17 Reasons to Move to South Bend, Indiana (Voted by the locals!)

Discovering the reasons that make a city either a good or bad fit for a family can be challenging. In many instances, individuals focus on finding the reasons to move to a specific city and avoid the reasons it might not be a good fit for them. So, what are seventeen reasons for not moving to South Bend, Indiana?

There are many reasons that can persuade an individual from moving to a specific city. However, it can be difficult to know the reasons that cause many individuals to decide against moving to South Bend. After conducting research, the following reasons have been compiled pertaining to reasons South Bend might not be a good fit for individuals.

1. Heavily Catholic Population

For many individuals who do not belong to the Catholic church, it can be challenging to live in a city that is populated by so many individuals who believe in Catholicism. South Bend, Indiana is a city that is heavily populated by individuals belonging to the Catholic church.

It can be isolating to be surrounded by many others who have differing beliefs. For individuals belonging to other sects of Christianity, other religions in general, or even individuals without religion as a whole, it can be isolating to have beliefs that do not align with the majority of the residents of a city.

Many practicing Catholics are not afraid to share their opinions with others. This can be something that is overwhelming for individuals who do not live a life that aligns with these individuals’ beliefs.

2. Many Abandoned Buildings

South Bend is a city that was highly focused on manufacturing throughout the earlier years it was settled. As a result of the large number of factories that were once so important in the city, South Bend is filled with many abandoned factories as well as other buildings.

There are many reasons why the amount of abandoned buildings in South Bend has negatively impacted the city. These buildings contribute to the high crime rate that is present throughout the city. The abandoned structures allow individuals to have an isolated location to use and sell drugs without having to worry about others witnessing.

These abandoned buildings are often filled with various street artists’ graffiti. While there are some individuals who enjoy viewing the artwork that has been spray-painted onto these buildings, for others, it is an extreme eyesore.

The presence of these abandoned buildings often causes many individuals to view these neighborhoods as dangerous or unsafe. While not all of these buildings provide a safe place for crime to occur, enough do that it causes the residents of South Bend to feel unsafe in the presence of abandoned buildings.

An old abandoned industrial area, with lots of graffiti that is slowly falling apart

3. High Unemployment Rate

South Bend is a city that has been growing in recent years, however, there is a high unemployment rate as a result of the lack of jobs in the area.

Most individuals residing in South Bend commute to work as a result of the lack of jobs that are available within the city where they live. The need to commute for work results in individuals of the South Bend area spending more time away from their homes in order to provide for their families.

Individuals in the South Bend area that are unable to travel for work are often forced to rely on low-paying jobs or unemployment in order to make ends meet for their families. This can cause a lot of stress and financial burden to be placed on individuals living in this city.

4. Unreliable Public Transportation

Public transportation is a service offered by a city that many residents would like to be able to rely on. However, if the public transportation services provided are unreliable, it can be challenging for individuals to get around the city with having access to their own means of transportation.

South Bend offers its residents a public busing service, however, it is not a reliable means of transportation. Many individuals living in this city have been disappointed with the inconsistency of the buses. In order to use the public bus as a means of reliable means of transportation individuals must plan on taking an earlier bus to get to their destinations on time.

Other than the busses, South Bend does not really offer its residents public transportation outside of using rideshare services. As a result of this, many individuals residing in this area are forced to own their own car in order to get around the city and be able to make it to their commitments.

5. Challenging Winters

The location of South Bend causes the winters to be challenging, especially for individuals who are not experienced with winters in Indiana.

South Bend has winters that do not have extremely low temperatures, however, it does experience lake-effect snow which is an extreme adjustment for individuals who have moved to this city.

Lake effect snow is a heavier, more dense snowfall which causes the amount of snow to pile up quicker than in areas that do not experience lake effect snow.

6. Wet and Warm Summers

Being close to a lake not only causes South Bend to experience lake-effect snow in the winter season but also causes individuals in this area to experience warm, humid summers.

Not only are the summers humid and warm, but there is also a lot of rainfall that happens in South Bend throughout the summer months. This causes residents to be unable to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors like many individuals anticipate doing throughout the summer months.

7. Highly Conservative City

As a result of many of its residents being a part of the Catholic church or another sect of Christianity, South Bend is a highly conservative city. Individuals in this area who are not conservative often feel out of place and as though they do not belong.

As a result of the highly conservative population, there are many individuals who are opposed to many aspects that align with more liberal viewpoints. This means that South Bend is not very friendly when it comes to the queer community.

Many individuals who have opposing viewpoints from the conservative individuals in this area often feel isolated and alone.

8. Notre Dame

Notre Dame – Circa August 2018: Entrance sign to the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a private Catholic University famous for the Fighting Irish I

South Bend, Indiana is the home of Notre Dame college. This means that many individuals throughout this city are fans of the Notre Dame football team, the Fighting Irish.

For individuals who are not sports fans, game day for the Fighting Irish can be an interesting experience. Individuals in South Bend are expected to be dressed in Notre Dame apparel which shows their support for the local college sports team.

Being home to a large college like Notre Dame means that South Bend is highly populated by individuals who are attending college, whether it be for their bachelor’s degree or for grad school.

9. The Social Scene

Being mostly a college town means that the social scene of this city is mostly geared toward individuals around college age. To appease the individuals attending school at Notre Dame, there are many bars and restaurants that are present throughout the city.

Outside of places to grab drinks, dinner, and the college sporting events, South Bend does not offer many other options for entertainment to its residents.

10. Less Than Ideal Dating Scene

Being a city that is populated by a majority of conservative Catholics, the dating scene is less than ideal for individuals who do not fit into this category.

Many individuals struggle to date individuals who have differing beliefs and viewpoints from themselves, this means that individuals living in South Bend who do not belong to the Catholic church or who are not conservative have limited options that are available for individuals they can get to know or begin dating.

11. Violence

Like any other large city, there is violence that is present throughout South Bend, Indiana. One in every fifty-nine individuals in the South Bend area will be a victim of a violent crime. While this is not the highest crime rate in a city this size, it is enough to cause many individuals in this area to be worried about their safety.

As a result of the violent crime rate in this city, many individuals are afraid of traveling on their own and visiting new locations within the city without some way to protect themselves.

12. An Increase in Population

As a result of the affordable housing throughout South Bend, there has been an increase in the population. However, this increase in population is not something that has been beneficial to the individuals residing in this Indiana city.

The increase in population has contributed to the high unemployment rate as well as the lack of jobs available to individuals living in the South Bend area.

South Bend, Indiana, USA – August 21, 2021: The St Joseph County Courthouse and the Tower Building

13. Taxes

Like many cities throughout the United States, residents in South Bend are required to pay various taxes throughout the year. While South Bend does not have the highest tax rates, it is enough for it to impact the income level of the individuals in this area.

Despite the low-paying jobs and the high number of residents in this city that are forced to rely on unemployment to provide for their families, the tax rate is still the same as the average throughout the country.

This causes more financial strain on individuals living in a city that already makes it extremely difficult for individuals to provide for their basic needs.

14. High Crime Rate

As a result of the large number of abandoned buildings as well as the amount of violence that takes place throughout South Bend, there is a high crime rate.

As previously mentioned, one in every fifty-nine individuals will be a victim of a violent crime. These violent crimes include sexual assault, aggravated battery, homicide, and other crimes that cause physical harm to anyone who is a victim.

As for nonviolent crimes, one in every twenty-eight individuals in the South Bend area will be a victim of property crimes. This type of crime includes things like theft, robbery, vandalism, and any other crime that involves the property or belongings of another individual.

15. Slow-Moving Traffic

South Bend is known for the slow-moving traffic that is experienced by the residents and visitors in this area. This type of traffic can be extremely frustrating for individuals who are trying to get from one place to the next or for individuals who are on a time limit.

There are a few causes for the slow-moving traffic that frustrates residents and visitors of the South Bend area. The biggest cause of slow-moving traffic and even traffic jams is road construction. Rather than fixing issues bit by bit, South Bend tends to attempt to fix large portions of the roads at once which results in the roads being backed up with traffic.

Another reason for the traffic issues faced by these individuals is car accidents. These car accidents are a result of individuals not driving carefully. Parts of the roads are closed as a result of these accidents which often causes individuals to be forced to take detours.

traffic jam or automobile collapse with rows of cars in a city street during rush hour. Wet danger road condition

16. Social Neighbors

For some individuals, social neighbors are something that they like about a city or a neighborhood. For others, social neighbors can be their worst nightmare.

Many individuals in the South Bend area have mentioned their frustration with a large number of social neighbors. These individuals have mentioned that their neighbors have no problem asking them personal questions while they’re in their yards pulling weeds.

17. Infamous True Crime Cases

South Bend is the home of a few different well-known true crime cases. While this isn’t inherently a reason not to move to a specific city, the fact that these cases are known by many individuals throughout the United States might be a reason not to move to South Bend.

The reason why most individuals who are slightly interested in true crime know of South Bend, Indiana is the Manhole Murders case. The murders of these individuals are the reason that many individuals are aware of this city.

When learning that someone is moving to South Bend, the first thing these individuals are going to be exposed to are the true crime cases that happened in this specific city.

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