17 Reasons to Move to Huntsville, Alabama (Voted by the Locals!)

Huntsville, Alabama is a wonderful place to live and be. With the access to the space station, the proximity to any want or need, and the education quality, there are so many different amazing reasons to consider moving to Huntsville, Alabama. Here are 17 reasons to consider moving to Huntsville, Alabama.

1. Cheap Gas Prices

Gas prices in Huntsville are remarkably cheaper than in other parts of the country. In the Western part of the United States, it isn’t uncommon to spend 5 dollars or more on a gallon of gas. In Huntsville, some locals say that being asked to pay 3.60 or more was a rip-off and that there are much lower prices available. In fact, there were a few people who found some places that would sell a gallon of gas for 3.30 or less. They even have a list of places that are selling for better prices nearby.

This matches the prices of gas before inflation in some regions and states! This cost is much more reasonable and feasible for many people and households. It is important to be able to afford gas, especially when commuting to work.

2. Decent Rent Prices

The rent prices in Huntsville have not escalated as high as in other places in the nation. For a one or two-bedroom in a decent neighborhood, locals report that is around 1,000 dollars. This is how much it was for a studio in some places in the country before COVID or the recent inflation, like Colorado or other Western or more populated states. Other sources report that the average rent/mortgage per month is around 869 dollars. This is still feasible for most households, especially with the abundance of job opportunities available.

3. Lots of Good Job Opportunities

There are a ton of amazing job opportunities in the area. One local mentioned that he is being offered a salary of 147,000 a year and completely covering relocation costs. They are only in their late 20s and do not have as much experience as others in their field. This can highlight the possibility of even better pay for others with more experience or education. On average, people in Huntsville make around 58,730 dollars a year. That is about 2 grand more than the national average. There is also a lower rate of unemployment than the national average which is only 4.6 percent.

There are also more job options in Huntsville rather than one type of job. For example, some of the larger employers in the city are within the education sector, the engineering sector, or within healthcare. The NASA station is a huge employer as well.

4. Lots of Diversity

Having a diverse population leads to many different benefits. Age-wise, there is an equal spread amongst all age groups. This means that children get to make friends their own age and they get to interact with adults of all ages. Younger adults have a nice balance of ages to hang out with and to work with. Older adults know that they will be okay because there are younger people to take their places in the job market and they will be able to be supported through different programs and through family and neighbors. Having this range of ages leads to a healthier and happier community.

Beyond age groups, the area is also known for having a variety of ethnicities and heritages. About 31 percent of the people in Huntsville are Black/African American, 6 percent have Hispanic descent, 2 percent are Asian, and 2 percent have mixed ancestry. This is cool because the people bring different traditions and viewpoints that can improve a city. There is also diversity in language as well. 91 percent of people speak English, 4.6 percent speak Spanish, and then native Indian dialects. What a cool place to live and learn about other cultures in!

5. So Many Fun Activities

Huntsville has a beautiful balance of things to do and activities to be a part of! Huntsville is a smaller city, so it contains exactly what every kind of person wants. For people who enjoy staying in or going on smaller outings, there are tons of parks, two museums, many historical sites to visit, and even an escape room center. For people who need a more vibrant nightlife or bigger events, Huntsville has tons of options for them too! There are festivals, concerts, wine tastings, breweries, clubs, lounges, and an entire page on different activities people can do year-round. Huntsville is also diverse, so there are plenty of smaller businesses owned and run by people of color that people can go and support.

6. Good Quality Education

The area is known for having good quality education. The majority of people have degrees or some form of higher education due to the majority of jobs coming from the base or the space center. In fact, about 42 percent of adults 25 years old and older have a bachelor’s degree and 16 percent have a higher degree than a bachelor’s. Both are way higher numbers than the state average.

Another thing to note is that there are a variety of schooling options in the area. There are several colleges and universities in the area. The area also has 26 different schools for K12. This gives parents many options to choose from. Regardless of where they choose, Huntsville also is known for having good quality education. They match or exceed the percentage of proficiency in every recorded area. There are also a wide variety of people and cultures in one place, so there is a greater acceptance and knowledge of different ideologies and lifestyles.

7. Amazing Museums

There are a large number of museums in Huntsville and there is a large variety of collections available to view. The Space and Rocket Center is a huge draw to the area, for locals and tourists alike. One person described it as a perfect balance of historical facts and actual pieces of history. Another museum that is popular in the area is the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum. This museum has many different artifacts and exhibits military history nicely. This area also has an art museum and a children’s museum that is highly praised as well. All of these museums and many more are prominent parts of Huntsville, Alabama.

8. Local Businesses and Brand Names

Something important to consider when thinking about moving is the types of stores nearby. When viewing maps and seeing lists and directories that are available, it is clear there is a healthy number of big and little businesses available. There are big stores like Marshall’s, Dillard’s, Big Lots, and much more! There are also stores like Mexican Express, Lawren’s, and Peggy Ann Bakery. It hints that the economy is healthy and good, both of which are important for locals.

9. Less Hard Drugs/Drug Crime

One local mentioned that they went to one of the big high schools, Huntsville High, and they didn’t know of anyone who did meth or cocaine. That is remarkable, considering in some high schools there are little to no people who don’t do some kind of hard drugs. The harder drugs also tend to have severe health and legal repercussions. They did mention that there are some people who vaped or who would smoke marijuana, but that is pretty much impossible to avoid completely.

10. Good Restaurant Options

The food options are incredible and varied. There are Mexican, Thai, American, Seafood, Barbeque, Italian, Breakfast, Cajun, and Caribbean restaurants. There are also Steakhouses and bars as well. In comparison to other smaller towns, there is nothing quite like these options available. A person and household are able to enjoy something new and something good, regardless of the genre of food being craved.

11. Excellent Police Force

The police force in Huntsville, Alabama is remarkable at its job and has also begun to make some big leaps in training and departments in order to be able to meet the needs of the people. One of the big changes they have recently made was joining resources with the FBI in order to create a high-level training facility. This facility has changeable rooms, lighting, and obstacles, so police and other professionals can come in and sharpen their skills for any environment. This should help protect bystanders and officers from causalities or injuries from different crimes. This range, called the Huntsville Firearms Training Facility, will also service the entire state of Alabama.

There is also an incredible new department that is being developed called the Anti-Crime Team. They are a collection of the best officers around that do a ton of fieldwork that is too big for the average cop and too small for the more technically trained teams. They work hand in hand with investigators to keep people safe and will often be able to check back in on victims as continual support. This division of labor makes the police force more efficient and better able to handle crime well.

12. Military Presence and National Pride

There is a base nearby Huntsville. It is wonderful for people with a military background and for people who work with the military. Due to this, there are also a lot of veterans in the area and a lot of patriotism. These can be wonderful for the culture of an area, as veterans often bring values of hard work, integrity, and courage to whatever they do. They can be excellent role models for children as well.

13. Many Churches to Choose From

As the nickname implies, there are a plethora of churches available for people to attend. When I lived in the area, there were churches across the street from each other sometimes. They are not all of the same denomination of Christianity either. There are Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, Church of Christ, Non-Denominational Churches, and even one’s labeled spirit filled. For people that don’t follow a traditional denomination or are a different religion, it is likely there is a church or worship center. They are simply less common. Church-going people will love Huntsville, Alabama.

14. Political Atmosphere

Alabama as a whole is a red state that tends to have some incredibly strong supporters. However, the strong political beliefs of a few do not negatively impact the whole political atmosphere of the area. One local is a self-proclaimed liberal and said they would not move anywhere else. Huntsville has a unique population that allows people of many different political beliefs to coexist in peace.

15. Religion Isn’t Overly Emphasized

For people who aren’t religious, living in a place that is nicknamed the “Bible Belt” can be a scary concept. However, the religious majority doesn’t push religion into politics or on individuals. One person said they were not even kind of religious and wouldn’t move elsewhere. Another mentioned that religion doesn’t influence politics often and isn’t overpowering. They just experienced some minute alcohol laws than they would have in other places.

16. Southern Hospitality

Southern hospitality is not a facade, it is a reality in Huntsville. When I lived in Decatur, which is near Huntsville, I found that everyone was incredibly kind and caring. One local to the area had moved from a different area and lived in Huntsville for 22 years. He described his experiences as being kind and wonderful. He mentioned that the neighbors care for and help each other, which was not common.

17. Good Art Scene

Huntsville has an incredible art scene to enjoy. One local raved about what they said there are so many different concerts, art shows, and plays that it is hard to keep track of it all. There is a chamber orchestra, some bands, operas, musicals, and even more different types of shows. Another mentioned that he loved the Broadway shows that come to town. If someone has a strong interest in any of the arts, there is an incredibly large variety of options to explore year-round.

There are so many pros to living in Huntsville, it seems like a no-brainer to choose to move there.

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