17 Reasons Not to Move to Lubbock, Texas (Voted by the locals!)

Lubbock, Texas is a beloved area in the state where everything is bigger. In this city, the benefits are big, but the problems are even bigger. Here are 17 reasons why locals dislike living in the area.

1. Traffic

The first thing that locals Opens in a new tab.mention when they talk about disliking Lubbock is the traffic. It may seem like an everywhere problem, but in Lubbock, the drivers are known for being rude, aggressive, and could care less about traffic laws. One local described his experiences and mentioned that it is common for people to run red lights.

Another sad thing about the traffic is the fact that it isn’t generally safe for people to use the crosswalk. It is a more common occurrence for people to get flattened on the road, even when crossing the street legally. It’s a dangerous Opens in a new tab.place to drive or travel around on foot or bike.

2. Public Transportation

Another issue with the area is the lack of public transportation. One local was fed up because the city seems to not care about improving the structure or advancing to more effective transportation. For example, he mentioned that the sidewalks are in poor shape, and he wished they were walkable.

Also, to add to the sidewalk issue is the fact that the crosswalks aren’t safe for one reason or another. The city should really look into enforcing traffic laws better or making the crosswalks more visible and apparent to drivers.

3. Entertainment Options

Even if a person could get wherever they needed in town, they wouldn’t have a ton of options for fun places to go. Sure, people can go visit the town hall, but beyond that, the city has a slow environment. One local wished that he had more options for things to do with his kids and family. Others hated the fact there was very little live music or places to go and drink or dance.

The main forms of entertainment in the area are visiting the college or a museum. That’s pretty much it. There are a few bars, but that is not family-friendly. Free options for entertainment are even more limitedOpens in a new tab.. The local lakes cost money to get in. There are parks, but the weather is so hot and windy that no one really wants to spend time there. It takes some creativity to find ways to be entertained in Lubbock.

4. Church Culture

Religion is a huge part of the way people live in this area and in the southern region of the United States. Most people find their friends by going to church and it becomes a huge support system. In my experiences in the south, it isn’t too far of a stretch to say that people can be pretty closed off when it comes to people of different faiths. It is hard to break into social circles. Many locals that aren’t big churchgoers mentioned feeling a lack of belonging and had their social life diminished due to this difference in religious belief.

5. Lack of Development in Town

For a town that is slowly getting bigger and older, it would make sense to refurbish and renovate the different parts of town to suit the needs of its current citizens. However, Lubbock is stuck in the past.

A local mentioned how they desperately need a new Police Station and Town Hall but wish that they would also focus on adding more to their town than just the necessities. Another local talked about how there is constant garbage and litter everywhere, including in parks. His wife tried to organize a day to clean it, but the plan soon fell apart.

6. Wages Are Bad

One man mentioned that he was considering moving to Lubbock but quickly decided against it due to what wages he was offered. During a job interview, a man offered him half of his current wage. This man decided against the move and started working online so he can receive a higher wage. Another local mentioned how it is almost impossible to get a job that pays more than 10 dollars an hour.

The statistics confirm this. The average annual income of an individual is around 28,555 dollars a year. The average Lubbock individual makes around 24,168 dollars a year. When comparing national household averages to that of the average Lubbock household, there is about a 9,000-dollar decrease. This is a significant amount of money for people to lose. There is so much that could be done with 9,000 dollars, like paying for a child’s schooling, paying off credit card debt, paying off student debt, and so much more.

There is also an outrageous sales tax in Lubbock. Before inflation, the minimum sales tax minimum was 8.5 percent. Now, it has increased by about 16 percent. This is insane! Even if it looks cheaper from the outside, the taxes alone could put someone in a financial bind they were not anticipating.

7. Weather

Leading edge of Haboob dust storm in the Arizona desert

This is a huge concern for people when they are moving. This should be especially true for Lubbock. In Lubbock, the wind was mentioned by multiple locals Opens in a new tab.as being really obnoxious. People also mentioned that it does snow there, which could be a big issue if someone hasn’t driven in snow before or really dislikes it for one reason or another. Another local mentioned that the wind can carry a heavy smell of manure, which is also a downside. Unless a person is used to living on a dry, dusty, windy farm, it might not be for them.

Even if none of those weather events are concerning, there is an average of 4 tornadosOpens in a new tab. and 1 fatality every year in Lubbock. Tornados are no joke and need to be heavily considered when contemplating moving to a city.

8. Political Atmosphere

The political atmosphere is rough because it is so polarizing and causes so much contention in the area. One local mentioned hating how conservative people are in Lubbock. He felt like they were stuck in the past.

His feelings are backed up by the statistics. In every election since 2000, the county containing Lubbock has voted strongly Republican. In the 2020 presidential election, around 65.3 percentOpens in a new tab. of the voting population voted for the Republican candidate. This is a massive majority of the people, so it can lead to some division between the people.

People in the south are also pretty strongly opinionated, so if two of them disagree, it could lead to some arguments and hurt relationships. Lubbock is probably not a place to go if a person has strong liberal views and is vocal about them.

9. Lack of New People

Lubbock is one of those places that attracts families that set solid roots. Most everyone who lives there is related to someone there and prefers it to remain the way it has always been.

However, this stops people from moving in. One person who was a student at the nearby university remarked how if things were different or willing to shift and grow, he would have stayed. People who move to Lubbock and end up disliking it end up having to bide their time until they can get out. If someone moved there without any original connections to the area, it becomes a lot hard for them to want to stay.

10. Experiences with Locals are Mixed

This is probably one of the biggest concerns because everyone wants to live in a place with friendly people who are genuine. However, as with most places, there are always a few that are pretty harsh and cruel to others. Many people who moved to the area mentioned how people really dislike the way the locals interact with others. Many mentioned that the kindness was generally pretty fake. Interactions between people can come off as rude or selfish.

11. Alcohol Use

Various alcohol bottles in a bar, back light, all logos removed, toned

There is an interesting dynamic in Lubbock where people are torn on the alcohol use that is present. There are many people who enjoy how plentiful and cheap beer is in the area. Others wish there were more varieties and brewhouses. For some people, that is the main draw for them to be there.

It can be a good way to socialize and make friends, as many mention it is one of the few things to do. However, if someone is choosing to not drink for any reason, they could be pressured to do so or miss out on social interaction. This could also be a bad environment for people who are recovering alcoholics as well.

12. Proximity to Other Cities

One of the biggest downsides to living in Lubbock is how far away it is from other major cities in Texas. For example, one local mentioned that it is a 2-hour drive to Amarillo and a 9-hour drive to Houston. Others mention that it is easier to fly in and out of Lubbock than it is to fly in other cities. Regardless, the fact that a person needs to plan out a full day to get to another city is ridiculous.

13. Drunk Drivers

There is a big issue with drunk driving in this area. In fact, it is in the top 10 cities in Texas for drunk driving. They had 390 arrests due to driving under the influence in 2018 and 492 in 2017. These arrests don’t include the number of drunk drivers that aren’t caught.

Drunk driving-related accidents don’t just impact other drivers either. There have been cases where people drive into cyclists and into homes. Both of these make it so every person in Lubbock can be affected by someone else’s irrational choice.

14. Violent Crime Rate and History

Recently, Lubbock has been rated 10 out of 20 for the most dangerous Texas cities. In the past, it has been even higher. In a 2018 study, the FBI placed Lubbock as the 6th most dangerous city by one measurement and in the top 3 when comparing population percentages. The number of aggravated assaults was incredibly high, with there being about 910 different instances in about 1 year. These should be concerning because no one is immune to others’ violent and malicious intentions.

Even the locals Opens in a new tab.recognize this and recommend that anyone moving to Lubbock should get a high-quality security system for their home.

15. Property Crime Rate

crime scene tape in building with blurred forensic team background

The property crime rate is also decently high, with around 2.16% of the population being victims. The most common type of property crime is larceny theft. This is when a criminal threatens the victim in order to get the property or item they want. No one wants to be a victim of crime, but this kind of crime can especially be traumatizing. It is important to recognize what risks are worth taking, and you will definitely be put at risk if you move to Lubbock, Texas.

16. Racism is Present

Racism is a tragic experience that is still prevalent in the area and in the nation. There are several different aspects of the town that have preserved this ideology. The city is still highly segregated. One street was even named after a whip used to beat slaves. In the 2012 election, when Obama was elected, the town lit up with rage.

In one local’s experience, they echoed that racism is present, especially towards people who are black. Another local who is a minority said that being discriminated against was a problem he experienced personally.

17. Drugs

There is a severe drug problem in Lubbock, Texas. Recently, the authorities arrested 4 people near the area who had about 1300 pounds of marijuana, which cost around 900,000 dollars. Marijuana is becoming a larger problem as time goes on. Many young gangs are distributing it for cheaper rates and are giving bigger amounts laced with cocaine or a fluid named “Primos”.

Additionally, Lubbock is not immune to having an opioid, heroin, meth, or prescription drug issue. All of these abuses of illicit or legal substances plague the area and can cause severe consequences Opens in a new tab.for a town, community, family, or individual.

It is hard to argue these 17 reasons not to move to Lubbock, Texas. However, it is always up to you to decide whether or not a place is good for you to live in.

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