17 Reasons Not to Move to Miami, Florida (Voted by the Locals!)

Miami, Florida is known as a party place, with beautiful beaches and Art Deco architecture. People are drawn in by the lively nightlife and diverse culture. However, while it’s glamorized on TV and through the media, there are a few things you should consider before you make the move.

Locals mention all these factors as the reasons you should not move here. So, here is a compiled list of those reasons. Keep reading to find out more about why Miami, Florida is not the place to live!

1. Expensive Cost Of Living

In Miami, the cost of living is higher than the national average in the US, and the rent is specifically 10% higherOpens in a new tab.. It’s becoming very expensive to live there and people recommend you have a good-paying job lined up to afford this city. Like most big cities in the US, it gets pricey and one has to be prepared.

Aside from the rent, a large amount of the more popular restaurants, resorts, and other costs are more expensive Opens in a new tab.too. All the clubs and exciting lifestyle living in Miami costs a lot of money, and most jobs don’t raise their wages to match that living cost.

2. Lack Of Good Job Opportunites

The lack of good jobs available is a factor that can be rough in Miami. There are fewer career and wealth-building opportunities here compared to other cities. It can be hard to find an exceptional job unless you are a doctor, attorney, or in international finance and bring your job/wealth earned from elsewhere.

Speaking Spanish will help you in this aspect since the city is two-thirds Hispanic. Some of the other industries prevalent here are hospitality, Spanish media, and technology.

3. It Gets Very hot

Since Miami has a tropical monsoon climate, you’ll notice it’s either mildly warm or blazing hot. Especially during the summers, it is very hot and this can be sometimes unenjoyable. The temperature is constantly warm, and it lacks seasons.

Humidity can take a toll on how often you can spend time outside unless you’re used to it. But, if you’re moving to Miami from anywhere outside of Florida, it’s a big adjustment. If you don’t enjoy the hot weather enough, it’s most likely not the place for you.

4. Terrible Traffic

There’s traffic 24/7 in this city, and it’s often bumper-to-bumper. It’s also notorious for having some awful drivers. Locals say that you basically have to drive like a lunatic to get around here because drivers are not reliable or safe. This requires you to be cautious and look for people that don’t follow signs, lights, speed limits, and crosswalks.

It is also hard to find parking spots here, and you might waste time driving back and forth to find a spot. The clutter of cars filling the streets can definitely steer you away from Miami.

5. Lots of Parties and Crowds

While the party scene and crowds draw people into the city, it can also be annoying for many others. The streets, restaurants, clubs, and beaches can be pretty packed with people, so if you don’t like crowds this can be miserable.

When living here, you can’t really escape the crowds, so be mindful of this if you prefer a more quiet and less populated area.

6. It Rains a Lot

If you dislike rain, this isn’t the place to move. It rains a lot in Miami, mainly throughout the summer. In fact, Miami receives about 60 inches of rain each year. This can be frustrating when you plan a beach day or time outside, and then the weather ruins it.

It’s not an occasional thing, but you can expect rain just about every single day. This rarely happens all day long though. The showers usually come down at the end of the day or night, so if you don’t get to the beach early enough, your plans will be spoiled.

7. People Are Always Late – “Miami Time”

Every Miami local knows that for some reason people run late to everything. This can be really aggravating when you show up to dinner for the first time, and end up waiting there for an hour before people even show up. It’s safe to say that people will come to whatever is planned an hour late or so.

Since it’s so common in Miami, it’s also generally accepted by everyone, which is a downside if you go to things on time. This is just one of the many cultural things here that take getting used to.

8. The Humidity

Aside from the weather consisting of high heat, the humidityOpens in a new tab. makes this climate even harder to live in. Even if the weather is 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, the wet air will make it feel hotter than 115 degrees Fahrenheit in California.

Not only is it a struggle to spend time outside with such humidity, but it attracts a lot of insects and bugs. Due to this climate, Miami is infested with mosquitos, spiders, ants, and more. Locals have adapted to this and try to keep their gardens clean year-round, but you’re going to need pest control to live here. Mosquito bites can be a lot more frequent in this city, and even more so in the rainy summer season.

9. The Party Scene is Bad for Teens

For families, the prominent party sceneOpens in a new tab. can be hard on teenagers. Although the city has cleaned up a bit over the years, there’s easy access to drugs that kids can get a hold of. If you move here you’re likely to hear stories of teenagers dying of drugs or even getting arrested for them, which is something to avoid. Miami high schoolers and middle schoolers also drink alcohol twice as much as teenagers in the state of Florida.

It’s natural in Miami to get wrapped up in its nightlife, but people don’t talk about the drug culture as much. Because of the location, it’s a center for trafficking substances like cocaine, heroin, and other illicit drugs.

There are plenty of sober things to do in Miami like the beach, parks, shopping, etc. This is just something to be cautious of for families if considering moving here.

10. Crime is Bad in Some Areas

A big put-off that Miami includes, is the crime. In 2016, it was ranked as one of the worst US cities to live in. That’s because of the high crime rates, which most of the time are more property-related than violence. Although, someone’s chance of being a victim of crime, whether property or violent, is one in 24.

Just like most cities, there are safe neighborhoods as well as areas you don’t want to even drive by. It’s more than possible for one to find a secure spot to reside, but it’s important to be aware of where the dangerous sections are.

11. Everything is Growing Super Fast

A complaint that exists within Miami is the rate Opens in a new tab.aOpens in a new tab.tOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.wOpens in a new tab.hOpens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.cOpens in a new tab.hOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.tOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.sOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.growingOpens in a new tab.. Some say it has the potential to look like a different city in 10 years because as the city grows, so does the urban landscape, traffic, personality, and quality of life.

In fact, Miami was actually the second fastest-growing large cityOpens in a new tab. in the US as of 2019. There has been an explosive amount of growth over the past few years, and that results in the building of more condos and buildings to keep up with the community. This is very expensive to do, and it also disrupts people living there with all the construction. A rising population also results in the cost of living increases as well, adding to the price of Miami.

12. The People Can Seem Superficial

Many people living in Miami have a lot to say about the rest of the people living in Miami. There is dissatisfaction with the community and how residents tend to be superficial.

For example, Miami is one of the healthiest cities in America, and about 75% to 80% of them go to the gym constantly and live healthy lifestyles. But with this, many of these people think of themselves as very high and mighty. There’s a culture of looking the most attractive and it’s shown through shopping, the way they interact, and how they value others around them.

More things are said about the people of Miami, like flakiness. If you make plans, they probably have a backup plan and then flake on one of the two. As far as the individuals go, this city might not have the environment you’re looking for.

13. Hurricane Season

Back to the weather in Miami, the worst months are from June to November. Anytime between there, you can expect a hurricane. Unlike a slight rainstorm, you can’t go outside during a hurricane. The severity of them varies, where sometimes they aren’t too bad, but there’s still potential for them to leave a lot of damage at other times. Essentially, it’s either sunny outside or raining in Miami.

This is a great deciding factor if one’s considering moving here because there’s just a chance that your home could get destroyed by a hurricane right after you move in.

14. Not Pedestrian Friendly

Another reason you shouldn’t move to Miami is that it’s not great for pedestrians. First of all, the city is made of bad drivers, and you really have to look out for them as you’re walking. If you’re not careful, things could end badly with a crazy driver, which is why pedestrian deaths happen to be a lot higher in Florida compared to the US average.

When drivers stop for someone to cross the street, other drivers will honk behind them out of annoyance. Almost everyone drives, and it might be difficult to walk in this city, not to mention the heat.

15. Roaches Reside In Miami

A huge downside to Miami is having to deal with cockroaches, specifically huge ones. These insects thrive in the heat and humidity, which is why there are so many of them in Miami. Be prepared to see them, because they hang out both inside and outside, making it hard to escape these roaches.

Examine all your pest control options, because you will need them to survive in Miami. Buying a pest control service can cost you some money and they have to visit your house regularly, which can be a pain. After doing this, you still get some pests sometimes, but the pest control company should be able to help if you reach out.

16. Flooded With Tourists

Since Miami offers so many attractions, there are constantly tourists that flood the city. There are already over six million people living in the metro area, so the tourists, make the traffic worse and the beaches super crowded. This factor can make you refuse to make the move because it ruins the different things to do throughout the city.

This also affects prices in places like clubs. Residents of Miami say that the clubs there are made for tourists, and the drinks are very pricey for that reason. Locals get very annoyed with the tourists who visit because they just party, party, party, and don’t really understand/fit into the city. For example, when it’s spring break season, so many college students come to Miami to party and fill the beaches up to the brim and disrupt the residential life.

17. Air Conditioning Costs

Due to the insane humidity and constant heat, air conditioning Opens in a new tab.is a necessity for every inside space. Having a functional air conditioning system that’s always on gets expensive really fast.

Additional to the high price of AC, it has some negative effects. Some of these negative aspects of AC are, indoor air pollution, breathing ground for bacteria, can weaken the immune system, needs maintenance efforts, can cause dizziness, and excessive use can be bad for the circulatory system.

While AC also has benefits and makes it safe for you to avoid heatstroke in the Miami heat, it depends on the price you’re willing to pay to live here.

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