend on TV can be used elsewhere once you move.

12. Sell Your Belongings

The twelfth tip is to sell your belongings. When moving, you will only want to keep what is necessary. When you have something that you will no longer need in L.A., sell it! This is a great option, especially when moving from somewhere cold. Sell your heavy winter coats as you will no longer need them in sunny Los Angeles.

13. Move With Friends

The thirteenth tip is to move with your friends. Moving to a big city with no one you know can be daunting. However, it can become much easier when you do it with your friends!

When moving to L.A. with your friends, you will be able to support and rely upon each other. In addition, it will double the number of connections you would have made by yourself.

14. Join Rewards Programs

The fourteenth tip is to join rewards programs. By joining these programs, you will be able to save money in just about every area! There are rewards programs for restaurants, clothing stores, activities, and grocery stores. Once you start using the programs, You will be able to use these rewards and save like you never thought possible!

15. Create A Budget

The fifteenth tip is to create a budget. Creating a budget is necessary so you will be able to afford to live in Los Angeles. You will want to create a budget so you are aware of exactly how much money you have available to buy things such as groceries. It can be easy to spend all your money on L.A.’s attractions, however preventing that is what your budget is for.

16. Move During The Winter

The sixteenth tip is to move during the winter. By moving during winter, you will miss the dreaded moving season, which is during the summer months. Moving companies offer lower prices as they are in lower demand and their calendars are more available.

The perfect time to move to Los Angeles is during winter. The weather will be cooler, and you will avoid the blazing heat that would come while moving in summer.

17. Skip The Decorations

The seventeenth tip is to skip the decorations. Decorations for your new L.A. apartment are not necessary. By not buying any, you will be able to save a large amount of money. Once you have a stable career, then decorations should be considered. However, before then, they are an unnecessary purchase.

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